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Interesting curiosity
Flip-flap-flop computing in the Soviet Union

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I've got three invites to available... who would like one?
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I'm already using it
I'm quite happy with gmail
I would like an invite!

While I was being born BBC 2 was showing a TV programme about how to get the most out of your BBC Micro (computer).

My lasting memory of them is that if you turned the screen off while your hand was touching the glass it was a good idea for your classmates to avoid you for a few seconds ;)

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Vote for brilliant @wearewhatwedo project improving #MentalHealth with @playlablondon, shortlisted for #ImpactChallenge at

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Here's a video I made about a little project called If you know anyone in the UK please do share it with them! Thanks! :)

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These things are popping up all over the place... Soon there'll be one in every household! #surface +Microsoft

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Would love to know what you think of! We've been to the future and brought back a better way to take part in local decision making.

Please share it with everyone* :-)

You can get it touch with us at

* in the UK.

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Trying out +Sentimoto's new wearable activity tracker to help people age safely and independently!

Which are there more of... people, or USB ports?

(No cheating!)

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Street view abduction
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