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Peter Hewitson
Don't hesitate to ask someone else first.
Don't hesitate to ask someone else first.

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Just dropped £1000 on a car I haven't even seen yet and won't get for about 3 years.

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Breaking news...
There is a god and his name is Jibbers Crabst! 
I do not believe in Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection.

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Fancy changing your energy supplier to a greener, customer-friendly and possibly cheaper alternative?
Take a look at Ecotricity and get yourself ( and me :) ) a £50 gift voucher as a thank you.

I've been a customer with Ecotricity for a few months and been very happy with them and believe they compare favourably against other energy suppliers too.

#ecotricity   #ecotopia  

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Can someone tell Bracknell town council it's September and they've left last year's Christmas tree out?
What's that?... That's not last year's tree?
oh O_o

#bracknell #september #nativity 

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One of my colleagues is raising money for Cancer Research UK and needs your help. Please donate if you can.

#cancerresearchuk   #shine  

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Britain In Motion

Hey +Google UK. During a recent visit to Bath I took some photos of Parade Gardens alongside the River Avon in the brilliant sunshine and #AutoAwesome  created this great motion animation.

I hope you like it.

#BritainInMotion   #Bath   #Somerset  
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How Pascal's Triangle Lead to a Mental Season
by Joseph Pepper

Read all of this because it is worth it.

tl;dr As football is a low scoring game it increases the amount that luck plays a factor. By making it high scoring you should favour the better team and make it more predictable.


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Dammit! I now have a reason to buy a PS4. 
The adventure game classic Grim Fandango is coming to PS4

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So this happened at work today! An EV-ent!

HP in Bracknell, UK organized an Electric and Hybrid vehicle event. As well as the Tesla Model S there were also Nissan Leafs, BMW i3s and a couple of Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrids.

I got to have my first test drive in a Model S and although I know I cannot afford one of these, it makes me more determined to buy a Model E (or whatever it is called eventually) when they are available.

Beautiful cars!

#tesla   #hp  +Tesla Motors 
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