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Instagram to Sell Users' Photos: Will you stick around?

"Instagram shocked users with an update to its terms of service that will let the company sell users' photos to other companies." -

The changes take effect January 16th. The only way to opt out from the new Terms & Conditions is to delete your account.

(See Rights Section 2: )

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deleted account this morning, not that I used it much, had about 50 pics there
Still got my account but deleted all my photos. :)
Cancelled my account when this story broke over here... Haven't used it since snapseed came out.

Instagram should've offered an opt out or ad revenue share
This was the company Facebook bought, right? Because then it all makes sense. The things they attempt (and succeed) at getting away with staggers the mind. Wow. Just wow.
The realities of free social media or free anything are:

It isn't free
If you're not the customer, you're the product.

As pointed out, there are other photo share apps with different privacy policies.  

Facebook is banking (correctly) on the fact there are not enough people who will opt out to make it a real issue for the advertisers willing to pay for the photos.
+Sean Cowen yea i pointed that out on another thread about this. FB has to recoup their money for that outrages purchase price. Frankly I never thought Instagram was valuable to begin with and hence never used it. 
+Don Mitchell The ethical thing to do here would be to tell me that you're changing your view of ownership of my content. The previous TOS were very different. I don't think this should be brushed off so quickly.
Don't own the platform? Then you generally don't control the content.

Which reminds me - time to tell the missus to take down her photo albums on Facebook. SHE deserves any money from their sale. Not Zuck.
If not via Instagram, how else will I ever see my tuna sandwich on a freeway billboard?
+Don Mitchell, are you saying it's OK to confuse people to steal their work and profit from it if you're running a free business?

I agree with you that we are the product in social media in general and that free is not really all it's cracked up to be, but this is an entirely different thing here. Taking ownership of and licensing and sub-licensing my stuff is just not cool. 

Facebook as jumped the shark with this one, I think. It's naked in it's crass commercialization and the lack of value it places on it's users product. 
+Ron Watson I'm not saying it's OK at all. I'm saying it's incumbent upon the user to  to be aware of and understand the implications and make an informed decision to participate or not.
I tried to delete my photos with the "delete" option in my app, but hmmm, this no longer works, and at the same time they change the policy. Now my photos are locked in until I delete the whole acct. (I already have them saved elsewhere). Also love the policy that says you cannot reopen your account at a later date. 
It also says if your media was re-shared it cannot be completely deleted.
Doesn't bother me at all. I'll still use it and I encourage them to use my pics for ads.
I wonder what the ramifications are if they do use a picture which contains an image of someone else who hasn't given any permission, and not signed a model release?
+Steve Gill An attorney I know raised the same question. Her feeling was that they probably cannot use images of other people in the manner described.
I suppose the worry then is the use of the word 'probably'.
Nuked mine just now.  I wonder where the freeing feeling of deleting a social media account comes from.  It sure feels good every time I get rid of one.  That would be an interesting study in human psychology, I think.
Wonder why they just offer a paid account, basically pay for what you use. Your photos are yours only.
Hmmmmm... May seem like a silly question...
Does facebook do this too?
I never jumped on the Instagram band wagon...