Some people today are linking to Xoogler Jeff Nelson's post (from last November!) on "Google OS", which he claims was the origin of Chrome OS:

I'm somewhat skeptical of this.  I was one of the Chrome team founders, and I was in the team meeting where the project that would become Chrome OS was first announced, and I've never heard of Jeff or any of the work he describes here.  Certainly Chrome-team management didn't mention or demonstrate any of it to the team at large.

There are two likely possibilities, as I see them.  One is that I'm just too out-of-the-loop on CrOS stuff to know that it was all an outgrowth of Jeff's work.  The other is that Jeff worked on all the stuff he says he did, and maybe some management (even Chrome management) saw his work, but it doesn't really have any connection with Chrome OS or Chromebooks; that, basically, he did what amounted to a 20% project to write a fast, RAM-based, stripped-down OS, and somewhat coincidentally, a different project later arose to do an operating system based on the Chrome browser project, and Jeff is simply mistaken in his belief that the latter is intimately connected to the former.

It would be nice if some Chrome OS folks more knowledgeable than I could shed light on this, because I truly don't know.
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