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New Video uploaded:  My first ever vlog, where i just let you all get to know me! :)  Tell me what you think! 
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Hey I loved it. Can I get your help with something please?
Pretty cool! I like that you answer the YouTube comments; you should keep that. Can we see you making music videos? Not like a "the making of __" to get all technical (altho that's cool too) but just see you hanging out and brainstorming ideas?
Yay! Awesome job! Can't wait for more :D but is there a way to send questions without having a twitter? Could we post them here? :D either way love the new vlog channel
argh, so wanting to send you a mix tape/cd.  Stand by for international mail!
And sent!  Don't know how long post will take from Aus, but there's a cd coming your way!
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