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The Photoshoppers & Lightroomers Circle

This week I will share an interesting circle with people that, like myself, use Photoshop and/or Lightroom. I think you will find some very interesting persons and images in this validated circle.

If YOU want to be included in the next reshare of this circle, just do the following: 1) Leave a comment below, 2) reshare this post to spread the word and thus help promote the great people in this circle. And... As always: no reshare, no inclusion –– NO exceptions... Of course, I want to find some quality original content in your feed as well if you want in. Don't bother to ask for an inclusion if you only post YouTube videos and/or do reshares. If you do not wish to be in the circle, let me know and I will remove you asap.

If you already are included in this circle you don't have to reshare this post if you do not wish to do so. I won't throw you out... :) But if you want to reshare anyway, it's much appreciated.

Due to some controversy regarding my way of circle sharing, I want to clarify why I want you to reshare this post. To me Google+ is all about sharing and resharing, i.e. promoting yourself and others and NOT feeling bad about it. The more we spread the circle posts, the more people will be able to see YOUR work as well as the work of the other circle members. If you don't like that, fine, I respect that, but that's the way it works in my feed. If it disturbs you, feel free to uncircle me and/or block me, I will respect that too.

With that said, enjoy this circle and feel free to ask for an inclusion. Also check out my new page Circle Sharing For The People: +Circle Share.

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I use Photoshop every day! Or nearly. Count me in.
Hey +Peter From, is this circle limited only to people using the Adobe applications or is it also open for others using similar tools?
+Steve Braun –– it's open for other tools as well... I know someone in the circle is using the Corel suite of editing software for instance.
Big Photoshop CS5 user, don't mind sharing at all please include.
Please add me to the Photoshop circle when you republish it! Thanks.
I have done #1 & 2 above! And I used to travel the world training folks how to use Photoshop. Sounds like a fun group, I'll be adding them now. Thanks for pulling this together!
Then I'd love to be included ;-)
Wes Lum
Peter, I like your perspective on circle sharing. You got me rethinking it now. I've always had a negative feeling on circle sharing, especially because there are many on G+ that proclaim their circle of the "Best Photographers" and that always been a thorn in my side. (Not saying I'll share all, but I'll be more open to it now...especially since I see how you feel personally about it.)
+Wes Lum –– people don't have to agree with my way of dealing with circle sharing and I respect anyone's opinion –– positive or negative. One thing's for sure though, and that is that my philosophy works. The people in my circles get lots of exposure and that is all I care about. They all deserve to be seen.
Ugo Cei
Count me in, please.
LR4 and Photoshop (Elements but don't tell everyone!) :-)
This circle could really help form a 'helping community' for people who need to ask questions about the products.
+Peter From I'm a heavy Photoshop CS5 / CS6 beta user and share tips on my stream. Would love to be included. Thank you
mind if I join this circle? i'ma user too...photoshop user.
Please include me in the next go around. I am learning and loving Photoshop.
Great idea and agree, please include me
cheers Peter, I'd feel very honored if I would be a part of this circle.
Thank you very much. :) reshare done
thanks a lot for sharing this circle and for adding me inside
thanks peter in as well
Thanks +Peter From , just added the circle, my timeline just became a lot more colourful :)
I'm just starting, so it can't hurt - but then this might end up being a huge circle!
CS6 beta has reignited the way I see my RAW library. All I need now is a 36-hour day to explore all the possibilities.
I wouldn't mind getting in on this.
I am a Lightroomer too, since a month :) Thank you for share :)
Have tried Lightroom for the first time and am amazed at the results, need to learn lots more so please include me in the circle.
reshared here, but cant see me in it as of yet :)
+Peter Scharff –– you won't be able to see yourself in the circle until the next reshare... :) But you have been added to it, rest assured of that... :)
Thank you and great work as always ;)
+Steve Dickson –– I added you to the circle even though you do not have that many pictures up yet. I liked what I see and hope that you upload more asap... :)
Photoshop all the way :-) great circle
Have to admit that I'm more of an Lightroomer than Photoshopper although I should dig into PS much more...
+martin ollman –– I added you to all relevant circles... You take suberb shots. Everyone should check out your feed. :)
Thank you for sharing this circle. It would be nice, if you add me to it too.
Great idea +Peter From. I am a Lightroom and Photoshop user (in this order).
Another great collection of artists from you +Peter From! I'm glad I can enrich my circles with them. Thank you for the inclusion! Have a good week! :)
reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy nice circle u hv.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd love to added to your circle. Looks like a great group of people.
Thanks very much for the inclusion Peter. Very kind.
Hi Peter, thanks for sharing the circle it's always good to get a ready made group of people with a passion for photography. I have added all & look forward to seeing the posts. I'm not so good at photography but I love it & that's what matters to me.
Awesome. Glad to find this here. I'm excited to discover what here's abt Photoshop and LR.
this is great i have been a PS user for awhile and recently the past 2 yrs started using LR more and would like to read some news tips and tricks from others
Very interested, finally people share more then before there ideas and emotions. Distefano
Thanks for the add to the Circle ... greatly appreciated to be included !
Brilliant circle, thank you very much!
I will apreciate including me in this circle +Peter From !! As a beginner I am trying to find my way to LR and recently to PS. Thank you.
Thank you so much +Peter From for including me in this circle and taking the time to curate it.
+Peter From, I use both Photoshop and Lightroom, but am still coming up to speed in both. Would love to be included.
Lr3 affords me enjoyment of taking pictures.
Khush N
Hi +Peter From Would love to be included in this circle. I live inside LR and PS when I am working on my images.
Hello Again, I placed a commet last week, would be nice to be included. I will share it later today, so the stream for some people is not just about Circles. ;o)
Hi Peter I'm a Lightroomer. Have a nice one
ok seriously how do u get in2 this circle?? I shared it and everything and I am a very avid PS user... (I'm new too Google+ sry)
Would love consideration for inclusion. Photoshop junkie and loving it! (headed to share now...)
i live in photoshop, Thanks for the consideration. Resharing shortly
I did reshare this one last Friday. Thank you again for sharing it, Peter!
great circle thanks so much for sharing it
+Peter From count me in. I use CS5 , Lightroom, photomatix and loads more...and you can count on me for a reshare when I get back to my desk tomorrow. Great idea for a circle! :)
Hi +Peter From , Lightroom and Photoshop are both in my normal workflow, so please count me in.
count me in Thanks!, i use CS5, Photomatix, OnOne etc.
Lightroom and Photoshop being used here.
I would like to be added because I use LR 4 and once in a while PS 5.
+Peter From - thanks for including me. I think I'm in 3 or 4 circles today. I don't usually get a surge of new followers but I seem to have a surge today. Thanks for including me. I share here in a bit.
If you like my work - I'm using LR (+nik hdr)
I don't think I'm ever not on LR4 or CS6 :)
+Peter From I use PS only occasionally but use LR for almost all my processing. Feel free to drop by my stream and I appreciated your consideration into this circle. This would also be a great circle to ask software questions to!
Thank you that you have taken me into your circle. I am very happy :)
well i really hate ask to be in circle but what one can do to get more friends :).
i will share you circle i got many ppl from this so.
nice work one more time.
I would love to be included, I am always looking for new tips and tricks in both LR and PS.
I'd like to be added, given you agree, when you get chance. Thanks for putting the circle together and curating the whole thing. Reshared it for everyone just
Hi, i want to be included. I like PS. Bye
I use both, and would love to be included in this circle. Thanks!
I've had you in my circle since I started, your work is great :)
I'm a pretty satisfied Darktable and Gimp user on Ubuntu, but trialling Lightroom 4 on Win7 and loving it too. Needless to say, I'd very much appreciate the add :)
Thanks very much for including me +Peter From ! I see lots of great friends here and I'm honored to be included! I appreciate it VERY much and I'll be sharing it with my stream. Many thanks for all you do on G+!!
I'm a Lightroom user and would like to be added to the circle.
LR user here. Love to be added if possible. Thanks.
Hi Peter, I use LR3 and LR4 just recently.
I would like to be considered for your circle here.
I guess that's where all the new folk have come from. Cheers!
I use LR a lot, using PS more as I get more knowledge, but most of the work is done in LR and Photomatix and Nik HDR Efex Pro.
Please add me, LR user since version 1.0 and Photoshop user since version 3. Not CS4, version 3. :)
Please add me. I use Lightroom 3 most often and Photoshop cs5 from time to time.
I would love to be included in this circle as I'm a Photoshop and LR user!
Raises hand I would like to be included too.
in looking in to this (being an avid Photoshop user), i've realized that I haven't posted nearly enough of my own work. I shall endeavor to alter that fact.

Thanks for putting this circle together +Peter From! There's some really great talent here :)
I use Lightroom on a daily basis, please include me. Great idea!
Awesome way to build circles +Peter From! I use lightroom on a daily basis. It is my favorite program for workflow and editing. I have taken a liking to photomechanic for its speed and light memory/cpu load and when using photomechanic I process imagery in photoshop.
Lightroom and photoshop? Absolutely! I've been using Photoshop since the late '90s, and Lightroom since the first beta. Count me in.
Just seen that I'm in this amazing circle (was on my mobile last night) - Thank you +Peter From !
Thanks for including me +Peter From if you think I have my place among all these talented photographers.
+Peter From Shared and I would like to be included to this circle. Not so much of PS, but I mainly use LR for my photos.
Hi, can you add me too, I´m LR4 user.
I'll reshare and hope to be in the next. Thanks for posting this and the B&W one.
I did :-) So much inspiration on G+ to look at.
I would love to! But I'm a newbie? Uses LR4 :)
Edvar S
I would love to be added! Post shared.
Let's spread the word about the brilliance of Lightroom.
Please include me! Thanks!
Yep! that's right! +Daniel Enloe showed me some awesome tricks in a hangout... and he's a fantastic teacher :)
Hello +Peter From. I'm a Photoshop CS5 & Lightroom 3 user. Pls. include me in your Circle. Will reshare. Thanks!!! :)
Hi I'm a photographer and retouching addict. It'd be awesome if I could join your circle. :)

Oh another really awesome circle +Peter From :) I do a lot of touch-ups/ & digital artwork in my photo"Playground" please add me to this super circle of Photoshoping Peeps!! Thanks again! :) Have a great day!! (((hugs)))
Thank you so much for including me +Peter From Sorry for a late response. Have not really been around in the last two days.
I mainly use Photoshop (and Camera Raw) but am interested
I use both PS and LR in all my works, pls count me in.
I would like to be included, Peter. I'm using Photoshop Lightroom 3.6 and Photoshop Elements 10. Hoping to upgrade to LR 4 soon.
Yes, I re-shared this post! Thank you...
Thanks for sharing this circle. I, too, love Lightroom ever since it's first edition and I've already upgraded to LR4. I do 90% of my work there, but I often delve into Photoshop as well, especially for applying textures (I'm currently on CS6 beta).
Please count me in! I'm LR3 / 4 user.
CS5 and LR3.5 user here +Peter From . Love to be included with all of these great people. Will re-share now. Cheers!
nice - count me in please, thanks for sharing.
+Peter From Totally agree with your sharing vision. Logical and honest.
Almost exclusively using LR, with some occasional roundabouts in PS and Nick software. Would be interesting to share some of our personal ways of mastering the amazing new possibilities in LR4.
Please count me in.
Have a great weekend.
Would love to be included as I regularly use both :)
Hi +Peter From - I've had a couple of my G+ friends leave comment on my public share of the circle. I'm not too sure whether you will pick them up so thought I'd mention them here +Simply Arlie +Robin Cohen (Robin did mention you in her comment so you may have picked it up anyway). Thought I'd move their names to this thread to keep it easier for you. Hope that's okay.
Heyas +Peter From, I´ve been using Photoshop since before they introduced layers and been teaching about this in relation to Graphic Design in a Danish school for public relations. Lightroom I´ve used since the beginning. Nowadays I´m a lot into painterly photos and you may know me from +PaintIt Saturday etc and lately I´ve been obsessed with Mobileography. I´d be honered if you´d add me :)
I just purchased Lightroom and would love to be added in hopes of learning some good tips.
Jimmy S
Always looking for lightroom & PS tips.
Jimmy S
Done.Have a great Sunday:)
LR and Photoshop.... go to tools every day, good to see what more people are doing with them .... and yes I would like to be included, thanks!
Akk! I originally forgot to re-share the post! Hope I'm not too late :/
I'm new to google+ Hope that doesn't disqualify me as I would like to be included in this circle!
As a user of photoshop to post-process my pictures, would love to be included, thanks! :)
Please include me in this circle, thanks !
Well, I"ll jump in - I use LR for most of my initial editing, and use PS for the stronger edits when needed. Been using PS since version 3, and LR since ver 2.

Hopefully my work is quality enough for you to consider inclusion.

Would be cool to be part of this circle, cheers!
Great collection of photographers +Peter From. Please include me in the next circle - I do a lot of night photography and use Photoshop on every image I post.
We just invested pretty heavily in a dedicated MS Paint machine... it's decked out with all the latest, what is this "photo shop" you speak of? all of our images are the same in camera as they are out of camera... check out the portfolio to see. ;-)
I use PS CS5, have been trying out CS6 Beta, and am working Lightroom 4 into my routine more and more. I would definitely love to be included, and I hope to be able to ask questions and share tips with this great group that you've compiled.
I would love to be included in the next circle :) thanks so much! I have shared this already...great circle!
Greetings to all members from the user of PSE8 and LR4 :)
While i've been using lightroom quite a bit in the past few years for weddings and such.... i've been living in photoshop since 1989 with version 1.0.9 (-ish)... as a designer and photographer.
LR4 is where I do 99.9% of my post, and CS5 only when I have to. Sounds like a fun and probably very inspiring circle! I'd love to be in on this.
My kinda circle - count me in
I'm new to G+ but I think I reshared
Can't find the post in your feed Terry...
Count me in. I'm a Photoshop wizard (since 1992).
Being Photoshopisticated is a lifestyle :)
Count me in, thank you +Peter From
I teach Photoshop since 1994, now i teach iMovie, Final Cut, a little bit of Illustrator, etc.
I'm a lightroomer ... would love to be included in this circle.
+Peter From  this is an awesome post...I added the circles and am going to reshare it! Please also add me to the circles. You can see my albums for my Photoshop-ed works.........    'Cheers'
Please include me into this circle, thanks /p
Please include me, thank you.
I would love to be included in this circle!  Thanks!
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