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Embedded Community Links No Longer Allowed
The Masses Have Spoken: Well, 17 of you at least...

Our straw poll results and the comments that accompanied the question made it clear that the majority of you do not wish to see embedded links to communities appearing in this community.

Currently there are a couple of problems with the way that embedded community links display. For starters, they just look spammy and that is because they take up so many pixels. Secondly, we are here to talk about moderating not shameless promotion.

If you haven't taken the time to add your name to the description of your community (check lower left hand side to see how I did it) and add your community to your personal profile (click my avatar to see my personal profile) then we strongly encourage you to do so.

Since we are a group of mostly intermediate to expert users of this product, we should be familiar with the processes of researching community members and the communities that they moderate.

Any posts that contain embedded community links will be removed and a moderator will privately contact the user to explain why the post has been removed. If you have any issues with this new policy, please feel free to ping me in private.

CC: +Evo Terra +Jen Reeves +Mark Traphagen +Stacy Frazer +Tom Rolfson 
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Where? Where? ;-)

Good decision. It made this community just look like a spam wall.
The Masses = All 17 Respondents? Don't you need a sample size of atleast around 30 to make the statistic valid? Just kidding... ;))) 
Yeah, not a big fan of those big embedded community links. I'd rather see a relevant shared post from another community. 
BTW, all the moderators in this community are doing a great job. Difficult to manage a 2,000+ member community (and all the potential spam that comes with it).
I agree with Jay.  17 out of 2094?  I mean ... I don't want to see repeated spammy links with self-promotion, but on the other hand I tend to remember postings here by community name, not moderator name.  I started a community to be helpful and solve a problem, not glorify my own name.
+Anna Erishkigal I understand your frustration. Please note that the moderators and I have all discussed and think it will encourage better conversation. If you would like to include a simple hyperlink, but not a rich embedded link simply click the "X" on the embedded link while creating your post.
I like that my one communities posts to my page. So I have content going in both and people can do the page or post their own posts in the community. 
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