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The beginnings of CISE 2.0. This technology has now become an app
Semantic Analysis

This is a screen capture of a semantic analysis made by CISE sent to me by +Peter Hatherley He ran my book, SEO Help, ( through his semantic analysis engine and it is fascinating to see the connections that came up through the content. While, obviously the book's content would be relevant to semantic search what is fascinating to see is the organic way the relational connections thrown up reflect how marketing should be done. :)  
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Stay calm - Mr Right is never wrong
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+Fida Ali
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Very nice flowers 
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Machine Learning or Search Intervention?
This article explains how human intervention is alive and well at Google. The PR is all about AI and machine learning but it appears that ranking adjustment is now in the hands of the elite few even if it is country by country. For me, It opens the door to abuse, especially when it comes to commercial interests that may have slipped past Google's radar. My guess is that these raters are well-established SEO experts.

We all saw how ineffective polling was in the recent US Election but it seems that Google uses a cut-down form of it when it comes to rating search engine results and tweaks. It explains why highly authoritative material sometimes takes a backseat to material that has less relevance and resonance just because some results rater saw it their own particular way.

I have to disagree with the conclusions of the author also as ratings and ranking are virtually synonyms and splitting it like this doesn't convey the real imact of this intervention
The Google quality raters are contractors who work to test and judge experiments in the Google search results. They do not influence the rankings but rather give Google's engineers more data points t
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Eye-opening results with Donkey Kong test
We may not be as far down the track as we think we are. h/t +Eli Fennell
Tools of Neuroscience Fail 'Donkey Kong' Test

In recent years, a growing segment of neuroscientists and neuroscience enthusiasts have become increasingly confident that we now have the necessary tools to understand the brain.

In fact, in 2014, the United States announced an ambitious program called BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), meant as a sort-of 'Human Genome Project' for mapping the human brain.

New collaborative research between a computer scientist and a neurobiologist, however, appears to dash some very cold water on this enthusiasm. Applying the tools and principles of neuroscience itself, they set them to studying a processor booting up the games Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. The virtue of such a system is, because we built it, we know how it works and can compare the outcomes of the research tools with reality.

Their results were not encouraging. The tools of neuroscience proved rather poor, nigh useless even, at reverse engineering the hardware let alone the software of the system. This strongly suggests that we may be much farther from the goal of an accurate picture of brain hardware and software than many might have hoped.

#BlindMeWithScience #Neuroscience #ScienceSunday

The tools we use to study the brain are tested on a system we actually understand.
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Thank you Peter for this post
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Peter Hatherley

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Synchronicity of the balancing stones 
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Important strategies h/t +Randy Milanovic 
Create a low-maintenance, high-return content strategy by maximizing your content via social, diverse media types and engaging others
Create a low-maintenance, high-return content strategy by maximizing your content via social, diverse media types and engaging others
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AI and the differences with IA
The title belies the real content of this article. In reality it explains Augmented Intelligence aka IA or Intelligence Amplification and its effect on PR
Artificial Intelligence (AI) can strike fear into PR pros and communicators, who are concerned that robots eventually will take their jobs. In fact, AI combined with human intelligence is the most powerful combination. As such, communicators should embrace technology.
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Peter Hatherley

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Synchronicity of the rockface
h/t +Chris Sutton
Sandstone 1

Looking like something out of a science fiction movie, this outcrop was glowing in the early morning sun.
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Wow Amazing
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Three old Cold War Propaganda Posters
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They seem blatantly biased in today's terms +Pierre Provost 
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Punting on the Avon
A beautiful day at the Antigua Boatsheds in Christchurch 
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I like this plase
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The Fake News Thought Police
Oops now the #thoughtpolice can apparently affect organic SEO rankings

Can Fake News Stories Links Impact Your Site’s Rankings?
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Gist is that journalists are really just promoting themselves: thousands of impetuous re-tweeters etc. not having the right commitment to 'journalism' as a profession.  Its supposed to be 'investigative'. 

They should def make more effort to publicize their retractions.  They're collapsing.  Trump will bring them down big time, probably sue them.  They're criminal really.  I love that he (or his team) doesn't need them, he just keeps tweeting over their heads to keep the stories straight.  These glitzy stories are a side-track to cover up the real news.  Just a lot of hot air.
Its all rather pathetic and despicable.
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Developer of Personal Powerwords, Author, Photographer & Friend
I'm the founder of Intermart New Zealand, a digital marketing company situated in central Christchurch, New Zealand. We've been providing web based solutions for our clients since 1996.

I'm also a linguist and author who has a great interest in photography and music

I love words, concepts and story lines. A thoughtful post or subtle humour always appeals. This deep interest in language led me to develop a range of semantically based products over the past 10 years.

The original product was a Semantic Thesaurus and then we developed an algorithm to emulate it. That became known as CISE during the beta testing phases. We now produce RankMind MasterSets as conceptual frameworks for any industry or service. 

Creating this resource was an incredible experience in itself. I started to see the various links and threads within the English language unfolding before my eyes and the impact of this unique perspective has had a huge effect on me and the way I perceive things to this day. 

After compiling the frameworks of the conceptual structure of language I began the development of our semantic algorithms.

The _Hummingbird_ update was where it all turned around for us because we had already optimised our sites semantically some months prior to it. So without lifting a finger I watched in utter amazement as all of our sites rose dramatically to top tier results on the local SERPS.

Art and electronic music are my other loves and especially photography. My Dad was an enthiusiast and so I had access to a darkroom ever since I was a kid. I was a music coordinator for a nationwide radio station here in New Zealand in the early 90's and particularly like ambient/chill-out music

*More about Semantic Authoring*

Semantic authouring opens the door to the same concept of relationship building that we see surfacing in social media, as existing within words themselves. This radical relationship within language itself was far deeper and comprehensive that we imagined at the start of the process.

My new start up Latent Semantics Ltd is now in the process of launching Semantic Author and the Semantic Thesuarus on the international stage*. To date it has only been available locally here in New Zealand as a beta test and the results are mindblowing! The final version of the CISE semantic search tool was officially signed off in 2015.

This highly targeted approach to rich content development leverages Google's recent algorithm updates and provides the tools required to fulfill the exciting concepts of semantic search as popularised by +David Amerland (and the like).

*Seeing is believing*
When you first see a word list it's like a personal epiphany. It's hard to visualise these connections until you see them all together in a group.

If you're a writer, a web marketer or just want to write better access the Semantic Thesaurus Kitsets can provide that real edge that you've been looking for. 

*If you want to get underway sooner rather than later we can provide sets for our international clients on request
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5 children and 6 grandchildren. Happily married to Julie for 36 years.
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Developer of CISE WriteMind. Narrative Analysis Tool that isolates your Subconscious Impact.
Online Marketing, Semantically Optimised Copywritng and Graphic Designer
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