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Peter G McDermott hung out with 2 people.Hermine Ngnomire and P E Sharpe
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Peter G McDermott was in a video call with 2 others
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Loved this episode!
Nathan nodded agreement when you said that Ginsberg might want that. I never thought of it that way either but it might be.
Also the riots.... going on at the same time. Tense time.

What did you guys think of Joan's split with her husband? I did not see that coming.
BTW what do you think is happening with Roger? He's slowly deteriorating. I wonder if Peggy might eventually take his job.
That would be very interesting to watch. Good theory.
Peggy's character is so interesting to me because she has a lot of guilt issues and tries to mitigate her feelings, especially when she feels she shouldn't feel that way. I picked up what Hermine said earlier about her potential bisexuality. She also asked Dawn "do I act like a guy" and seemed very insecure.
Don represents the old school salesman, who does what the client wants- Ginsberg represents the new school salesman, who tells the client what they want.
One of the things I respect so much about last night's show and plotting (and this may be coincidental) was that there was a noted blurring of what was reality and what was not in this show, and if you look up the details about Richard Speck's murders and his brain issues (they did an autopsy after he died of a heart attack) and they noted some confusion between the hippocampus (essential in memory formation) and the amygdala, center of rage and emotion, so it kind of parallels with the narrative structure, especially considering Don's weird vision of strangling the woman.
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