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I deduce from this that additional writers and producers impede on one's ability to rock awesome outfits and mustaches.
So true. I mean, there are 8 unique words in that Girls chorus, and Freddie didn't even feel the need to write a catchy chorus that gets repeated ad nauseum just to get it stuck in your head. You remember the whole freaking masterpiece!
This is the difference between a voice and a real complet artist. Love Queen ! When will you sing one of their songs? :)
Yeap.. Queen cover.. and Rhapsody would be the one!
damn, I feel really good about the fact that I do not have any idea who the person on the left is... :D
I feel old saying it but it's just true. No one is making good music anymore. I prefer classic rock personally. I think we'll hit a point where songs are being generated by computers to an extent that people get sick of it. Hopefully then we have a music revolution.
Well, considering the Tour De France is on, Bicycle might be appropriate ;-)
Love me do is a seminal song of the 60s, and arcade fire are a band with substance from the present. Not saying I disagree with this picture, but cmon, try and make it a fair comparison. And let's not mention 'we built this city'..
Everyone's entitled to their opinion on musical styles and taste. But to say nobody makes good music anymore is a little silly imho.

+Ryan Wickersham I challenge you to check out some modern bands like Rival Sons, The Darkness, or 4onthefloor just as a few examples. They are all new bands that are a good throwback to good old blues rock. Maybe that's not exactly your style, but I guarantee you people are still making good music.

Just don't listen to top 40 if you don't want to hear pop music. If you listened to the radio during any generation you would hear more pop songs than what we call "classic rock".
The only valid deduction from this photo is that writers and producers do not a good song make. Regardless of the generation it was made in.
Actually I think Peter's point is more what constitutes popular/seeling musci these days. Bohemian Rhaspody and Queen were not the level of the bands you are referrencing. They were a Top 10 selling band, as Beyonce is now. Yet, what's "popular" and sells the whole market is no longer "good music" but scared, non-innovative adjustments on what worked yesterday.
Cherry picking data is intellectual dishonesty. One example does not a pattern make. There are many many top selling bands that write/produce their own music today as well.

It's a good infographic, I like it. It's funny and points to a serious problem in the music industry (something that's been a problem ever since there was a music industry) I just don't support blanket overgeneralized statements that are grossly untrue but are propagated as emotional responses as opposed to being supported with facts. And I don't feel Peter was doing that by posting this, either, I was more referring to comments like "there's no good music anymore", which Peter never made. Clearly he doesn't feel that way, as he is creating music himself and to say such would belittle his own profession.

Sure, a lot of top 40 songs aren't timeless classics. But just look at this list:

How many of those songs are the timeless classics we love from the 70's? I mean, Led Zeppelin isn't even ON that list. That's the top 100 songs from the 70's and there isn't a single Zep song. Zep was bigger in the 60's you say? How about this list from the 60's then:

That's right. Chubby Checker: The Twist. No Zep.

Top 40 music is just that. Top 40 POP hits. Whatever generation you go to, the best music wasn't the mainstream music. We love the "classics" because we've had generations to evaluate music of a generation and pick the really timeless stuff out and forget about the "pop hits" of that era. 20 years from now people will be going nuts over all the really great music made in the 90's and 00's that everyone that lived in that era missed out on because it wasn't on top 40 radio.

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