Morphological Creativity

There have been numerous attempts throughout the recorded history of man to review, classify and systematize the basic methods of thought and of procedure which are being used to deal both with the practical and the theoretical problems of life.

The morphological approach to discovery, invention, research and construction has been conceived and developed for the purpose of dealing with all situations in life more reasonably and more effectively than hitherto.

This is achieved through the study of all relevant interrelations among objects, phenomena and concepts by means of methods which are based on the utmost detachment from prejudice and carefully refrain from all prevaluations.

Applications of the morphological methods of the total field coverage, of negation and construction, of the morphological box and others to technical problems in particular and to human problems in general are described. 

These not only illustrate how discovery, invention and research can be conducted most effectively but also how the morphological approach makes possible the clear recognition of those fatal aberrations of the human mind which must be overcome if we are ever to build a sound world.

Prof F. Zwicky
 "New Methods of Thought and Procedure - Presented at Symposium on Methodologies"_ 

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CISE is a morphological resource that provides a smorgasbord of holonymic elements for problem solving, invention  and in depth semantic exploration.

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