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News broke today that +Google acquired my friend +Marc Raibert's company, Boston Dynamics, one of the coolest robotics companies in the world. You know Boston Dynamics because of their work building "Big Dog," "Bigger Dog," Cheetah and now Atlas. They've been the most impressive functional robots around.

What's bigger news is that this is their 8th (yes EIGHTH) announced robotics acquisition in the last six months. Remember that Google is spending over $7 billion dollars every year in R&D, M&A.

This internal robotics revolution is being led by +Andy Rubin, the Google executive who developed and ran Android, the world's most widely used smartphone software. This is being done with Larry Page's enthusiastic support, as he and his team continue to display their impressive "moonshot thinking" by investing heavily in the future.

Don't forget that Google is probably the No. 1 hotbed of research on artificial intelligence with the acquisition of my friend and SU Co-Founder Ray Kurzweil and the recent addition of Deep Learning creator Geoffrey Hinton.

So what do you get when you combine eight robotics companies, the leading AI creative forces and researchers, the brilliance (and ambition) of Larry Page and a $7 billion R&D budget?

I think it will be the transformation of our society -- how we work, how we learn, take care of our sick, conduct our commerce, explore, handle disasters, fight wars... everything. 

If this level of transformation isn't on your radar, if you are not thinking about how this will change your life, your business and your industry, then you are missing it, big time.

You need to understand the implications of this, and figure out how you are going to surf on top of this tsunami... not be crushed by it.

If you like, on January 9th and 10th, 2014, at the Ritz-Carlton hotel (Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles), I'll be teaching entrepreneurs about robotics, AI and other exponential technologies, how you can think bold and take action globally, and how to leverage such powerful tools as crowd funding and incentive competitions.

It all takes place at the Abundance 360 Summit.                                                                                                                                                  
You can learn more about it here:

Check it out.

A lot is going to begin changing, and the opportunities for creating billion-dollar solutions and a world of abundance is extraordinary!

Best wishes,

P.S. Read more about Google's acquisition here: 

And here are some Boston Dynamics videos, so you can see the robots in action:
Big Dog: BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010)
Cheetah: Cheetah Robot runs 28.3 mph; a bit faster than Usain Bolt
Atlas: Meet ATLAS!
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I've been following you +Peter H. Diamandis for a while, as well as being a huge fan of Ray and the rest of the SU and google teams. What you're all at the forefront of creating is mind blowingly fantastic. I have been thinking for a very long time about my place in this, and I think without having the technical skills to be part of it, my best role is evangelizing the future amongst people I meet, though I would love to work more closely with SU. 
I knew they acquired several robotics companies recently, but acquiring Boston Dynamics is another big move and exciting acquisition given their track record.

I love Google because they create for the future, and despite being a massive company, they remain flexible and adaptive with some of the most forward-thinking people on the planet.
I hope no one was particularly attached to the current socio-economic paradigm, because this is the death warrant for "the way things were"

I can't wait.  Knock'em dead +Andy Rubin 
Google big $$ acquisitions & development capital  are shock & awe stuff for sure.  Also not only game in town as inexpensive individual ingenuity everywhere boosted by group collaboration can also prove disruptive to "disruptive" robot etc. technology & innovation. New big ticket technology/markets must adapt to increasingly level field where capital is no longer de facto king.                           
Thanks peter for your updates, with such acquisition from google we are left without doubt that technologywise they are a head.

I agree with everything you say.  but as a long time disciple of yours, I have now lost the 'faith' in you.  I feel you are not practicing what you are preaching.
I can't wait for google to get into 3d printing and start developing printers that are actually user friendly
I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.  (Never too early to ingratiate...) 
Amazing to me that so many people are puzzled by Google's latest acquisition. Robots are moving, independent entities that have a unique place and perspective in space and time, just like us humans. If Google wants to advance artificial intelligence - which is at the core of what Google is - then surely they should invest all they can in those mobile entities that eventually can contribute to our evolution as a species.
Im pretty sure a mega intelligent android is imminent...
Increase in life expectancy without improvement in quality of life is useless. Imagine 200 years life expectancy! We will have a huge unsustainable dependent population. High life expectancy shall benefit only hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. What is the optimum life expectancy ? When we reach there what should we do?
As the life expectancy is increased in every nation , we shall need many robots to help the aged Alzheimer s & senile dementia patients because of acute shortage of young healthy persons. Do develop good quality  home help robots for the aged,physically and mentally challenged elderly persons.
 Wishing you good business. 
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