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Golden Hour

Ah, these golden moments of life... Don't you like them too..?

Photoshop CS5.
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Truly beautiful - love the birds and the golden ripples on the ocean.
Almost envy u 4 the rare moments u r catching,beautiful
The question is : Do those golden moment like us? :)
Sooooooo beautiful!! I love these colorings. Could decorate my whole house with these soothing colors. Great work +Peter From ;-)
Beautiful shot +Peter From The rays seem to give the illusion that the clouds are reaching out to you. It really draws you into the scene.
Golden moments, captured and deserving of a medal of the same
Oh, +Peter From - I LOVE this! Those colors, those rays, the clouds, the water movement.... SOOOO dreamilicious!!
Wow +Peter From what an excellent-lovely work, definitely "golden" images. I should call you the King of silhouettes!
Woow this one rocks,really great job Pete
That's a great picture to start the day.
Good morning!
Thx everybody for plussing and resharing my picture... Much appreciated... :) Have a great week! 
wonderful picture,gorgeous colors ath the horizon wating de red sunset,before the goden hour can begins
spectaculair picture,of Golden Hour,with marvelous red color,on the horizon,birds are flying on the sun,like a finisingh touch
marvelous golden picture,with golden rippels,
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