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Showing off my Master's research: The speech-based, conversational recommender system SpeechRec, based entirely on free software, including Simon.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice, reliable and decently fast vServer? I'm looking for something with at least 120 GB of persistent storage and 2+ GB of guaranteed memory.
Thanks in advance.

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Awesome stuff!
Manu's scripts for Simon

That seems like a trivial project to build a command and control app, but actually tuning the proper grammar and making it capable to handle useful commands is a huge and very important work.

I like how as soon as I'm working with data from Google, I'm suddenly dealing with 349 billion of something.

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Happy to announce that I will be teaching a course on speech recognition for under-resourced languages at the "Coding for Language Communities" summer school at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation in Minde, Portugal this August. Gonna be fun!

I thought 16 GB of main memory would be plenty for a while. Never have I been so wrong. #kaldi

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Time to shoot in your talk proposals for Akademy this year! Deadline is soon... As a reminder, we are looking for either short (~10 minutes) updates on what you're working on in KDE (perfect to introduce your app and the latest new features) and longer workshops in which you can show your fellow hackers how to do X, Y or Z.

What, you think you're not doing anything interesting? Ah, but we're all curious to learn what is going on in the far corners of the KDE universe, so you're wrong- we DO want to know!

What, you think you have nothing to teach others? You'd be surprised, C++, Qt and the KDE libraries are huge subjects and nearly everybody has been bumping into stuff very few others have seen.

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Simon group photo :)

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Now it's official: Simon supports OS X. And with that you can now run Simon on exactly five different platforms. Can you name them all?

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Nice article about the Open Speech Initiative.
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