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Here's Your Chance to Get in a Massive Shared Circle

As the months go by, I'm realizing that some of the people that I have circled haven't been posting as much, and some of the original content creators haven't been creating as much content.

With the success of my first "anything goes" shared circle, I wanted to take another crack at it, but this time with a twist. To become a member of the shared circle, you must leave a comment with the URL to your best original content. Once we have 250 comments with URL's, I will pile everyone into a circle, write a blog post highlighting all of the hyperlinks and share away.

To help get the word out, please ensure your disable comments and direct your followers to this original post to ensure that they are included in the circle share once we reach 250 comments. I can't wait to see what we come up with!

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+Sean Archer Nowhere did I indicate that it had to be a +Google+ post or URL, but I find it intriguing that everyone chose to link to content they posted here on Google+!
I just usually post to my heart's content....but am mostly a "commenter" I am looking forward to your circle +Peter G McDermott . Great idea. :-)
Obviously this was a good idea Peter b/c I didn't realize +Sean Archer was on G+ (even though he was following me...damn I miss so many notifications)
+Bearman Cartoons Did we meet at a con? Sounds almost like you're chastising yourself for not knowing I was here. I know I miss folks that follow me too. Unless they're commenting, I miss them.
No but I try to keep up with the webcomic people in my stream.  And I think we ran across each other in the forums (when I was a part of that) as you were sharing how you developed your milo toys.
right on. I knew I'd seen your stuff before G+ too, but wasn't sure if we'd connected or not. I think I need to cancel my subscription to that site. Not getting enough out of it to merit keeping it, I think. Nothing wrong with the site, just not worth the expenditure at this point I think.
I dont know how to find my most commented one. I #fail  :( 
(Of course, best content doesn't mean most "engaged," but you can start from there...)
+Melody Lynn you are always so kind. Thanks for thinking of me. What a privilege to be mentioned by you and in that group of contributors. Thanks so much.

+Peter G McDermott I would indeed appreciate being in the circle. I have been moving across the country for the last month and have started a new job. As a result my normal frequency has been off a bit but is ramping back up.

Here is a link to my most recent post:

and the link to my posting archive for your review:

Let me know what you think



PS - I would also encourage you to take a look at my about page. I have an odd background and share on a great many topics including photography.
+Douglas E Rice Thanks for including your content! We need at least another 220 replies to get this circle started. Anyone have ideas on how to get this going full boar?
I look at his as my best content because it is nearly all of my content. Musical Content anyway: Most every studio-recorded tune all on one record called "Everything."

Turns-out that sometimes, people don't like to have too many choices. ;-)
Same problem as +Dede Craig King 99% of my posts are originals. I rarely copy and paste or linkdump. As interaction is important for me they need to invite engagement. Two posts spring to mind:
My take on G+ photography and the importance of follower counts original, an important topic, against the groupthink and the start of an excellent debate
and a non Google related post: which seems relevant to the subject of creation and it shows my attempts to cover technical subjects in a readable style:
Microsoft Surface is a Revolution shifting from Consumption to Creation
Most of my posts are original content. I currently do a Picture-A-Day (PAD) Project, and have been for 1,130 days (so far), and I post at least one original photo each day, if not more. I also don't just take pictures around my house, but try to go and find a photo out in the world every day. Along with the photo I share something about it, or about my day (or both).
Here's just one example:
+Max Huijgen yeah... appreciate it buddy... on another note, I found our convo - I'll ping you later
Here is a piece of art, I am not sure if it is what you are looking for, it is not popular it only has 3 +1s and 1 share but it is original art:
Here also is a post about censorship:
Finally here is a poem of mine:

What exactly do you mean by "original"? Do you mean it must only be published on G+?
For a different type of content - web plugin. (Yes, G+ related too!) :)

According to CircleCount, it seems my 'top post' ends up being this one, instead of the long environmental rant before this post topped it.

Also: No, I don't post plugins every day. Development takes more time than writing articles, so a new plugin a day in 'original content' is unreasonable.
I occasionally post commentary on music, cognition and affect. I play and teach guitar, and collaborate with students, artists, performers and researchers using shared narrative, images, and music. I am interested in the psychology of spatial location, wayfinding and pattern recognition.
My most popular G+ content post was my rant about how Google markets G+:

My most popular original content overall tends to be "how to" pieces about using Google+ and Google Authorship. Here are my two most popular:

How to Get Your Author Photo in Google Search Results:

How to Verify Your Google Plus Brand Page with Google:
I write on a huge variety of topics and take the best shots I can with an old camera
Village Life
American Idol
Random stuff
Some of the most popular photos at
Also books and poetry but that's enough for now!
I write about many things and much of what I do is original content.  I don't know if that is my best post by any means, but it is one of my most recent posts with original content. 

For best post?  Either my post about Why Beans made me cry in my car today -
or my post about gun control -

Both of those posts sparked great discussions and were shared and started great conversations on other streams.
That's why I am on google+, mostly to publish original content, haIku, stories and paintings.
Hi, +Peter G McDermott.  I would love to included in this because it highlights the skills of writers/thinkers/ponderers, which isn't often the case here.  The below is a link to The Google+ Freedom Cocktail, which significantly changed things for me on G+ and introduced me to the more global community that G+ is, for which I am ever grateful.  (Sometimes linking has been weird lately, so tell me if this leads to the right place for you).

Thanks so much for the opportunity Peter...
You are a lunatic +Matthew Graybosch (and a big fat liar)...but I love you anyway.  I just shared this on my Circles. How cool that even more people will now know about Starbreaker (haven't had time to make sure you gave Peter a link.  You'd better have or I'm coming after you!)
Really interesting idea :) For me.. well, I am mostly commenting news and ideas or creating short funny picture parodies - but mostly in czech language (for my primary audience).

As far as "creativity" go, I am sometimes experimenting with 2D and 3D graphics and animations. I personally like, for example, Fujitsu Accessories, my experiment with Fujitsu logo:

Most popular so far is Happy Birthday animation I shared on YouTube on 2007 that has more than 800.000 views:

And as a hobby, I am taking photos. Recently, I quite like the Instagram (it's just a pity we can't share it on G+ automaticaly like on Facebook and Twitter):
+Marie Hélène Visconti, I'm a little stuck after weeks of steady progress. I'm on Chapter 16/22 with Without Bloodshed, the current chapter being "The Violence Inherent in the System". The story up to this point requires that this chapter work out differently from my original plans, and I'm a bit burned out because we're up against some deadlines at the day job.
+Giselle Minoli, I haven't plugged +Starbreaker in this thread yet; instead, I posted a link to a rant I posted here back in June after David Brooks wrote for the New York Times about how we mere humans should show greater reverence to our authority figures. Never mind that the only two Caesars to ever get their rightful due were Gaius Julius and Caligula...
Yes, In fact +Sophie Wrobel You are now at the top of the liar list!
But thank are sweet...I am SURE you are participating in this are you not?

+Matthew Graybosch I think that's a great thing to post.  All roads lead to Starbreaker in the end anyway, so what does it matter?
I actually finally dared to post to +pocketpoems .. but the owner was banned or locked out of G+ for pornography and my post ist not there any more. A suggestion :  Someone that is provocative, no question, and also stimulates alot of original and creative posts : +Moan RedShoe and previously #moanlisasartakademie  
My doing is generally RL: using paint, clay, putting together earings, making things for my friends, and havent taken pictures to post.
+Sophie Wrobel, +Giselle Minoli's calling me a liar about the "better writer" part. I'm pretty good, considering that I'm actually a cat, but I'm entirely too prone to having unnamed characters say things like, "Yeah, Rubicante's in that conference room down the hallway talking with the other gang bosses about how a couple thousand of us are going to fight off a few hundred thousand of them. Somebody ought to remind him of how things worked out for the fuckin' Spartans."

Also, you can use +Starbreaker as the foundation for a drinking game. As soon as I identify a rifle as a Kalashnikov, you take a shot of vodka and pass the book to your right. :)
Well, +Giselle Minoli, I don't want to be spammy about it. I understand the need for self-promotion, but it's easy enough to leap across the line unaided; I, however, tend to build a ramp leading to the line so I can jump it astride a motorcycle stolen from the Knievel estate.
I don't know what my "best" original content might be. I post photos, an occasional poem, or visual poetry project, those feel like my "best" work, but I don't think they're what you're looking for. I post a bit of nonsense at times, those aren't "best," although they are the most popular somehow. I do post a lot of information about writing for my fellow word-nerds, but those are usually shares of information I'm researching combined with some discussion. I guess I don't know what is meant by "original" anymore. Here's my sub:
Slightly offtopic: And now that there are more than 100 comments on this post, thus triggering the no notifications after 100 comments limit , this discussion will sadly dry out unless you monitor it manually. That's a Google imposed slap-on-the-face of all content creators!
+Giselle Minoli Ha, ha! But, now that I have your attention, I had a strange craving yesterday for good contemporary poetry contemplating the downfalls of <fill in aspect of society>. Any suggestions?

/cc +Rod Dunne  who probably would also want to show off on this thread. ;)
The top 3 posts according to CC:
1) In which shared circles are you? A killer new feature by the CircleCount folks (Maybe a coincidence it is a post about CC? :-) 
2) How the Suggested Users List is skewing follower distributions
3) A collaborative effort on how to improve Google+
Some things I tend to post on are primarily technology related, Google (in a positive light) and Apple (in a negative light) especially. I do reshare quite a few things, but usually I'm trying to discuss them at set of a conversation more off my post then the item I am sharing. I generally only share with a personal view on the matter.

So, I'm not sure if I re-share too much to qualify, but I do try pretty hard to start discussions on their own. Here's a few fairly recent ones:

Here's some topics I've posted on
Wow. How many of us are seeing wonderful content that we would have otherwise missed? 
+Peter G McDermott 

Hello Peter,

My name is BarbaraAnne, and I run a hair comb blog. It's a community of scholars. You can see it here:

The blog is really about world history.

We also have some prize winning modern artists:

Thank you for your consideration.

Thanks for the holler +Rahul Roy ! :-)

I post 70% about Google+ so I'm still stuck in the meta-talk in a way, but for newcomers and old hands alike. The more demanding stuff is found on my personal profile.

My most popular post from my page +Google+ Help (Unofficial) :
10 ways how to thrive on Google+

My most popular original content (not the same as most popular):
What to share in Google+

I like to share good stuff on my profile and pages, but write quite a lot or original posts too: Also in Finnish, same as my blog.
+Peter G McDermott here is a link to my 'updated' post which I shared on one of my 'Pages', I personally wrote it, but posted it on the Page: (G+ basic tips and Etiquette... aka How To Interact well on Google Plus)
I post on the personal challenges of life's ups and downs, education, technology, arts/photography/dance.  Samples from The Poor Hungry Debtor: Portrait of a PhD Musings of recreating a career midlife amidst a challenging economy - Poetry isn't usually my go-to genre, but these two topics seemed to resonate with folks (Food Stamps and Unemployment):
Reflections on Rejections
And these lighter bits: Dear Diary: The first ten days of G+ :
The Infamous Sunset Belcher (The killer kat):
Interestingly, my best writing is either in comment sections or my mostly "slice of live" pensive essays under photos. Thanks for organizing this circle, +Peter G McDermott And thank you +Giselle Minoli for resharing and alerting us to this.
I have a problem: I (often) link to my blog - does that count as "original contents" too??
And I can't really just limit myself to one "great" post I had, as some are photos, others are about my art and yet others again about writings I do.
But I do post rather regularly (some days more, some days less depending on my time and ideas). New circles will get a wrong idea of my kind of posts if I only choose one - I have been called a "multi-talented" and "multi-faceted" person here
I actually find that the people who post the most original, interesting and thought provoking content are generally very low key: they don’t blow their own trumpets, they’re never in the ‘awesome’/.’engaging/’ circles . I hate singling people out (it’s hurtful as others are left out) but I’ll just suggest  +Adam Tinworth , one hidden gem. I follow the most amazing people and my circles are public. Do take a look!
You are an amazing person +Eileen O'Duffy.  I vote for each of us deciding how to "do it" in a way that is authentic for each of us.

I've just circled +Adam Tinworth.  Greetings, Adam...
PS To be honest, I don’t really buy this ‘post original ‘stiff. We have an expression in Ireland: “The best hurler is the hurler on the ditch”. i.e. he who knows nothing always has an opinion. I get a\ bit frustrated when I read ‘original’ and pontificating posts by people who really don’t know what they’re talking about. I prefer to select my ‘experts’ e.g. if it’s about the economy I’ll select a reputable economist and share their post rather than offer my own tuppenceworth.
+Eileen O'Duffy I know what you mean but that is not the way I interpret "original."  Each to their own but to me it is an article I write on something that matters to me about which I have thought, not necessarily having anything to do with expertise.  It's inspiration could be a story, an article, an event, something personal...but it is (to me) not a reshare or a one-liner comment.  So maybe it's a matter of interpretation?  And culture?
I’m not talking about people like you at all +Giselle Minoli, you are one of my experts albeit not so hidden! 
My but I don't consider myself an expert on anything.  Merely an observer in life...
Can't wait to add this circle.  I've been clicking on the links to posts and wow.  Good stuff, people.
I am new to all of this, but have found G+ to be fascinating. 
Interview with InD'Tale Magazines own TJ MacKay, Tammy Grant, and Melody Prat. A look into what InD'Tale is all about.

Indie Authors #22, InD'tale Magazine Reviews
Keep it coming guys! We're getting up there but the target is 250!
Aww +Giselle Minoli thanks for thinking of me :) this sounds great...I am on mobile now but will try to get back here tomorrow
And we love that you are a content provider (Mrs.) +Amy Gabriel.  And Hello +Shannon Brearley.  So glad you answered the call.  Thank you.  If the two of you think of others who must must must do this would you kindly Ping them in????
Thank you, +Giselle Minoli !  I do love writing... I've reshared for more eyes as well.  - I added some links above to some of my original content, though my "comments" seem to be my most original essays, lol ;-)  Yes - +James Barraford , you should be here.  +James Russell and +Linda Lawrey come to mind as well :)  James - you have some great tech writing and Linda has some of the most comedic family bits I've read.  
Thank you +Giselle Minoli . I am unable to decide which post is best though, they have a clear common theme but many different angles. My short list would be: on a Nāgārjuna-inspired interpretation of the “cypress tree” kōan on the FOUR TASKS of the Noble One
• on karma in relation to individuals who wake up (enlightenment)
• on being Zen but having an opinion
• the double and on free will
• on the painfully-logical explanation on why 'emptiness' is, and is not, a middle way between extremes.
Most of my content consists of posting links to existing stuff, but occasionally I post something new. The bit that I'm probably the most proud of is , in which I discuss my growing pessimism regarding our ability to know... well, anything really. (Fortunately some of the issues I named seem to be on track to fix themselves. Some. Maybe. :-)
Thank you, Giselle... not least for remembering me!  It's been a while since I showed up here (long story, another day) but I'm really looking forward to being here with you soon.  :)

As for 'best original content' I'd rather leave that for others to choose, but here's a page of posts ordered by 'popularity': ... though I doubt there's a strong correlation between quality/originality and popularity. ;)

Thank you again +Giselle Minoli, and +Peter G McDermott and everyone here for creating such wonderful content... and uniquely expressing the creative spirit as you do.
Hello +Nick Smith!  How could I possibly forget you?  You are not a forgettable man.  Today I was lamenting as I cruised my Circles for the first time in a long time how many wonderful people I have come in contact with this past year and how many of them I am not in contact with on a regular basis because it's impossible when one has a full time job, but I REMEMBER THEM ALL.  Because when things are new, that's what happens.  There is a heightened energy to it don't you know?  And people, impressions, ideas, are crisper, brighter, fresher?  It's easy to feel forgotten in the massive stream now.  But I don't forget.  I was an elephant in my last life.
Still need at least 70 more, I'm working on the spreadsheet now to figure out how many we need to reach 250. Keep sharing and keep them coming. Thanks, +Giselle Minoli for volunteering on this!
+Giselle Minoli Thanks so much. You and +Melody Lynn are great. I really appreciate you both sending this my way. I have indeed sent in a link :-) This is an excellent idea and I am flattered to be thought of as a participant.
What makes G+ so special are the people who congregate here to share of themselves and of their passions. I submit here a relatively tiny post, yet one that captures in miniature this dynamic between people which animates so much of what is positive here: I also hope +Laura Gibbs submits one of her gems for this compilation. And thanks for flogging me, +Giselle Minoli, to contribute my token to this endeavor. 
I am nominating +Joe Sylvester for this circle. He writes about Kauai at 1 or 2 times a week from his deeply knowledgeable perspective of the land and the people. He always includes original photography and some original video as well. 

I write about Japan (I was an exec there for 20 years), Kauai (I am now based there), Social Marketing, WordPress, sustainability, food and fitness.

I would love to be included in your shared circle. I fully agree with you that the only useful circles are with people that are currently ACTIVE on G+. I define the threshold for that as having posted in the last one week.

I found this shared circle thanks to the lovely +PJ Ammidon 

I am in the process of launching my own GooglePlus shared circle called #BlogBuddies. It will be smaller than yours.  It was created out of a conversation on +Mack Collier's popular  #BlogChat  twitter chat Sunday night.
+Giselle Minoli Thanks for the invite. I consider myself to be a petty good commentator, but I'm not really much of a poster (original or otherwise).

In fact my very first post is still the longest - by way of comments - that I've ever had. I'm rather reluctant to share it, in light of it being very incendiary. While I believe it to be insightful, it is also incite full. The fact that it exists at all is because of the one and only time I've ever been blocked here on G+.

That it is one of your best friends here, and a person whom I believe would become a good friend of mine had we not disagreed so vehemently, makes it more hard. So, what is this post? Well, it took me 4 days to wrap my head around why I believe what I believe and more important how I know it's right. Be forewarned that it challenges assumptions that some people here may not ready to let go of. The premise is very simple and straight forward. The title is a simple but complex question. Are we born Atheist?

So here it is :

Thanks to +Melody Lynn I had the chance to get to this post. +Peter G McDermott it's an excellent initiative. I won't post a link but I fully support it and I'm having fun following the links people drop in their comments.
I periodically write a in-depth articles about cognition, computation, philosophy, adventure and anything else I think is interesting here:

And then there's my stream of posts on G+, which I invite you to check out!
Aloha and a big Mahalo (Thank you) to +Linda Sherman for the invite, and to everyone who believes that sharing their passion will foster dialogue and understanding I salute you.
I enjoy writing about my island home of Kauai, where I have had the great fortune to live for the past 32 years. My hope is that my posts offer a resource for visitors coming to the island.
I'm active on G+ and also a food blogger, with lots of show-and-tell pictures with stories. This post drives a lot of traffic to the page, and is an original recipe on how to make Mars Bar Frosting:

I use G+ as a micro-blogging platform, particularly focusing on the great stories of those who work in social development in South Africa, particularly in arts and community crafts. 
I have written on climate change, food, population, and environmental policy. They tend to be the posts I care the most about.  I also write about technology and tech policy. I also do experimental music. 

Climate Change and the Global Food Crisis

Demographic-Economic Paradox

Experimental music:
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