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Anything i dont have

TG: @PeterHristov

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Chapeau 2016

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Misty Hannah2017
NL-Prime 2017

Anything 2018

HO or TG: @PeterHristov

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Have: NL2016E, NL2017E
Want: Anything i dont have

HO ot TG @PeterHristov

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Nearly 140 fields, of which 80 were big ones.
Local Operation Code: 12-81-13-11-32-12
Part of operation: Enlightened United Overload
Date: October 15th 2017 2:00 AM EEST (14th october 23:00 UTC)

Nearly 8.6 Million MU

During the ongoing 3-day operation large fields were created that completely covered the cities of:
Veliko Turnovo, Dobrich, Ruse, Shumen, Silistra, Razgrad, Popovo, Tutrakan, Pleven, Svishtov, Karnobat, Yambol, Montana, Vratsa, Vidin, Pavlikeni, Sevlievo, Gabrovo, Lom, Kozlodui, Oryahovo, Knezha, Byala Slatina
Fielded over parts of Burgas and Varna
Fielded 13 Layers over the city of Sofia

Anubium, AtraxBG, BackrooD, BahMaamu, Basho86, Begeragus, BoBiiBoBii, ComixBG, Corty, DrStein, Evko, Evropeyski, FirePL, GamenVT, Ghos7Rider, HarrryD, Insomn1ac, Ivosko, Jus7sm1Le, Kryoger, Kykata, LZ1DAV, LadyBiii, Levap7, LordSavitar, MARINOVSS, Megaownious, Nelkata, Pavkony, PsychoRoxy, Silidra, Stramex, Velizar, Veseliak, algara, arkinbg, emolst, exkiss, flado, h4cky, karamel4e, kisolre, merody, peterhristov, sa6iiii, sonaris

#ingress #Overload
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Resistance Bulgaria spoofing operation including more than 10 spoofing accounts.

First of all let me point out that our wish was not to blame the entire resistance team: they have a lot of honest and really dedicated players. Unfortunately none of them seem to really oppose the current situation so we have no choice but to point to the team as a whole. Both Enlightened and Resistance agents know very well who is behind the spoofing. It’s Niantic’s job to recognize the persons who cheat and to remove them from the game (not just their throwaway spoofing accounts) as they did in Romania a few months ago.

Since Via Noir anomaly in Sofia (November, 2016) Bulgarian Resistance is constantly using throwaway spoofing accounts for their gains. Usually they clean the map from blockers a few days before the weekend so they can go around and make their fields unhampered. No matter how hard they try, we, Enlightened Bulgaria still manage to handle everything - travel to the portals and flip them green again.

In the last two years a group from the Resistance has become so adept at GPS spoofing that some of them are even leveling and selling accounts (as well as inventory items) for profit. We’re talking here about @MrYigal, with his onyx recruiter badge. He uses his armada of accounts somewhere (last occurrence in the city of Pernik), creates a multifield anchor with an account then destroys the anchor with a opposite faction account so that the first account can create the fields again. This wintrading resulted in more than 20 accounts were leveled up in the last days.,23.032432&z=17&pll=42.609883,23.032432

Let us start our overview with a list of spoofing accounts, most of them already banned:

We even created a special G+ Group for this (still putting content in it):

Now let us provide the latest example. This weekend (Sept 28 - Oct 2 2017) Resistance Bulgaria carried out a whole spoofing operation with more than 13 accounts.

Everything started around 15:00 in Thursday (28 September) and it’s still continuing into Monday (02 October).

@ohhshiit destroying Fields in Vrabevo - Bulgaria. For Thursday it was just this.

On Friday was the big operation.

@TurluGuvech (lvl 4) appeared at a few places in northwest Bulgaria where there are almost no active players and started to destroy only anchors with fields. This account was used before for spoofing other portals.
Then account @albertoSashev which we reported many times appeared in southwest Bulgaria and again, started to destroy only anchors, this account was used for spoofing last two months, he destroyed our anchors at some mountain peaks, really hard to reach places, even in other countries like Macedonia. @TurluGuvech was active until 2 AM in the morning, destroying anchors around Danube River, some of them really hard to reach.

@cheapscate (lvl 7) (which was leveled almost all the time with real player @Georgi1980 ) appeared in Beklemeto, Bulgaria, a mountain road with really hard to get portals, the reception there is really bad for all three Bularian mobile operators. This account destroyed the anchors there in no time. The same account appeared on anchors in Troyan in the middle of the night, as expected no real person was seen on site by Enlightened agents. Then the spoofer jumped to portals deep in the woods. You can see on the screenshots how our agent was at home and the portal was flipped.

@amonteuo (which real agent @Ivirst) was using until now all the time on another device, even in front of other ENL agents) appeared in closed zoo in Knezha, Bulgaria and destroyed only the anchor as you can see on the screenshot. Later this account destroyed a cross monument located above the village Vrabevo, Bulgaria, a cross that is hard to reach and of course it was around midnight. Later he appeared in the closed fortress above Sevlievo, Bulgaria - Hotalich. Later this account appeared at closed anchors in a factory which can be accessed only using special pass and only during working hours. No way of going there after midnight.

@shemsy (lvl 6) (which was used before for spoofing) appeared in southeast Bulgaria at Meliarator hut since it was an anchor. After this @shemsy continued with anchors located below Yambol, Bulgaria, around midnight he destroyed a portal on a mountain peak which requires 8 km on foot. After that he went to Greece to destroy our anchor there and then he returned to Bulgaria for more anchors.

@iveto89 (lvl 4) destroyed a really hard to get portal in the mountain (2 hours walking at least) around 9 PM. Of course it was anchor with fields.

@JKudzumi (lvl 6) appeared in Enitsa, Bulgaria and pulled a blocker in the moment account @amonteuo was already in Trastenik, Bulgaria (home portal of an Enlighened agent, who confirmed that there was no one in front of his house). Later this account was sent for remaining anchors in North West Bulgaria.

@CSKASofia (lvl 4) appeared in Romania, then Serbia and started to destroy Bukovo Monastery, since we were recharging he managed to destroy only two resonators. Later @TurluGuvech destroyed the other side of the links around the center part of Danube River.

@milekitic (lvl 5) who was already reported many times since it was leveled in Sofia in front of ENL agents and there was no one present, appeared in Pravets, Bulgaria. Later this account destroyed other green anchors in central Bulgaria.

@FitkaZaspala appeared in South West Bulgaria around Kuystendil, Bulgaria and started to destroy anchors there. This account is still active, five days from Friday and still destroying anchors and even creating fields.

A lot of anchors were destroyed that day, but it was not the end.

Early in the morning on Saturday (30 September) everything started with @TurluGuvech destroying even more anchors in northwest Bulgaria. Later @FitkaZaspala continued to destroy anchors in southeast Bulgaria for almost the entire day.

We started to rebuild - our agent @Stramex went far away in northwest Bulgaria to try and fix some blockers and make some fields. However, right after him a new account @qsenbesen appeared in Brusartsi, Bulgaria and destroyed the anchor that our agent created - they didn't even give us a chance to fix the things that were done by the spoofers in the first place.

Later agent @FitkaZaspala continued with destroying anchors and creating fields in southeast Bulgaria.

Later in the night on Sunday @ratacitorintune pulled blockers above Shumen, Bulgaria. This account was used before to destroy green anchors whenever there are big fields around Dobrich, Bulgaria. We suspect that it is an account of agent @KERBEROSDOG (a proud owner of a gold recruiter badge in a town with only a few agents playing), now always playing with two devices the second one being used for @bachikiko. Some of his other accounts worth mentioning include @nilsbg and @le0nbg and ENL account @JustSmileForMe which he started to use a lot in the EXO5 Controller event to conserve JARVIS-es.

At the same time account @NoamHamras was power-leveled in Mladost, Sofia and destroyed Vrana Palace portal in the middle of the night, a closed residence which is strictly guarded at this time. After a bit he appeared on another important anchor at the Sofia airport which is behind in a restricted area and can’t be accessed without a pass. He attacked for a few minutes and since we were recharging, he was unable to destroy the portal.

A lot of spoofing accounts are leveled in the district of Mladost where another infamous Resistance agent @puhi11 lives. He is known around the country with his mass spoofing alt-accounts along with unlimited inventory (including hundreds of AXA’s and VR shields deployed and thousands upon thousands of L8 bursters fired per month) despite the fact that his "home portal" is almost never above lvl 5.

We wake up on Oct 2nd and the spoofing still continues.

A new spoofer account @stoyoyoto destroyed few guardians in different parts in Bulgaria. Attached screenshots with the impossible times to reach all the portals.

Finally, we arrive at Oct 4th and the spoofing operation is still on.

An Enlightened Agent started to clear the portals affected by spoofers in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, and immediately @albertoSashev appeared in Macedonia, destroyed our anchor there and threw blockers to prevent any fields from Kyustendil.

10 min after that @cheapscate destroyed again an anchor in Sevlievo, Bulgaria where we have an Enlightened agent working, and of course like previous times, there was no one physically there.

5 minutes after this @shemsy appeared in the south of Bulgaria, near the border, a portal in a distant and hard to reach monastery with which we created big field the night before.

As mentioned before @cheapscate was leveled while playing with real agent @Georgi1980, and since the other two accounts started with destroying anchors in areas where he plays we can only assume its his actions.

In one of the screenshots we created a map where we tried to show all the places that were destroyed by the spoofers. Some of the areas are marked with yellow, some of them with red since we tried to restore some of the green fields and the red will be more visible on the green color. We try to get back all the portals that were affected, but they are too many, some of the spoofing accounts destroyed whole cities.

Everything written here is supported by screenshots. We have sent many reports about each of the accounts but some of them are still not banned. Having in mind that the Resistance usually creates throwaway spoofers at a rate around one per week, our guess is that their experiments have been successful and a loophole in NIA’s detection algorithms is being exploted. Maybe it has something to do with real people playing part time on the same accounts to accumulate a "clean" history?

The real agents we do know that are using such spoofing accounts are:


We haven’t even touched the subject that Bulgarian Resistance guardian hunting is done almost exclusively via spoofers - even when the portal is in an easy to reach location.

We do understand that checking of all the accounts may take some time but the current situation is ruining the game for an entire country for more than a year. This time it was really a lot, months of hard work just disappeared in 24 hours. This is a big issue for the whole of Enlightened Bulgaria since we are not allowed to even rebuild what was destroyed.

We will continue to update and re-share this post until we got the help from NIA since this ruins the game in the whole country and for both factions. We are sure that the many legitimate Resistance agents will also be happy when all of this ends.

Thank you in advance

Team Enlightened Bulgaria

+Nia Ops +Niantic Project +Ingress
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SWAG in Basel is amazing (:

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All the missions took me to some really nice places.
I did all of them in over 10 countries. Most of them in Bulgaria (the country where i am from). It was and i it will continue to be an epic journey :)

My most favourite one is the banner in Vienna called "Vienna by tram".

Lets go for 2000 !

+NIA Ops #Ingress

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1000 #Ingress Missions #SpecOps

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Микс от мобилните екипи и оператора по време на Via Noir Sofia
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