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BREAKING NEWS: New iPad Will Do Same Shit other iPads Already Do
Rumors indicate the new iPad might be more expensive, too.

It seems that all people are talking about is Apple's new device. My question, who cares? I thought the economy was in the shitter and no one had money to pay their mortgage, now all I hear is people hyped about another product that barely improves upon its predecessors.

Stop buying into the hype, and don't upgrade what you already have. Imagine what you could invest $800 into. A new startup? A charity? Your 401k?

If you don't have an iPad, then I understand why you're excited, but don't go blowing your money to replace a perfectly working device you already own. </rant>
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I put my money on the kindle fire. screw the ipad.
Gasp! B-b-but.. it's supposed to be amazingly awesome! That's what the 2.5 million posts in my stream say, anyways..
I put my money on my pocket :p well i'm not really good with technology tho, and who does NEED an iPad?
Impossible! They said it is "Resolutionary"!
If you had invested the money in Apple stock, you would have doubled your money...instead of having an ipad collecting dust.
I am a common man, can't afford it.
Well, it is fairly awesome - terrific display, faster processor and connectivity.

But agreed that most people don't need one and few people should upgrade.

It's a great toy for those who want and can afford one. Which, Apple fanboy though I have been, does not include me. 
Most people don't need to upgrade, unless theirs goes out, or if they do not have one.
I have an iPad 2. I carry it around a lot without actually using it.
dorio x
go for asus memo 370T
Apple has a wonderful racket that convinces people to buy their new model every year, no matter how minor the changes are.
I'm one of the 90 percent (can't afford it)
No mater what you say some kid right is insisting on buying it, convincing the young mind is hard..but at the same time good for the economy...
Apple is notorious to roll out products with some nice enhancements that make the previous old fast. This time though, that's not the case with iPad 3. The iPad 3 does have great display and processor, good improvements, and unlike other roll outs, this one is more to increase their edge over Androids and Win8. So this release is geared more for new customers - people with iPad 2 are happy and won't switch to another device, while they hope to attract those that are planning to buy one for the first time. 
I slightly disagree...the retina display is simply beautiful. Necessary? NO piece of tech is necessary, but it will just make the user experience all the more fun.

Secondly, if you're on an iPad 1 (like me), you might want to upgrade either now or next year. I doubt the first iPad will see the 2013 iteration of iOS, and though web browsing is merely okay, the increased power will lead to a more stable experience as opposed to crashing because one of my favorite sites/message boards/social networks is clogging the page with animated gifs.

Basically, if you have the money - knock yourself out. Prices didn't actually go up. If you own an iPad 2, you probably want to hold out until 2013 or 2014. If you have an iPad 1 and WANT to upgrade, this is merely one more option among the plethora of android devices, the kindle, and for shits and giggles - the playbook.
Keep in mind, my argument was mostly about the people that don't have the money to buy this sort of tech.
"Build it, and they will come", modern marketing at it's best. Get people to believe they "need" this new thing and there will be many that will buy it, regardless if they "need" it or not. I have an MBA, so know a lil bit about which I speak. lol Plus, I don't own one. Now if someone gave me one, fine, but I'm not going out an buying anything I don't actually have a use for.
Gracy M
Perfect time for me after I waited for so long. People like to pay extra for the excellence. Comparing other brands with similar price, Apple's product are outstanding especially it's design. I like the screen responses most. IPad provides many things in your life. Learning, entertaining. Many apps linked with your life in so many ways from cooking receip to exercising... You can learn drawing in a easy fun way, make vedios. I even carry bibles in it to the church..
Comparing buying a fresh car, of which function is just a car. iPad is so much fun with many apps...
Everything you just said can be done with a $199 Kindle
I agree, good point, many individuals should invest in things that really matter in this awful economy, how about more jobs for once, less bailout money for corporations and more investing in bettering the future for this country's people. I have no I pod, I pad, or Apple computer, or even a smart phone, I buy them if they were under $100 if possible, but no way now, I wonder how many I pad devices are they going to make, its like one every year or so, in five years it be I pad 8 something?
Gracy M
+Harpreet Kaur: I used to be like that. But when I got my iPod touch, I really desire iPad.. If u not try, u wouldn't know the fun it has...
BREAKING NEWS: Android tablets will all do the same thing. (except the horribly under-powered versions which prey upon unsuspecting consumers)
I appreciate the message, and it is well received. However, the profanity was unnecessary! You would be amazed at how you can communicate very effectively without being profane.
what it`s good is only higher resolution, other than that, it`s nothing
Tablets still aren't "that" useful yet. Unless you are a huge techy like me, they aren't that useful. A laptop can do a million times more things for 50-80% the cost.
Gracy M
The only thing I regret is that it can't direct connect to a external hard drive. In case it runs out of space.
The connection with a HDMI TV is great...u can watch videos on iPad on big TV.
<Rolls eyes> Relax g-ma... A judicious use of profanity can be properly included to better communicate/demonstrate adult ideas and genuine sentiments such as exasperation, as was done in this post. You might be surprised to learn that judgmental pontificating can often do more to dilute one's own message, than would an occasional "swear word"...and where either has been incorporated gratuitously.
Gracy M
Well the figures of the actual sale of ipad tell everything.
Upgrade your outdated ipad for an an Android tablet.
LOL relax broski....buying an ipad is not minatory
Your message is based on the assumption that 1) the consumer's current iPad is "perfectly working" and 2) the consumer doesn't have the money to afford it in the first place. If the latter is the case, then you have a point...a point that can be applied to absolutely any luxury item that has ever been in existence. If a person can't pay their mortgage, then they shouldn't be thinking about either an iPad, a Kindle, or any device/luxury item that isn't absolutely necessary until they can get their finances in order.

In the case of the former, maybe you're assuming that everyone owns an iPad 2, and I think that majority iPad owners might be owners of the 2, but I've already spoken as an owner of the first generation model and though it's working well, the speed bump and the resolution is a MAJOR upgrade for my web browsing and app usage (The new Photoshop Touch for example does not work on first gen models). If I had the spare change and wanted to stay in the iOS ecosystem, I see nothing wrong with upgrading (and even eBaying the old model or putting it up on CL for some extra cash). I'm not obligated to invest in a start up, stock, or an Android device, and I'd imagine that if I can afford an iPad, I can probably afford to invest in those other options at a later date anyway. That's the beauty of being able to afford a luxury item if you can in the first place - your money, your choice. haha
+Tony Agro Are you on drugs or something? College campuses across the country are starting to ban computers in general from classes as students are too buys playing games and surfing/chatting on G+ instead of listening to the professor. Tablets whether the inferior apple products or the superior android tablets have no place in academia. Grab a book and a pen and paper and actually listen to the professor and learn something for once.
It's like the Madden football video games...same as last year, but with NEW SHINY PACKAGING!!! OMG...must have!

No, not for me. I'm happy without a tablet at the moment.
Gracy M
+Ron Smith well said. Peter is right under those assumptions. If I had a ipad 2, I would follow Peter's advice, really it's a big money for some extra functions. In the end it's a personal choice you go for ipad or Android. However some people might like to know all the cons and pros so they can make their own choice.
I do think them iPads look way super cool... but I can put $800 towards some other things too...
adam kittel
does this mean apple will sue itself for selling a duplicate product?
+Steve Cottrill That's a lie. "Build it and they will come" is the stupidest phrase ever. They won't come if you don't market it and let people know its benefits and where to buy it.

NO, they learn best with good teachers in the classroom. No amount of technology, no matter how great, will help a student if the teacher does not do their job. I have students using netbooks at the moment, and they still learn far more from me and my colleagues than they'll get from those computers.
More expensive is always good. It must be a better product!
It looks like apple is losing steam. Iphone 4 but no iphone 5, ipad 2 but no ipad 3. Iphone4 same as iphone 4s and no reason to buy or upgrade. Ipad 2 same as "new ipad" thus no reason to upgrade or purchase. Used to be great hype for new apple products but now they are just incremental updates while android devices are dominating the market. Tablet marketshare for apple went from 90% last year to 48% this year as android tablets surged to almost 50% of the market. By this christmas, ipad's will only account for 25% of the tablet market while android tablet's will be near 70% of market. Its the 80's all over again.
People get turned on when they see commercials of fan boys finger fucking the iPad. Android tablets on the higher end have come a long way and the kindle fire rooted is dope imo. Grow a brain people if you don't have slush fund money, you probably can't afford an overpriced iPad.
Gracy M
+Merle Reine It's just start of the ipad/tablets using in academic world. Already see some schools is replacing the books with tablets, ipads are also used well by lecturers in the class to demonstrate pictures, open your mind. Just because students can play games on it, ipads should be banned? I am sure there are ways to control playing game such as locking some functions... The ibooks are amazing new technology to learn .. I wished I had got ipads to replace the heavy books in the uni...
Yeah i prefer my Transformer that lasts for 16 hours and only cost me $500 even though i have 96gb of storage (32gb internal + 32gb sd + 32gb microsd).
software, hardware especially bandwidth and OS keep on changing and improving throughout the day. Do we all ever notice that everything that we bought or use will be replace most of the half year period? keeping updated and only focus on apple market aren't the the best choice as the rivalry of other competitive company have much better product functionality match with reasonable price. Just buy a device that suits your daily usage as too advance leads to spend more. Be a wise consumer, try to compare and analyse the functionality, your needs and price.opps...i think i've repeated the points. lolz
I can't ever see buying an Ipad other than for development purposes to test stuff on. But for my own use it would be a complete was of money. If it hasn't got a keyboard it is a novelty item to me not worth my time. It doesn't have the power or storage capacity I need or even the software. Put linux on it give it a keyboard more disk space... May as well just get a laptop!
Gracy M
+George Hayes I saw a new little computer cost only $49 running on linux, you just carried around and it got usb to plug into a monitor. for cost effective that is appealing
boo Jay
+Peter G McDermott this new-old iPad 1,2S clearly changes everything again back to the same as it was before.....once more, ribbit.

Think Different (like last time)
It is a new revolutionary of it kinds....why is it a pieces of shit.......
Grace F the raspberry PI are $25 and $35. There are a number of systems under 69 similar. As long as I got t carry the stuff around I still am better off with a laptop.
Did the subject line really need the "S" word? Come on, people, if you want G+ to go mainstream, make it "safe" for kids.
222 G+, Im a numbers guy, somebody plus this post!
My Transformer Prime is more than enough for my needs, thank you.
Its the same old interface never change ......Borinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
Love the title. Most truthful i've seen.
"don't go blowing your money to replace a perfectly working device you already own." - pretty sure these words don't make sense to apple fans, if its new you need it
+Rick Behun if you don't want kids to see the word 'shit'... the interwebs is the very last place you want them to go.
J Mat
Don't have a tablet yet. What is the best one for the money? I don't need the latest and greatest. Check e-mail, watch movies, surf the net ect..
I have an ACER Iconia Tab and love it. I have access to an iPad2 as well. I like the Iconia Tab better for lots of reasons.
Samsung running ICS is the best combo for performance, cost, usage, etc. +Jay Matous
Gracy M
+Jay Matous - ipad 2 is droping price largely after ipad 3 comes out. It got nice features. Depends on how you like use the tablet and the price range you look for.
I hope my future children will fully appreciate the glory of swearing, and know exactly what to say when necessary.
+Jay Matous I would look for one that suits all of your needs. Do you need to be able to use Flash on any websites (if so, iPad is out), do you want something with working GPS (if so, skip the Asus Transformer Prime), do you want something with expandable memory (again not iPad and avoid the Samsung Galaxy here too - except the 7" version), do you need multiple ports, do you need or want a keyboard..? Is something as simple as a Kindle Fire suitable? Does screen size matter?
+Dianne Estock-Annen To be fair, only early batches of Primes had serious GPS issues. The later batches are much better in locking in a signal.
Gawd, more of the same and just as lame....GO SAMSUNG!!
+Grace F Hate to disagree with you but I am afraid I have proof of schools removing apple products in droves. I am a CTO for a large IT consulting company and we just removed 4,000+ apple products (mac desktops, laptops, tablets and iphone's) from the San Diego Unified School District under the instruction of Bill Kowba, Superintendent of Schools and John Lee Evans, President of the San Diego Board of Education. Reasons given are budget shortfall, lack of enterprise support, too expensive to buy and support. We are in negotiations with the Los Angeles Unified School District to remove all of their district mac's and iphone's after the success of our company removing them from the SDUSD.

Several posts announcing this below:
you are so right but people are brain washed into thinking apple is god when it comes to electronics... apple is just a greedy corp just like the gov't.. lets release a new ipad and only tweak one or 2 things and sell it for 800 bucks... and then when they buy music or movies from them you can play it on any other device like maybe they have a cheaper mp3 player for the car or what not well they can't use it... at least when i buy music from amazon or of the droid market i can play it on whatever device i have!!
can you send me one at 6717 dulverton drive charlootte nc
264 dpi, 2048x1536 in 10 inches biacthes!
LOL, thanks for the info. I find Apple devices to overblown anyway.
Can I wipe my ass with It ? I'll just buy toilet paper instead-Its cheaper
I am using an ipad2 and won't upgrade to ipad3 because ipad2 suffices my requirement And it's an awesome product.
Nothing to beat apple in their domain area.
Is a high screen resolution on a non high-definition sized display really worth all the hype that has gone on today? This thing is is fatter than the last one and has the same battery life despite the battery being almost twice as big. That's like dating Kate Upton and getting rid of her for some chubby chick at the club. She looks good in the dark with the goggles on, but the next day you're going to be wondering wtf you just did.
you are right just a device. Invest the mony to where more needs money ...
+Merle Reine Apple has always been less than supportive when it comes to stuff like that. They seem to want all the control and to dictate how you are going to use their systems.
Thank you. This is the reason why this country is in shambles. People who can't even afford to pay their car note or other bills are still ready to buy this dumb shit. Sad..
Leo T
Stop hatin' bro!
omg yes ..people can be so blind some times
so true. all it does is make the screen a tiny bit better and then charge you even more to upgrade than the last one
Apple, apple, apple.... (I put my hands on my hips and shake my head)
As far as i've heard its got a better resolution and etc.
Some people would love to show off their newest toy!
no... i dnt agree to u in this point.... coz ipad hav got sumthin in's a style statement nd a status symbol... u'r nt wasting u'r money if u'r buying this much hyped device which alters u'r life completely...ipad is completely worth everything........
Bye bye apple. Android army is here to take over ;)
sorry i fell asleep did i miss something special ????
Apple created an entirely new consumer electronics market releasing the iPad, all these other manufacturers rushed to try and compete and none of them do, not even close, might be pricey for some, but consider the quality of the product you get, which none of the other tablets come close to. Just about every year, Apple re-releases it with whatever upgrades, hmm doesn't EVERY electronics company do this? Re-release products with upgraded features?? For some reason, If it isnt a completely new groundbreaking feature everybody pisses & moans. Apple never markets that you need this new product and you better upgrade, but the fact that people do, just goes to show that they in fact have a great product that they are damn good at marketing. Give credit where credit is due and stop whining about it cause you cant afford one.
Paul V
But this one goes to 11.
That's why this country is so awesome! We can all decide what we want to do with our money. Who the hell are you to tell people what they should do with their money. The economy may still be in the shitter for some, but it's picked up for a lot of people. I respect the fact that you have a right to say what you want. But you come across as a pompous ass. I would suspect that your intentions are genuine. But when you almost demand that people do what you think is best, it's just very obvious that you're either 1. anti- apple 2. Envious of those in better financial circumstances or 3. Just need something to bitch about.

I've been guilty of all three, including this rant. I'm being kind of an ass as well. But again. That's why this country is so awesome. We can what ever is on our mind.

"O'doyal rules!"
I still use my iPad-1 every day, runs like a beast still. Not a single problem processing information from safari, apps, email, music, or movies. 
I agree. When people say "look what I have", then I say "great! and I still have $499."
+Ambra Vanderpool Initial reviews are in and it is not "10 times faster". It has a dual core cpu with quad core gpu. The graphics may be faster but load times and functionality are not increased at all. Several reviewers said that the apps take so long to load that they gave up waiting. Scrolling speed is the same, apps run the same. It may play games faster due to the gpu but from what I have read so far, the Samsung and asus tablets are still much faster at real world things such as loading apps, running apps, etc. So...nice try.

Review here:

Tegra 3 quad core cpu with 12 core gpu beats the A5x hands down:

"Checking Out the Hardware
The new A5X processor improves graphics speed, but Apple didn't say anything about improving overall processing speed. Scrolling was super-quick in the Web browser, and images zoomed smoothly in the browser and iPhoto. But I was disappointed to see how long some apps took to load; Autodesk Sketchbook Ink took so long that I gave up, for instance. ",2817,2401270,00.asp

Wired just reviewed it and I quote "it feels like the same old ipad, nothing new to report". Apple is past their prime and not coming out with any new products. Wired said the cpu does not seem any faster that the old ipad 2.
what the hell post is this.., why the heck this useless piece is appearing on my profile?
This spot on! I hate this hype! Seems to me all that counts is to have it and not what it's good for or if it has any use, as long as that little apple logo is on it it's great and needs to be bought and cost is not an issue. Well done Apple great marketing to have brought up bunch of mindless buyers.
I love how the Apple fanboys are coming in here to play white knight without comprehending what they (presumably) just read. He's not saying anything bad about Apple or their products, or even the people that buy them. He's criticizing the mindset that frenzies over minor upgrades and wastes huge wads of cash that were needed elsewhere. The iPad is just one obvious example.

I personally do believe that Apple's products and contributions to technology are grossly overhyped and exaggerated, but that's not the point of what Peter was saying.
He's gotta point. Better screen, and better camera. I don't use my iPad 2 enough to justify the expense. It looks great though.
the thing is, I don't hanve one yet
iCrap products are only used by technologically disabled people.
Zzzz.... another piece of overpriced Apple iShit. Guess what? I won't own any of it. I hate Apple's UI, it's dumbed down to the point of annoyance. Anything that comes with as much advertising hype and fanboy BS as Apple pushes is crap that the gullible have been convinced is "cool" and "cutting edge". Fancy assed phones and dumb "angry birds" or "**vile" type apps (whether Apple or Google) are overpriced and overhyped. Walking around with a stack of expensive Apple gadgets? It tells me you are a sucker for advertisement with more money than brains, or an Apple employee who has drunk the koolaide.
If Apple products are so perfect, how come Apple fanboys are always in such a hurry to dump the old one and get the new one, as soon as it comes out?

$500 wasted for 1 extra feature WTF
I'm not enough to buy the cheapest product of Apple! :D saving money to marry.
lol - saving money to marry is like fighting for peace.

Seriously though, what's everyone's problem with Apple selling a premium product for a premium price? If you don't want one, don't buy one, FFS. The fact you're all ranting about it really hints that you're merely jealous of those people who can afford this kind of product as part of their disposable income and still have a pocket full of money afterwards. Get over it!
Looks like even apple is suffering from the loss of jobs ;)
excellent suggestion, why swander resourses like that?
$130 32 GB hp touchpad running cm9 best tablet and best bang for your buck
This New iPad is not the best. The next one after this one will be the best.... and so on, if you know what I mean. Apple will keep taking your money because they know you will want every new one they bring out. So why was the iPad 2 the best, until this new release. iPad users are trying to impress every one at their own expense. What a trend!
I keep seeing ppl talk about the retina display and compare the iphone with the same tech (haven't seen the new ipad in person yet) next to any samsung phone and you'll ask yourself "wtf, why would I want this more expensive product when I can have something better?" Hands down samsung has the best displays out there with asus in a close second
Gracy M
Well I used both Apple iPod And Android phone. I still like Apple. Samsung other brand price is very close to Apple, but design is less..
Remember, we're talking about the U.S. market. If you don't have an iPod but your house and credit is perfect, you're an odd ball who won't fit in society. So fear your next visit to Starbucks when you suddenly can't remember how to switch on the coffee machine at home and will be late to work due to morning traffic making your 1.5 mile trip to the office hell for the next 2 hrs in the car after having woken up 3 hours earlier to try and beat the rush. I know it's an exaggeration but there are a lot of ways ppl could cut expenditures to help save more important investments, like your house.
Same old design, no storage upgrade, a new screen, instead if email and Web pages loading in 7 seconds they load in 3,wow... Why would I buy this again, a waste of money on Apple's part. They should have skipped this year and released a real ipad next year!
This is why sometimes I think it would be a lot better for people to be taxed in only one way. Through purchases. Instead of all this complicated bull every year have, one, reasonably high tax on all products. When the wealthy waste on the newest and buy the most products, they end up providing an equal share of the nations taxes. They will never stop buying, as for the lower income families, they will be forced to become wiser consumers, in turn providing their share of taxes through the purchased good but never, or at least thinking through their purchases, instead of dropping down credit cards for unnecessary stuff.
i dont have an idevice, and i dont want one. i would rather have technology that is compatible with multiple formats. what a shame that a person cant feel content unless they own the newest most expensive item.
The retina display is an upgrade enough to buy the new iPad. You guys are fucking idiots. I couldn't find 33 people that want a Kindle Fire if I walked around Amazon's headquarters!
The taxman comes in April, Apple comes in March to collect their yearly contribution.
good suggestion but how can we come to the realization of that
i pray and wish we save than luxury.
Wish u "HAPPY HOLI " (festival of color in India) to all of u guys.
Fully agree! I have the iPad 1 and it perfectly does what it needs to do. Sure the last version has better specs, but these are definitely "nice to have" rather than "must to have". Having said that, one can do whatever he/she wants to do with his/her money...
Heck, I'd spent my money on a Kindle fire
Gracy M
+Sam Palahnuk- I just read a article about why Apple manufactured in China. While US government want eliminated such repetitive simple job by human, Chinese government like/need this job to secure its young labour market. With big population, every year China has big young labour force into job market. The goal of the goverment is to provide job to young force. Though pay is low, with low social benefit, it's better than nothing. Young people with no job is more concern to the stability of the society. So really u cannot say they are victim ...
After using ICS, I don't want to use any other OS for tablets and phones even if the Apple hardware is currently awesome. * waiting for new challenger tablets from Samsung and Asus *
The high resolution is a good enough reason to upgrade ;-) An android is a waste of money - you can only arange the homescreen and swap SD-Cards lol
I don't have an iPad. I have an Eee Pad Transformer with a keyboard dock. I am interested in seeing the display and that's it. I'll definitely check out the display later this month at the store. In any case, I'm happy with my current tablet and have no plans to upgrade it in the near future.
Anyone else equate apple to republicans? Does not play well with others check, more concerend with branding than innovation check, have people convinced they have a superior product when clearly they don't.....yep I think I have found a pattern.
If you are dumb enough to go to church and put bibles on it, this is surely what you need.
If this iPad will do what the other iPads do then I most definitely have to have one!
Apple is a great leader in opening lost product segments, but in my opinion their "price skimming" tactics is too aggressive. Its their key to success but also its digging their own grave. Economics and history proves this to be true even though shareholders now will deny this. Adjusting for likely near term inflation, can the iPad continue to sell for $499? How about iPhones with $100 differences between 16GB & 32GB models? Can this business model really be sustainable? I hope so for Apples sake.

I respect Apple & their transparent company philosophy. But being a tech leader and a trend setter now only means they have every reason to worry about falling from that position they hold unless they can mature as a company. I've been fortunate to be "gifted" an iPad 2 & iPhone 4 thru my work, so I can't imagine the value it would hold to somebody who had to actually pay for it. Its a social class status icon & you really have to be the type of person who is impressed easily to best enjoy products like these. I am not unfortunately.

Common sense tells me consumer tech products get smaller, faster, cheaper & easier.
I don't expect Apple to do anything different than that, common sense products. You could say Apple products makes people WANT it more than they NEED it. Example, ask anybody who's had an iPod & how long they waited before they got another one. The likely answer is either they had it long enough to where they don't use it anymore OR they simply go thru one every other year only to find there's nothing really wrong with their old iPod they just gave/sold it to somebody else. Sound familiar, yes? Apple isn't a one-hit wonder but they sure act like it every year...

So what would impress a guy like me? If Apple is the "amazing" company it claims, make a tech product that isn't sold to unexpected consumers, but given/shared to better the world. I'm not talking about Webkit browsers and licensing patents on computer ports. No that's too easy for a rich talented corporation. I'm talking about researching & discovering our universe & privatization of space travel. Or global online "wiki" university for learning languages, healthcare, & free trade "craigslist" market. Why are all the non-profits organizations in this world doing the most meaningful things for people?
Its the "bigger picture" that I get.

A "new" iPad is so boring compared to what Apple could be doing with all their resources.
Itunes & App stores are just proprietary creative markets sucking you into more capitalism (ebay, Amazon, etc). Its not a bad thing but in the long run, its nothing new. And I'm not even the tree hugger type.

So the next time Apple comes out with another shiny product, or any infomercial product claiming to change the world remember to yawn & walk away.
how da hell this post get into my gmail?
+Andy Hemp My thoughts exactly, until Win8 tablets come out that can be docked with a keyboard to give you a full blown OS - these are nothing but browsing toys.
Nice propaganda google. No coincidence that this appeared in my inbox.
Cool, I was +'er #1000! iPads are very over-rated. Glad if you got one, assuming you actually use it.
Liz, Who is your phone carrier through? I never even realized Sams had something like this! I'm ready for a new phone myself.
But.. BUT... I won;t get to update my facebook status to say "I GOT THE NEW IPAD!" unless I buy the new iPad!!!! </sarcasm>
+Kasser Riaz I agree, having the latest build of Windows 8 on my laptop and seeing videos of it running on tablets shows you where MS is heading. Dislike MS and Apple because of there open source stance which is never going to change (well, MS did make Kinect open source). But I dislike Apple more due to their closed software AND hardware business model. Think of all the amazing things that people could do if they had access to MS's and Apple's source code and yes, I know that's a pipe dream but would be awesome to see. Google, in my opinion, has been heading down the right road for the most part. Linux will always be Linux.
HeeeeFFFF, can't get enough of that, put on my manpad, elbowpads and kneepads but suddenly, I took an arrow to the knee.
Tell that to Samsung and HTC :p
Sounds like this was written by someone who missed the launch yesterday. The New iPad is a quad core with 4G connectivity a retina display, speech to text dictation, upgraded cameras, extended battery life and new apps.
+Peter G McDermott I don't have one; and wont be getting one. But there are plenty of reasons why someone with an iPad already, especially the 1st generation, would like the newest one.
Living in London, soon to get 4G LTE, having an upgraded screen and a hard-core internet connection; this new model offers quite a lot to those that need it.
For the casual gamer; the A5x chipset uses the same (give or take a few MHz) GPU as the new Playstation Vita.
Considering, in the UK, you can trade in your iPad 2 for quite a bit (because there are a fair few people looking to get a cheaper 2nd hand one in the wake of the new model) the cost of owning a new one (all your apps are already paid for) becomes less than buying a competitor's new model.

That's just my little input; I don't and won't own one; but I have seriously considerd it (was so tempted to write Siri-ously)...
I did get the previous model for my (getting elderly) mother to replace a PC that broke. The fact I didn't have to show her for more than 10 minutes how it worked; and for almost 10 months or so she's been using it and doing things she'd never dreamed/dared to do on a PC; I think they have their market.
GULP ! those prices , egads ! it looks like awesome, BUT still looks like a computer doing the same stuff that I don't need like
i-movie, i-photo; garageband , you know. i have a Nook Color e-reader and also have a new MINI - MAC to go with the ViewSonic
monitor display. SO i am satisfied !
Wait a month or two, there will be more choices with equal or better functionalities at much better prices. Like you, I am baffled by all this all-things Apple and its i-gadgets.
Don't bring up speech to text dictation, please, that is not new, well maybe new to IPad users, been using voice to text on Android for well over three years now and it works great. This is simply a better display (and at 10.1"s we will see how much that matters) and a much faster processor. That's it. We will see what programmers can do with the SDK's provided by Apple, honestly, the processing speed will only come in handy for video/picture editing and games, that's pretty much it. Still have my doubts on Apple's claim that it's twice as fast as the Nvidia Tegra3 but we shall see. Apple needs to bump up it's space requirements on their store like Google did now allowing up to 4GB apps (which will probably mostly be used for games).
I agree.. where's the pressure sensitive screen.. stylus or something?. That's the only thing why I could have purchased one of those.. Designers may understand me (even with my bad English)
Regardless of the savings you are promoting stop allthe cussin PLEASE we Christians don't think you have to talk vulgar to get a point across!!!!!!
Apple has created a defacto elitist culture with their marketing plans. A friend of mine has totally brought into it's deception. He was ranting and raving about his iphone 4 s, then I pulled out my Google Nexus and compared my virtual assistant against Siri. Needless to say, he quickly put his iphone in his pocket and left me with the tab! It seems that every other function asked of Siri, had a stock reply..."I'm not allowed to do that."
exactly! the way apple packages its products is a SIN! its like u cant live without it
Right on gentlemen. And given Apple's questionable ethics, obscene profits and the loss of their key innovator, I'd be selling my stock. Open source is the future.
one correction, the new iPAD costs the same as the "old" one! If you don't want one ... don't buy one ... if people want to buy some ; let them!
+Karl-Eric Devaux the cheapest I have seen is $399.

+Matt Harrelson They still do not support Flash. My guess is that you have a minimum of 5 years before that happens. Either something better will come along, or Apple will feel that enough people have forgotten about Jobs saying saying Flash on mobile devices was bad. Apple doesn't admit to being wrong.
All good points! People can't afford to pay their bills but somehow they can find a way to go out and buy crap like this. For what? Just amazes me how people are sucked in by all the marketing hype that goes on. One thing companies like Apple are really good's manipulating people in to adjusting their financial priorities making them think that it's more important for them and their kids to have these things than it is to oh say buy groceries, pay their bills and taxes...etc. People need to start thinking more practically, in my opinion!
Why doesn't Apple make cars? They can keep there yearly upgrade mentally with out looking ridiculous
+Martin Karadzinov Eventually yes. Been hearing it for 3 years now. Still getting updates on my phone though.

Currently it is still being used. Even after Adobe quits updating Flash on mobile devices, there will be people that are allowed to continue to develop it.

I see no good reason to exclude it.
I've also heard that... it's thicker /shock!
Preach on brother. Classic apple marketing: make small insignificant changes, bill it as another revolutionary device. Looks like the majority of the populous are marketing suckers and drank the cool-aid. Icloud? Android had it first. Dual core processor, Android again. Notification bar, stolen from Android. Apple is too proprietary. Their customers are elitist. Price fixing their products to gouge customers and vendors to make explosive profits only to sue other companies for technologies they didn't create.
Don't buy into the hype. My Samsung Android powered cellphone has a more powerful back camera than this new pad has and that's just the beginning. Same with the Samsung tablet. Both items are way less expensive and running apps that Apple could only dream of.
+Robert Allen Bring on the haterade. I agree that there is more hype than major advances to this iPad, and Apple has a history of making a lot of hoopla over product releases that don't always warrant it. The rest of your comment, though... meh. Among other things, it's "Kool-Aid" - unless you were making a pun on "cool" and "Kool-Aid" in which case kudos - and your probably meant population or populace rather than "populous," which is an adjective not a noun And not all their customers are elitist - and that comment seems a bit rich coming in a post that reeks of an aggrieved sense of superiority, and which dismisses the majority of the "populous" as suckers - almost a textbook example of elitism.

You're certainly right though about their pricing strategies. Oddly, they work. Customers will pay a premium. Partly it's a disconnect between marketing and reality - a disconnect that Reagan used to such stunning advantage in the political realm and which has since been a defining feature of the political process in this country.

As for patent lawsuits, they've become such a commonplace in the tech sector that it is really becoming a drag. Apple does it fairly aggressively, but they are by no means the only company that sometimes seems more concerned with patent trolling than technological innovation.

The iPad is a triumph of consumer marketing. And just like the iPhone it has been a real game changer? Are their other great tablets out there? Yes. Did this release merit the amount of hoopla and publicity it's received? No. Is the new display awesome? Yes. Is the iPad a serious tool or just a toy? Mostly toy right now, but it will rapidly become a tool - and Apple will make money hand over fist with it. In part because of their increasingly aggressively closed ecosystem, to which I think we all object.
I don't have an iPad. I'm not excited.

Never have, nor ever will buy into the Apple hype machine.
Gracy M
People stop telling what others to buy. It's a free market, people have their own choice of what to buy, how to spend. People pay extra for Apple's unique design and excellence. If you don't like it, you got plenty other choices, you don't need tell others it's bad as there are many there don't agree with you. You r not necessary right just because your voice is loud and be heard. Hope this post ends some where.
My grandad used to say it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I expect you must still have a 386 running DOS.
Nancy D
I won't ever buy an iphone either!
I agree wholeheartedly. What people don't get is that finding joy in the newest "thing" has far reaching effects on our society. There's a reason America isn't on the top of the list as far as happiest countries (see the movie "Happy") and this insatiable consumerist behavior is partly to blame.
we need for speed............................. yaaaaaaaaaa
I have been asking that question for quite a time least two or 3 years...HOW the hell are people able to continually upgrade into the high-end gadgets and phones when no one has a job, no one is saving for retirement, don't have insurance, ad infinitum? The very thought going through my mind when I heard the newest iPad was ready for release was: Didn't the previous one come out like six months ago? I theorize that corporate GREED has gotten the best of Apple. For the price of these up-to-the-minute hyped-up things one might expect that it should be able to make coffee and dog-walk your pooch! Whenever Microsoft unveils a new OS, I feel angry about the 'last one' they put out (always the one I am using) and the fact that their OS' come to us flawed, bugged, and glitched up...for the price they get for OS programs one would think that they could get one RIGHT before it is put on the market! Now things are updated in too close a time frame, seemingly outdating or making the previous things obsolete---so, if that is the case, WHY are they commanding such big prices? Americans should be asking these makers why they are so compelled to keep sending badly needed jobs to foreign countries. Is there no 'good-will' toward the very people who consume the products made by Apple, and others?
A very good analysis. Alas, not many people seem to think this way.
I guess that the fast succession of versions is deliberate on the part of developers/suppliers to keep people buying and the market humming. 
Sad part is, there are people who will think that its a revolutionary device. just because its apple and its new and expensive
Aren't they just a huge iPhone....without the phone?
it's funny what a discontinued Touchpad for $250 and rooting it can do.....hahahahahaha only those with it know the joke. Thanks saving me a couple of hundred dollars Cyanogen. CM9Alpha2.
All these multi core phones and tablets are really cool. But as a serious techy I am still not convinced of how awesome it is until we see software actually take advantage of it. Stuff is still catching up to dual core on these things.
The opening comment did not have to be worded the way it was.
Other family members look at the same media that are much younger.
Have respect for your readers who might not use the same type of vocabulary.
Thanks for your time
I have an asus transformer prime n i think its way better than any ipad or tablet
If you already own a iPad 2, don't buy this one, donate it to school.
Or donate your old iPad 2 to school and get the "The new iPad".
you don't need to
be talking in that kind of language sir.....
To all those people who are down on him for saying "shit": Get a life. Seriously, I realize that you might not say shit if you had a mouthful, but there's nothing obscene or profane about it. Furthermore, G+ is for over 18 people. So if you can't deal with the language, don't read the post, or even GTFO. You aren't as delicate as you think you are, and your faux outrage is both laughable and nauseating. I hear worse from grade school kids. So +stephanie rood, and all the other whiners, get over yourselves, "that kind of language" is perfectly normal for adults who live in the real world. If you don't like it, make your own sanitized hangout, and enjoy the emptiness. Shit is just that, shit. And you people are spewing bull shit.
+Mark Barnett No Mark. What it hints at is that some of us get disgusted at certain types of consumerism, some get annoyed by frantic brand loyalists trying to shove products we don't want down our throats, and that huge amounts of both tend to piss people off.

But maybe repeated comments about "premium" products and how others supposedly just don't want to pay extra for excellence suggest that the point of loving Apple so much is nothing more than having something to gloat over. If that's not true, then folks might want to stop gloating. A product is a product.
Gracy M
Please don't shit here. Go home to shit.
+Grace F go back and read the title of this post. It was never a pro Apple post to begin with. By that, you are the one "shit"ing.
A Loh
Really don't see the need to upgrade to iPad3. My Toshiba Thrive is suffice.
The upside about the New IPAD is that the old IPAD 2 is dropping in price.
+Grace F do you work for Apple? Lol you sure are pushing it hard. You're Steve Jobs in a dress.
I agree totally, but really, you're just now figuring this out?
Not interested at all. Waste of money. Duh! o:)
you're right in some sort but u can't tell ppl what to do with their money i mean everyone is free , besides the company is working hard to increase their products and creat a "new generation of technology".
i agree with what u r say-
ing. y wld people want to
buy something expensive,
if #1 thy don't have money
to spare #2 there is no proof it is a better product?
just wondering were this world is going