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KFC's Secret Recipe Revealed
Well, not quite, but very close...

I was looking around tonight trying to find what makes KFC so addictive for millions of Americans. During my search I found an +MSNBC TV article from The +TODAY Show on +NBC News back in 2009.

Having a secret that you never reveal can certainly be a driving factor to make your customers wonder what makes it so good. This is obvious with +KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken, +Coca-Cola, +Pepsi and so many other products.

Is there a product that you wish you had the secret receipt to? Why? Do you have a secret recipe? Would you ever share it?

The Article:
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A more important question... what is better... KFC or Popeye's Chicken? I have to keep trying both!
I want need Swiss Chalet and they don't have it down here. * sniffle *
+Peter G McDermott if there is an option to go spicy, I usually get that, but I will take all three, thank you.
I used to do catering before my current job. It's very rare that you will get a recipe from me made precisely the way I do it. Can't be giving all the secrets away!

It does seem to drive people nuts. I think its a great business model. And it makes sure no one can copy your exact product.
used to have a cook book on how to make fastfood at home, the kernel's secret "special herbs and spices" has been outed for a while :P
can they really call it herbs and spices though? isn't that false advertising?
KFC's original recipe isn't as good now as it used to be. I've never had their grilled chicken, though.

Someone asked which is better between KFC and Popeye's, Popeye's is better to me.
+Peter G McDermott It's always so hard to choose. I have a lot of favorites but I seem to get a lot of notice for my sweets.

My most requested was (and continues to be by family and friends) a double chocolate bundt cake with almond chocolate frosting. The recipe for that cake will go with me to the grave.

Right now in my (sadly, little) spare time I'm playing around with a lower calorie dessert menu, my last project that I never managed to complete before hanging up the apron and moving to Georgia to attend college.
+Peter G McDermott I did, but it's been rather neglected the past few years while I've been in school and dealing with other issues. My current excuse on why its not back up is that I don't have a digital camera to photograph everything nicely :P
The secret is they use real chickens?
I would like the secret recipe to oreo cookies, so i can make them without the frosting.
+Peter G McDermott No. I do not own a smartphone or anything fancy. Someday, I hope.
Blogging, especially daily, is a big project, with the technology costs and the time spent photographing and writing (among other things). I give mad props to you and everyone else who manages make it look fresh and exciting!
+Robert Quick I only ever swore I wouldn't eat it again once, over 20 years ago after a dose of food poisoning that could only have come from a KFC. Haven't touched it since. I'm not one for fried food anyway, I love chicken, just not fried. We have a chain store here called Red Rooster, that's where I get my chicken fix from :)
1) I always knew that KFC was I Geez...

2) I would want an exact recipe for Twinkies....but just the filling. Screw the cake...
I would want Nutella's secret recipe. because obviously it tastes like heaven!! And I do have secret recipes, since it called secret , so no, I would not share it
+Natasya Andrea Putri I haven't tried them yet, but I know it was big in the cooking blog world within the last six months of making homemade nutella. Just a google search away ;)
yeah i like Nutella my new found breakfast but secret hmmm ill have to search it out and report back
Similar to here +Robert Quick , although I was late teens before I moved to the city and could access it often. Even still, I ate a lot of burgers and hotdogs and cakes and icecream over the years and are paying for it now.
I was diagnosed diabetic last year and it was a real wake up call. I've since quit smoking, and all fast foods and joined a gym. and are slowly getting my health back. But i feel it's not just about regaining health or fitness any more, it's more about extending my life.
LOTS of salt. As for KFC or Popeye's....I do prefer Popeye's....which I may eat twice a year at most.
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