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+Shahrin Ahmad +Thilina Heenatigala if you want a practice for the venus transit for next week asteroid 2012 KT42 looks to be a possible transit of the sun visible to you TODAY at 10:10 UTC details:
According to its absolute magnitude (H=28.8) this asteroid has an estimated size of roughly 3-10 meters, so it is a small object. We have been able to follow-up this object soon after his discovery wh...
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Anyone in South Asia planning on observing the Transit of Venus next week would would be a great practice run! Noteworthy in its own right!!!!
[Read Safety Caveat below]
enter target 2012 KT42
enter, Lat/Long or your observatory code
Select: 1 Line MPC
Enter the one line element in your planetarium software

Appropriate Safety Caveat:
MAKE SURE you are set up for Solar observing with appropriate (safety) Solar filters and appropriate procedure!!! (anyone else reading this DO NOT attempt unless you know what that means and are an experienced solar observer!!!)
Nailed it one hour ago....just,.... it was travelling at 899 arc sec per minute!!! I got it twice 40 mins apart you should see the accelleration
I checked with Ernesto, and he agreed that the map is correct, and it not going to be visible from "South" Asia. So you won't see a transit from there.
Agreed, i've rechecked and plotted the path just now, and it missed by about 2 degrees.
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