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IITC Mobile  - 
I cannot get draw tools to work on Mobile.  When I select a tool, a box pops up that says to click on the map for the tool, but no amount of interaction with the map does anything after that.

What am I missing?
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Draw tools works fine on my Galaxy Note II only if I use it with the S-Pen. 
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Peter Jones

Troubleshooting  - 
Have had my GPS 32GB N6 for two months and have plenty of problems.  Preparing to send the phone back as I don't see these complaints from others.  How about you?  Please tell me if you've seen any of these:

- WiFi extremely slow to switch on - settings page hangs - often takes more than a minute for WiFi page to come up after switching WiFi on

- Extremely slow to acquire cellular data when leaving WiFi coverage, often takes a minute or more, data connection shows ! in notification bar during this time.

- LTE data extremely high latency such as when playing #Ingress. My other phone updates far faster when forcing a scanner update

- Extreme slowdown when streaming #Pandora and running Ingress with lots of graphics - causes Pandora to skip to next song repeatedly. Ingress will often hang when this happens and must be killed and restarted.

- Daily spontaneous reboots - this has gotten much better since 5.0.1 installed. I would say this is rare now, not daily.

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Just the issue of phone lockups or it just completely is stuck at a blank screen which is annoying as hell. Have to hold power to boot it back up
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Peter Jones

Shared publicly  - 
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Just got #Android #Lollipop and I'm just stunned at how badly they've mangled the sound controls for notifications and alarms via the new #interruptions feature. A truly horrible implementation. Went from a nicely flexible set of controls to an extremely limited set. So disappointing. Don't they use this stuff before they release it? I hope we don't have to wait long for a patch to correct this. 
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I agree, +Matthew Battle, especially since this change removes flexibility and options.  A poor implementation that removes options.  Hmm, that sounds kinda like Google Maps' recent up, er, downgrades.  I really gotta wonder what goes on all day at 1 Google Plaza...
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- Portal Title:  Creepy Dinner Guest
- City, Region and Country:  Maastricht, The Netherlands
- Lat/long(s): 50.845555555555556,5.692222222222222
- Appeal category: new submission appeal
- Reason/comments:  This is a glass statue of a young man on top of a rock wall and looking down onto a sidewalk cafe dining area.  This fits squarely into two portal criteria, "A COOL PIECE OF ART (statues)," and, A HIDDEN GEM:  This is a cool statue that you would be unlikely to see if it were not a portal.  Locals know this statue.  Let's share.
+NIA Ops 
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Apologies for the delay in response, Agent. We've reversed our decision here, and the Portal is now available for Hacking.
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Peter Jones

General Discussion  - 
What's your experience with Trusted Places in Smart Lock?
92 votes
Works always
Works most of the time
Does not work most of the time
Never works
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I just use trusted devices (moto 360). I'm not comfortable with trusted places. Lol...I'm not married.
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Peter Jones

Troubleshooting  - 
Does anyone else's Nexus 6 on 5.0.1 ever freak-out like this?

I have to reboot to stop it.

Might be related to #Ingress.  
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+Michael Myers Michael Myers LOL, probably!
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Peter Jones

Desktop version  - 
With the recent change to Google My Maps, Maps Engine, Classic Maps, etc, Google Map links from IITC can no longer be easily exported to a personal map.  Do you anticipate fixing this?  (I surely hope so!)

Thanks for all you do on IITC!
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- Portal Title:  Centrum Tower
- City, Region and Country:  Maastricht, The Netherlands
- Lat/long(s): 50.852882, 5.685223
- Appeal category: new submission appeal
- Reason/comments:  Building is historically and contemporarily significant as the old Maastricht Fire Department with a fire watch tower that is one of the highest structures in the city and as such remains a significant city landmark.  A better title for this portal is "Oude Maastricht Brandweerkazerne en Watchtower."  Original portal submission on 19 April 2014. 
- #PortalAppeals - Attach Portal picture/screenshots
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Okay, +NIA Ops, but that's a hard one to swallow when it's easy to find many hundreds of portals for office buildings in U.S. cities that have no social significance and don't and never have met your criteria, with the portal picture simply being their erection plaque.  At least this submission has historical and local significance.  
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