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How to Add a Cover Photo to your Profile

Well, you might remember when Facebook released the new “Timeline” feature and users were able to create a new header image for their profile page. Google has embraced the same concept and you can now have a new spiffy background image like mine! Simply go to your profile and click Edit. Then hover over your “Scrapbook Photos” and click “Change Cover Photo.” Choose the template to the left and then select your new image!
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I'm not sure that's spiffy, it looks a lot more like snazzy. what do you folks think?
I wonder if Facebook will scream Trademark theft for cover photo.
yeah couldn't they just have called it something else other than cover photo.
I haven't even came up with a proper cover for my facebook lol.
Feedback: put an outline or some kind of ghost image over the image editor so you can see what your final cover photo + profile picture looks like. I couldn't get one I liked and got tired of the trial and error, so back to scrapbook photos!
Still thinking what to put on my Cover Photo...
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