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search maps using autovoice using tasker send intent
action   - android.intent.action.VIEW
cat        - none
data      - geo:0,0?q=%srch
target   - activity
   %srch is the variable i use in autovoice , works with addresses, post codes and anything else you would normally type in the search bar in maps. works on nexus 4 , not rooted .
    just passed my first 6 months with tasker. I think my passion for tasker is inversely proportional to my partners passion for me using tasker.
 sorry everyone for mistake in action: . is now fixed , sorry once again +J Pearson
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Do you have to launch maps first? 
Ok, found out what it was. :) it's not "android.action.intent.VIEW" but "android.intent.action.VIEW"
Sorry for the spelling .
Action. - android.intent.action.VIEW
Should be the first line . sorry for the spelling +J Pearson 
When I test it maps comes up and searches for srch. I can't get it to work with my voice, please help!!! 
We know what you are talking about. "Oh, i've just got an idea. I need my phone" (thinking while she is talking)
I've been using that intent as well.  If you change the data to: "google.navigation:q=%srch" it will navigate to what you ask for instead of showing it on the map.

My guess is that Google Now will do that stuff on its own, but if you have custom locations saved you can make a task that searches those locations first, and if what you say doesn't match any of them then it will default to searching or navigating through Maps.
+J Pearson Bingo!!! That worked a treat for me buddy, thanks very much. I was literally two minutes away from smashing up my brand new S4 and buying an iphone lol. In short, you saved my life!
+João Dias  sorry , I work 16hr days , just got back home , didn't know how to edit post from my phone, fixed , sorry for the blunder.
data can also be 
data     - geo:27.4679,153.0278
data    - geo:27.4679,153.0278?z=17
the numbers are the lat. and long. also , the z= is the zoom level , must be between 1 and 23
Peter, would you mind sharing your tasker profile for what you described?
+Johnathan Wee this is a minor part in multiple profile , that i have creatred which wouldn't suit most . But,the  command filter i use in state-plugins-autovoice recognized ,
event behaviour   - ticked/on
cammand filter   - search maps for (?<srch>.+)
use regex       -  ticked/on
select action misc-send intent
with the info from above in send intent
Can you explain how to use these instructions. I don't understand. Thanks! 
That is the info for the send intent action in tasker , open the action and you will see what I mean
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