Body Language in web design
When it comes to web design, the brave new world of semantic optimisation has got Google and others looking very closely at your body language.

The googlebot is not looking for pretty sites and seductive slideshows that say 'rank me, rank me just because I look nice' , it's looking for structurally matched pages with internal schema like JSON-LD and content they can build into Rich Snippets. Stuff that your current SEO team might not even know anything about.

These days Google is looking at how smart you are not how pretty you look and it really doesn't care that much about how many people you know like it did in the past (aka back links). 

Now they're far more interested in what you know and how you say it. In other words, they're checking out your body language both inside and out.

On-page semantic optimisation is the new frontier in the SEO world. The best part being that it genuinely benefits your visitors just as much as it does Google. 

So it's true now we can kill two birds with one stone just as the saying goes. You can equally impress Google (and your visitors too) by providing higher quality information that not only engages your visitors but additionally helps them find what they're actually looking for both quickly and efficiently.

It's simple logic really as Google's deep learning stage is paying off far earlier than expected and their ever-absorbing bots are seemingly getting smarter by the day.

So where does that leave you?
How can you produce that higher quality of  authoritative information than your competitors do?

Well if you're a talented copywriter with an incredibly wide general knowledge, say hello to an exciting future!

Even if you're into good old fashioned research you might be able to grind out an advantage by doing the really hard yards in the archives with old school thesaurus mining.

But if you're struggling with this higher level of commitment simply to keep up with your competitors you'll need to count the cost  of the losses that a potential positioning drop might mean in the future especially if you don't do it now.

Thankfully there's a simple solution. When it comes to  in-depth topical semantic research you need to stay competitive. CISE provides a low cost solution that changes all the rules.

It's like typing simple key phrases into a search box and receiving contextual knowledge out of thin air. It's really that easy

The CISE software instantly provides a rich keyword set of around 50 of the top idioms and concepts wrapped up in an intriguing hall of positive, neutral and negative mirrors.

Forget the hours at the grindstone. Forget about sitting there waiting for a flash of inspiration. Conceptual intelligence is now at your fingertips

It's all about relevancy and resonance and your body language must be top notch both under the hood and above it.

Under the hood its all about schematic structure and producing pristine code and if you get that right the googlebot will begin to take a far deeper interest in you.

So it deep trawls through and compares the depth of your integrity width in your semantic detail. 

If your content stacks up semantically you're onto a winner. Google will non-judgmentally promote you up to the top tier of their ranking structure and duly honour you with all the riches that only a search engine bot can bestow (aka topical authority).

Fortunately The technological breakthrough behind CISE connects all the dots for you automatically behind the scenes providing semantic triggers that can be expanded into a greater clarity while still holding the main concept in mind.

It's like an instant portal into an expansive semantic landscape on any topic your heart desires. And it provides the whole picture, warts and all. This instant access to highly-relative points and factors is particulary useful for the semantic optimisation process. 

But it's not only useful for semantics it is also highly useful for problem solving and idea generation where the hard issues are usually the last to reach the light of day.

You can harvest words and concepts from within the app and then paste them elsewhere for future use. You can also save any search terms and these will be accessible to you at a later time

CISE also provides the deeper potential of inherent semantic fusions including slicing and dicing the results that you're been provided with, even exposing the more subconscious connections of language relating to that wordset

CISE's conceptual Intelligence has been honed by highly advanced linguistic algorithms that consistently produce a rich smorgasbord of semantically related elements.

It detects intrinsic etygenic patterns that can isolate intelligent relationships within the contextual matrix of positivity, neutrality and negativity.

This inherent uniquity opens the door to perceive the one in the many and the many in the one. It's like getting instant relativity in a box. It gives instant access to a cascade of concisely related connections that you can expand out as far as you wish
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