Hummingbird changed it all

When it first hit in 2013 we were in the formative stages of developing what is now called the CISE Semantic Theme Generator.

Today I'm releasing the iPad snapshots at that magical time. As a background we were using it as a creative tool primarily at that point and hadn't really seriously factored the SEO part into it.

This slideshow series reveals the instantaneous effect that these themesets had during our testing stage when it coincided with the release of Google's Hummingbird update.

In fact, I hounded +Bill Slawski on this very point last year to see if there was anything patent-wise that might be related to the noticeable shift it caused in our favour.

Now I know exactly why after an in depth evaluation of the patent last week (after I first posted this) and now we have the specifics of why our optimised sites rank so highly on Google.

The slideshow contains 50 slides. Most relate to the Hummingbird update including our own rankings at Intermart and a small selection of our client's rankings that had previously been optimised.

Some in the latter part reveal recent optimisations including the case of a drainlayer who had just started up his business and had no ranking whatsover and no back links but hit the top 10 in a matter of weeks. I will make some comments on the slides to give a better overview

These revelations confirm the strong message that +David Amerland has been saying regarding semantic search and organic on-page optimisation for the past 18 months or so,  but in this case in a very visual and analytical way

Rich content counts, creative copy engenders good ranking and there's no gaming about it
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