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Social Media doesn't have to be rocket science.
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What about Leveraging your Web 2.0 Brand Presence in the Twittersphere? You clearly haven't been properly trained ;)
Great points Peter! Use the G-Force.
+Gabriel Fitzpatrick having a diversified portfolio of social media presence is important, but no one will know you're in the room if you're not engaged in the conversation. :)
I was really kidding lol. I followed a page on (I think?) Twitter for a while that was entirely corporate-style gibberish about Web 2.0 brand image. I'm not sure where he got it, but it was hilarious and I decided to take a stab at his style ;)

Your list is fantastic, incidentally.
11. Always put trivial text into a graphic so it looks more impressive and won't be indexed by search engines.
12. Use hash tags, when appropriate.
you so want on the What's Hot stream ;)
Hoe many followers does it take to get some response? Seems like all my 900 something followers are ghosts. I maybe get 1-2 comments and 2-3 +1´s on posts. Or perhaps my posts are that boring?
You can only fix your content. Don't worry about the rest.
+Tor Ivan Boine It really takes interacting with posts. Another thing that really hopes is +tagging relevant people in your posts by typing + and then their name to include them. They will receive a notification that they were mentioned. Scientists haven't confirmed this, but people LOVE being mentioned in relevant posts.
one thing i would like to say that the stream is so fast, it's impossible to read all posts
Actually I think it´s a proven fact that people, like yourself +Peter McDermott, loves to be mentioned. unless its about something negative :)

But I see the 10 commandments+ as a way to be mentioned. Not followed. I haven´t done much of those tips. And yet I have over 900 followers.

I have no idea why so many people have circled me :)
+Tanveer Akram make a must read circle, a stream that you check once or twice a day with things you want to interact with.
The 10 commandments of Google+? I don't know anything about that.... (shifty eyes)
+Patrick Shampine Thanks, nice idea. I am creating a circle and will add people who share original and meaningful posts
+Tanveer Akram it is called my "hangouts" circle, it is roughly 100 people that are super active, hangout, and post things I generally will +1, comment, or reshare. It check it a few times a day. +Carter Gibson is a flagship member.
+Carter Gibson why not?:) If you want g+ to work for you, there´s your guideline. Same with the old rocky commandments. though they are perhaps a bit outdated hehe

+Peter McDermott hehe good one :)
Who said winning the lottery required buying a ticket?
11. Get a life, seriously..
i do agree.. but as of now i cannot share pictures as i do not have a very nice camera and not a good photographer but its ok to alteast view those that you people post.
I have to give my few cents to that :)

1) Yeah. We hear this everywhere. Look what many big sites are doing. Just writing articles they read somewhere else. And they are going good with it. Doesn't seem to be the important factor. I know lots of blogs and sites that publishes original content and others that just copy&paste are getting the clicks, because they are already having more readers.

2) Meaningful to whom? Also interferes with 10. Write stuff meaningful to you, or to others?

3) Fully agreed!

4) And keep your privacy in mind. Only complete as much as you feel comfortable with.

5) Preferably of cats. Or porn... Seriously, quality not quantity is important imho.

6) Like: "What did you eat today", or "Are you still a virgin?" :)

7) Don't overdo it. It could look like you're very lonely

8) Problem is, the masses need to find you. If you try, you are called a spammer :)

9) ...and discover that half of your contacts can't even speak your own language fluent, or not at all.

10) Now that could be a problem...
why on earth would I want to be followed?
+Lee Walton To widen your audience, for the things you have to say e.g.
People should learn from this guy.
very true indeed,but of course hats off for no# 10
I thought about this and I do not agree to all points:
1. Original contest rules
2. Or share cat content ;-) - a little bit fun or music or beauty will be ok too
3. No, definitely not with everyone...
4. Yes 1000% agree
5. No, lots of random pics? Better some beautiful, funny interesting photos
6. Maybe
7. Reply or +1 them - and comment on interesting post
8. Yes - but it may be broaden your horizons if you explore something new
9. Did'n try
10. No problem :-)
There is a missing 11th rule that I consider more important than all the others: BRING SOME FRIENDS, because G+ is so empty that, despite of your efforts, the probability of someone reading your posts is almost 0.00 XD
+Yván Ricardo Ecarri Gómez or try to meet new people - I know no active user personally, because my family and friends are on Facebook do not use social media at all...
I haven't tried number 9 yet.

+Peter McDermott

Have you written that piece on new users ? If you have, can you give me the link. 
I'm not too keen on being followed...
you say 'be yourself' but you dont tell me how to 'be myself' ... what use is that
or stop caring that you don't have a lot of people "circling" or +'ing you? it's still fun to just keep browsing!
Great 10 points but sometimes not all things are original or meaningful. They just have not been seen by lots of people. Hooray for social networks. Did anyone else see recently "T-Rex hates push ups" and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & his Facebook post (well, send up anyway)? They were just the funniest things I'd seen in ages!!
Why do u want to be followed on google + ?
yes Interaction! but most of all number 10...simple as that.
Sof K
good advice!! :)
*unless yourself is a douchebag, then don't be yourself.
Hey....Can everyone come over to my Google+ when ya can?

I promise to follow the 10 secrets!
+Nina Marr That type of language will definitely limit your audience reach, but I'm sure you'll find your niche very quickly!
A combination of #1 and #5 will quickly get you to the "What's Hot" page.
I am thinking of trying out my webcomics on G+. Rather than get a website right away, I figure I can just build up followers on here and then get a website for them. Good way to test content
+Adrian Storm I totally respect your opinion to think that my post is a pile of crap. I'm not sure where I was quickly condescending, but I'd love to apologize if I personally offended you. Although I know you would like me to shove this list up my you-know-what, I think it has been an effective tool for me and lots of other users.

This list isn't intended for people that aren't seeking to grow their audience, and that was pretty clear by the title of the graphic. So, if you're not looking to extend your reach, I hope you're enjoying trolling the comment thread. Yes, that was quick condescension.
+Michael Oliver M. It's not about popularity, it's about extending your audience. If you're a blogger, YouTuber, or someone that makes their living by creating content, it is important to have a wide audience to support your craft.
That almost sounded like those "tips on how to impress a girl" xD
no offense though :D
the 10th one is the best from them all.
no.10 ! enjoy being true to yourself! The rest is auto...
So how do you find people with similar interests ?
1: I can do. 2: I might be able too 3: I love doing that 4: I can do that
6: ICDT 7: ICDT 8: Done that 9: I need a camera! 10: A loud talkative eccentric cartoonist.

Do you think a cartoonist can use G+ to become popular?

Thanks for this amazing picture, it really helps. :D
If I'm 'myself' I'm usually reading, or playing Warcraft, or writing a story, but in order to get my writing noticed, I find that I must come out of my shell. Not an easy thing for an INTP to do!
joined google+ a few minutes ago.. hope this helps..
true that... so for that being said... anyone doing music or have an interest in music follow me.... and I will follow you....
there are few more that work for me but are controversial :D
ALL ABOARD THE " GOOGLE + ".....train im enjoying riff raff here as yet!....
I'm not looking for more "followers". I'm looking to find more people who share and converse.
Leah G
Hi peter, i'm new to google+ so your information helps out, cheers..
#11 Do not treat this social network as other social networks (FB, Twitter).
Um... who the fuck cares? Once you realize that most of humanity consists of dumbasses (and this is a fact, not an opinion... don't even start), you shouldn't even be concerned with social networking. For those of you still "trying" (and failing miserably) to evolve, please open your eyes to figure out that social networking is just a stupid fad for people with too much time on their hands to talk to other people with too much time on their hands. Another note, making friends isn't about quantity, it's about quality. So for the love of God, stop posting hints on how to make your circles bigger on G+... no one cares (at least no one with a pinch of logic in their soul).
I think that its a really good list of steps to take to become popular on Google+.
I don't understand how to even use this site to begin with
Spot on! I cannot stress these points enough!
The first thing to solve... Who am I?
I think I'll just go with number 10 and continue avoiding being followed at all costs.
+Isabelle Apel One of the easiest ways to find people with similar interests is to use the search box to find posts that include things you like. If you're interested in Apple products, try searching for the latest iPhone and see who is posting about it. If you like knitting, try searching for different knitting terms. Also, as you add people to your circles you can make more specific circles that encompass certain interests of yours. So you could have an "Apple Fan" circle and a "Knitting" circle with people specific to those interests in each of the circles. That way you can also target your audience and share things with the people that care.
yes its true this is great !!!
Who cares about what other people think? :/
The last one is great. Social media seems to make people think they have to be something they're not.
And, that just goes to say if you don't get followers on Google+... well, you didn't try very hard! :) I love Google+!
Addendum; don't directly insult your followers.
No, a popular g+ photographer is, she showed her work in progress photoshop layers, I said "that's cheating" :-P
She said "fuck off loser"
11. do all of this without getting stalked LOL
I've been struggling on here- Thanks for the Tips!
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