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Golden Moments

We have done Orange, Red, Purple & Pink... Now let's go for the Golden ones... Enjoy!

Photoshop CS5.
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i can feel this photo as im standing there and enjoying this beauty, awesome shot :).
Stunning Image. I love Rural scenes.
Gorgeous capture - so beautiful light and colors - love the whole album!
Peter, u r gr8......u shines like a real star, awsummm....!!!!!!!
I assume you know I was just kidding +Peter From :-) I am glad I found you here and really admire your work. Great inspiration
Never thing about Past but with past make future
You missed a spot in your photo shop extravaganza! The barn on the left looks almost like a real barn. Please do not make that mistake in the future.
I'm really impressed with your photographs. Well done! :)
amazing works..thanks for the share dude.
Y- Fi
fantastic and lovely addition
MaD 'V'
very creative and musing ..^_^..!! i like it <3 ;-*
good luck PETER and keep up the hard work
Will you be the next Thomas Kinkad.Love your pictures.
These are absolutely beautiful do you edit these in any way? Or do you use a filter on site?
bullshit.....photoshop crap
Nice Grunge effect, Did you use the grunge filter on photomatix?
Thx everybody for plussing, commenting and resharing my picture... Much appreciated... Have a great weekend. :)
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