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What if +Google+ made more commercials like this?
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Commercials like these could really help push Google+ to those that aren't sure about it.
yup... definitely need more things in this vein of thinking...
Show it in action, show the value... not 5 minutes of out of context baby pictures...
How apt, the G+: Tom ad just ran during Britain's Got Talent. I think there is a time and place for both types of ads. That's really good!
Glad you guys liked it! Any suggestions for the next one I make?
You forgot the patented Google "search field" typing hesitation :P
Saw my first G+ ad on TV today.... Third ad break on Britain's Got Talent on Channel 3.... Great to see G+ on the Telly Box!!
I committed a sin...I actually first saw and commented on this on Facebook. Lol
Not better, I think they show different functionalities of G+..
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hi Peter
no one would argue the fact that google is one of the most useful sites on the Internet
I think all depends on the user´s needs. I personally use it to find new content.. and that´s why I like this one..but, there are other people like my brother, who use G+ to save his pictures and videos, and share them with the family.
Yeah +Peter G McDermott The one on the TV was great to finally see though. What I like in an ad is to see a real application of a product than a flash 'This is the many things you can do' view from the company selling it.... I think this one is great because it shows one part of the product and shows the potential of using in the real world.... Little enticing, snippets of other abilities in future ads will work great alongside this one!! Works really well ;)
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Yes Willian
And the work of a blog and google adsense, site creation and ,photo album, etc.
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ج+ بالنسبة لي
شيئ لا استطيع ذكره

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nice post.. well done video... but pretty sure they would get their pants sued off eh? :)
Well maybe Amanda...but fb ain't suing us! So huzzah to more cool... 
Uhh no but they would sue Google if they ran this ad as posted.
Google should hire you as a consultant!!!
+Peter G McDermott Very well done, BUT you need to allow the music at the end fade away instead of cutting it off. It may seem like a small thing, but for me, it was the one thing that told me this was not created by the likes of Google.
And they're google like but still a hint of mcdermosh
These are great. I love them. Keep it up. ;)
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