My New Life Without Cable TV

As many of you know, tomorrow marks a new chapter in my life. I have parted ways with a lot of the things I have accumulated over the last several years and will be moving closer to downtown Nashville as a single guy in a much smaller space. (I'm moving from a two-story, three bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment.)

In order to help focus on a lot of the projects that I will be investing my time in (+G+ Interviews & +How To Make It Work), I want to cut one of the biggest distractions I currently face, Cable TV. As it turns out, it is a serious expense.

I have found a great deal with the cable company for my first six months of Internet service without having to pay for television. Tonight I agreed to sell my 42" LCD and will only be taking a small 22" Internet-capable television along with my Roku and Blu-ray disc player.

Because so much of the content that I consume is available on-demand, I think I might fair better just paying for what I really want to watch and avoiding all of the other distracting content that I usually consume. The only thing that worries me is the inability to watch a lot of sporting events, but I think I can easily achieve that at a sports bar within walking distance.

Have any of you cut the cord on your cable? Have you had any success? Did you come back after spending months without it? What do you to to make living with cable an improvement upon your lifestyle?

I would love to hear your feedback.
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