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Life & Times of a Peripheral Visionary
Life & Times of a Peripheral Visionary


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Functional Medicine  Practitioners as an industry are probably the most prolific publishers of news, events, and information on the internet today. I have always conveyed to my clients that it is of the utmost importance that you are organized in a way that ensures you post regularly.

That is, set strict time aside each week to dedicate to writing blog posts, doing short 1 minute Q & A videos, or researching news and events.

But what makes a perfect article? If you want to write the perfect post for your Functional Medicine Website, you first have to understand your potential audience. If you are a local practitioner and want your potential patient audience to find you then you may write about:

Your Services
- The Location you Service
- Personal Information
- Conditions you treat
- Treatments
- Outcomes

Be a Fastidious Notetaker
But how do you formulate a post around this keyword information? An example I like to give is a patient that comes seeing you for an appointment, probably ask similar questions each time.

Always take notes on these questions, these frequent questions your patients ask will more than likely be the same questions millions of people around the world would also like to know the answers to.

Some of these issues will be best answered by writing a blog post, and some will make great short videos.

Why Short Videos?
Let's be honest, the average consumer today has a pretty short attention span, so short videos are a must. But most importantly, if you keep your videos at just on one minute, you can use this video on your YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook Page, Twitter and Google Plus.

Yes, a one minute video can go everywhere, any longer than a minute will require more editing (and more time). There are some great tutorials on how to create great videos on your phone, again you can view this blog on how to search YouTube and Google.

So here are a few basics to understand when shooting a video

- Keep it short. (one-minute maximum to start)
- A quiet space to do it in.
- Shoot always in landscape mode.
- Your space should have good natural light.
- Think about your background
- Functional Medicine Practice Website Posts

Write about what you know. If the majority of your patients are local, then always add their location. So, as an example ... "9 months ago I had a patient, we will call her "Mary."

Mary 34, is married with three kids and lives in Broadhurst, Virginia.

When she first came to my clinic (link internally) she had all the symptoms of a person with type 2 diabetes (link to your "Diabetes Services" Page), such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, sudden weight loss, blurred vision, slow-to-heal cuts and bruises, etc.)

Our Nutrition team then ran a series of tests, including Diabetes Risk Panel with Score (link to Service)  after she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Once Mary had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, our team created a detailed plan for her which included diet, exercise, supplements (link to as many as you can internally) and our team (link to your team) monitored her progress over the last nine months.

In that time, Mary has undergone a massive change, not only to her lifestyle. But also with all of the little things she needed to accomplish in that time.

- Walking more
- Eating Natural Foods
- Drinking Lots of Water
- Taking Steps (not a lift)

Then you would finish off the paragraph with information about how Mary is doing today, all the new charts, etc. That shows her success (outcomes)

Functional Medicine Articles Overview
There we have it, a post with all the elements you need to score highly with SEO and Readability and also an article that can be informative to your Functional Medicine practice. These tools will work pretty much with any industry. You just have to know your audience and make sure you use all the elements to make it a success.
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In a pretty cool move, Google Local Businesses with a Google My Business account which any business or person can obtain. Already registered entities or people can now post directly to Google with Posts on Google. These posts not only appear within Google Search but also under your personal or business profile when people search for you or your business directly. You are probably not going to be so lucky if your name or your business name is the same as someone/something more popular than you.

Starting today, local businesses can also use this feature to publish their events, product, and services or just a photo to Google Search and Maps. You will, however, have to do this manually. There is a good reason for this, having content just feed on your websites posts or pages, would just be a mess. Having you post what you feel is important, means Google will give it some value also.

If you do not already have a Google My Business Account, then you should get one immediately. It doesn't take long, requires little maintenance and will give your business and website a much-needed boost.

You can login to your Google My Business Account from link below. From there look for the business you own, open it up. On the left menu look for "Posts" and then add a new one. See image examples.

Google My Business Posts
Google says this new feature gives businesses the ability to:

- share daily specials or current promotions that encourage new and - existing customers to take advantage of your offers.
- promote events and tell customers about upcoming happenings at your location.
- showcase your top products and highlight new arrivals.
- choose one of the available options to connect with your customers directly from your Google listing. By giving them a one-click path to make a reservation. Sign up for a newsletter. Learn more about latest offers, or even buy a specific product from your website

Google My Business Link:
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WordPress now powers over one-quarter of all websites on the Internet. And Yoast SEO It is by far the most popular content management system on the planet. I remember posting a video by Matt Cutts from Google Search on WordPress and SEO from 2009, and it is still relevant today!

One of the tools Yakadanda uses for all of our client's websites is called Yoast SEO, which is a free WordPress SEO tool that is integrated into every post, page and custom post type on our customer's sites. As many of our clients, particularly our Functional and Integrative Medicine websites are prolific bloggers, it is important to get your SEO right. Otherwise, you are just wasting valuable time creating great content that is not going to reach a wider Audience.

Setting Up Yoast SEO

So in setting up Yoast SEO, you want to make sure you have all of the followings configured correctly.

- Time Zone: Under General Settings in your WordPress administration, make sure your time zone is set correctly.
- Google Analytics: You have Google Analytics set up correctly and maybe even create some goals in analytics.
- Google Search Console: You had Google Search Console setup and Integrated with Yoast SEO.
- XML Sitemaps: Submit your XML Sitemap to Google Seach Console.
- Facebook Open Graph: Add Open Graph Social Meta Data in Yoast Settings.
- Twitter Cards Setup: Add Twitter Cards in Yoast Settings.
Getting Things Right for Great SEO

Now once you have all the settings correct in Yoast, you will need to get on with writing the rest of your article.

My target audience is Functional Medicine Practitioners website design and development in the United States primarily, so I make sure I use this term often in my writings. They also go under the term Integrative Medicine website design so I will want to use this term as well.

When tagging an article make 100% sure you only use keywords in items that are found in the article title or article text like here. Thinking you are smart by adding keywords in your tags that are not actually in your content, creates a negative SEO score in search engines. Yes, they are smarter than you! Make sure your article content has at least 300 words and it reads well.

Featured Image
Now it is time to add a featured image. There are many sites, like Pexels, Splitshire, Life of Pix, Gratisography where you can get great quality free stock images.

Rename the image once you have downloaded it to the title of your post or the keyword of your post.
Then upload it to the featured image area.
Add Title, Description, Caption, and Alt Text to Image
Save Image to Featured Image Area
Finishing Up

Now, I am sure you know your categories. I don't like it very much when you have more than ten categories unless it is a huge site with hundreds and hundreds of articles, it is just not necessary. Select one, two or three categories (if you must). Make sure it is relevant to the article. Otherwise, you are wasting you audiences time.

Excerpt, Cleaning Up, Reviewing
Add an Excerpt to the post. I try to keep all excerpts around the same size, so my site is beautiful and balanced. Review your article, make sure all is in order and then either post article or schedule it for a date and time.

Article on

Free Stock Image Links
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When starting out with WordPress and Yoast SEO it is best to keep things simple. Here are a few tips I have learned over the years to get the most out of your online communications through WordPress.

In this video, I discuss all the things you must do at a minimum for a good solid SEO friendly blog post, including using the popular SEO tool Yoast for WordPress. You need to think about your audience. Who are you trying to attract to read your blog - what is your target audience? What are the elements that would be informative to them? What words can you inject into the article to attract your target audience? If the article is great, maybe they will share it? 

At a minimum, every single post should have the following

- Descriptive title.
- 300 Word minimum for the actual post.
- Featured image (Alt tagged and title)
- At least one internal link
- At least one external link
- Relevant WordPress Tags
- At least one Category selected

Finally, take the time to get yourself organized for blogging. Set a little time aside each week when you can concentrate on your writing and commit to it over the long haul. By writing effective targetted content over a long period of time will reap you the visitor rewards you could only get by paying for advertising online, saving you money in the long term. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins on the market. The FREE version is more than enough to get you started. Watch their videos and read their tutorials, it will be of a huge benefit to you and your company over the long haul. Like any technology tool, it is a relatively simple plugin to use, but only if you invest the time to learn the ins and outs of it. 

Yoast SEO:
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So in this video, I will show you in a few minutes, how to get the most recent results. The key is filtering your search on both Google and YouTube and it takes a few additional seconds for each search. I will also show you how to find and download free images for your blog posts or pages using Google Search.
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Interesting, one study doesn't make it a scientific fact, but perhaps after a few more.... Well, might be on my list!
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Our tour started out at Pier 2 with Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico and rode onto the Forts Old San Juan. From there we went to the Condado/Isla Verde Hotel district, which was gorgeous. From there we took Road 187 to Pinones Coastal town in Loiza.

We also took the North East Coastal Road 165 to Dorado Town, Barceloneta Plains, Arecibo Christopher Columbus Statue (295ft/600tons), Panoramic Road 10 to Ataud River in Adjuntas (swim), Twisty Road 143 to Cerro Punta in Jayuya (highest in the island 4,390ft),

Road 52 to Old San Juan. Finally onto Road 3 to El Yunque National Rain Forest which has a peak of (3,494ft). After this we took lunch at El Verde BBQ and then got off road at the Northern Ecological Corridor Beach (off road) went for a swim where we had the whole beach to ourselves.

Heading home we took Road 66 to San Juan. More Info:
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This is a short video of the Northern Ecological Corridor Beach off road track!

Our tour started out at Pier 2 with Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico and rode onto the Forts Old San Juan. From there we went to the Condado/Isla Verde Hotel district, which was gorgeous. From there we took Road 187 to Pinones Coastal town in Loiza.

Finally onto Road 3 to El Yunque National Rain Forest which has a peak of (3,494ft). After this we took lunch at El Verde BBQ and then got off road at the Northern Ecological Corridor Beach (off road) went for a swim where we had the whole beach to ourselves.

Heading home we took Road 66 to San Juan. More Info:
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