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Peter Giordano
I connect people, ideas and opportunities.
I connect people, ideas and opportunities.

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Simplifying complex decisions by applying first principles.
Great article by Mike McCue.

The Most Powerful Lesson I’ve Ever Learned In Business

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I must confess that I do worry about so much important info being stored on magnetic media -- all subject to deterioration. This glass disc tech seams like a good solve.

This tiny glass disc can store 360TB of data for 13.8 billion years

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Time to hack my DJI Phantom 3 and add this Intel Real Sense camera.

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My next drone ... And it's a doozie.

This supersized drone will fly you to work (or anywhere)

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Bit by bit, exercise adds up. 
In 2015 I put a specific focus on carving out time for health and fitness.

Making time for exercise had a huge positive impact on my health, stress management, mental state and general happiness. 

Here's a summary of my 2015 exercise, predominantly swimming, trail running, and strength training (from Garmin Vivofit and Fenix3)

For the "moving" activities:

Swimming:  86.42 miles, 40,583 calories
Trail Running: 140.91 miles, 16,713 calories

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Hacked together a charger for my smart watch. Felt like McGyver. 

New day in the New Year: perfect time to reflect on 2015 and contemplate 2016.

Two starter questions:

1) What good habit(s) did you make OR what bad habits did you break?

2) Who did you meet that changed your way of thinking (for the better)?

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Here's a quick movie (1:30) of our visit to New York City a couple of weeks ago. Google automatically created the entire video from my photos!

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Great article on UI-less UIs -- really the realm of weak AI today, working in narrow areas like meeting scheduling.
I use for scheduling and it works well -- gives you a glimpse into a future where AI is commonplace.

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Super fun joining my co-founders +Trey Ratcliff  and +Curtis Simmons  in Miami on one of the stops along Trey's US Tour.

Wonderful spending quality time with others that love art, photography and community. Thrilled to speak with Members of The Arcanum like​ +Trace Aiken and others. 

If you like being part of a community that loves to learn photography, check out and apply. 

Thanks to +Ollie Dale  for the incredible video production!

#TreyUSA #TheArcanum
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