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Today Marks the Beginning of...
Another 5 Days of Productivity

Last week I asked YOU to show me your M-F 9-5 work space. And this is what you shared! Be sure to check out the post and leave a comment to indicate who you think has the best setup!

Thanks to all of those that participated. Please look out for other calls to action as I will be using a lot of my Google+ interactivity to facilitate blog posts and video episodes. The Micro Patrol website is very interactive.
A lot can be learned just from looking at one's work environment. From the technology they use, to their ergonomics and the types of things they keep around them. Last week I asked my followers on Goo...
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Billy Foster had an eXtreme set up. A hangout w/those monitors would be excellent!
How did you know? I love looking at photos of other people's workspaces!

By the way, here is a 37-second video of my desk!
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