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Looking forward to seeing you in Hall H at Comic Con in a couple of weeks. Who's coming?
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Why did you have the Nazgul in tombs in the movie, while in the book it never happened. I'm big fan of your adaptions of Middle-earth, but this is a change that didn't need to be made. Same for Azog, why not just make his son Bolg the villian instead, since Azog was killed by Dain Ironfoot II.
+Brooke Korrille No it didn't, the Nazgul and the Witch-King weren't buried in tombs, they were still active throughout the Third Age of Middle-earth, causing trouble in Gondor. In fact when the White Council discover the growing evil in Dol Guldur, they suggest it could be one of the Ringwraiths rather then Sauron himself.
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