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Do you think +Guy Kawasaki tweets too much?

I just started using my Twitter account last night and noticed that +Guy Kawasaki was owning my stream. I don't want to make this just about Guy though. There are tons of other people that have automated services to push out their tweets, but are they pushing too hard, or doing it just right?

Things get lost the stream easily, and most tips I read suggest that you should post links to your content multiple times to make sure your audience has a chance to see them. How many times, and how often, can you do it without being just another stream of noise?

How many tweets are too many?
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Yup.... him and +Robert Scoble who are fantastic sources of information but I'd love to see a "daily newsfeed" instead of 50+ daily posts ;)
He sure does Tweet a lot. I let him flood my main stream at times, and usually rely on my lists to see content for whichever group I am wanting to read from at that moment.
I have quit following Guy Kawasaki for this very reason
I don't follow Guy on Twitter, but this looks like some smack talk starting up...
I stopped using Twitter because it's too much nonsense from everyone. There's a few people I've unfollowed here for overwhelming my stream.
I agree, and stopped following him long ago because of it even though i remain a fan of his books. There are others that do the same, and I don't follow them either.
This isn't just about Guy, I was only using him as an example. Lots of people tweet a lot...
No I don't thinks is smack, Mr. Kawasaki is using Twitter as a marketing tool, and that's fine, however he over does it to the extreme in my opinion.
Guy also has writers that tweet on his behalf.
Tweeting seems to be for people who are for promoting themselves. If you're there I guess that's what you signed up for.
I don't necessarily believe there is a finite number of tweets per day, if you are posting material relevant to your followers.But Like beauty I can't describe it, I just know it when I see it.
FTR, I don't follow Scoble though I like reading his blog posts. For me, Scoble is a bit more acceptable because it is a firehose of information about a defined topic area. Guy is all over the map. So if I make a list just for Scoble and some major event happened, I know what I'm getting. With Guy, not so much.
I stopped following Twitter for the same reason!
The fun of following someone on twitter is personal interaction. Even if it's with a brand. Marketing speak should be kept to a minimum. Self promotion should be a small part of it, personal and useful information should be primary.
Im skullx over on twitter if anyone wants to follow me. I tweet fairly infrequently though. :) (shameless self promotion)
Honestly, yes. I love his content, but ultimately ended up muting him because it was just too much. I want to see the other stuff too, and sifting through 10,000 posts by one person to get to them was too much.
I don't mind Guy or anyone that is a great resource. I use list and don't look at my main stream. 
Yes, I still check out Guy's stuff periodically, but I will just go to his profile and do it from there, but he is no longer in my stream.
Once again though, we've detracted from the question I was really asking everyone, which is, what is the ideal number of tweets one should make per day?
How many tweets per day? That's hard to say. Really depends on the person. Who your audience is, etc.

Too much? That depends of the content. Stupid tweets are spam. Smart tweets is content :)
You also have to consider content, RT and general conversations in the mix. 
+Peter G McDermott I have two very different approaches: Twitter is 22 contributors looking for good stuff for that autoposts the headline as a tweet 4 x 8 hours apart. Google+ is purely me, all manual.
You must be lazy if you're not using lists. 😜
People who follow heavy hitters (high volume tweeters) when they are starting out often get frustrated but you can learn a lot from those who share a lot. Choose people by the content they share and adjust the volume by selecting what you want to read.
I thought the exact same thing, Guy Kawasaki tweets too much.  To fix this, I created a twitter account @TT_GuyKawasaki that only shares Kawasaki's top 5 tweets of the day in real time.  Check it out and let me know what you think!