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The Photoshoppers & Lightroomers Circle –– Revised Version –– Announcement


Next Monday it will be time to reshare the validated and revised version of the Photoshoppers & Lightroomers Circle (PLC). Lots of great talent in that one.

If YOU want to hop on the PLC train, do the following (YES, you can use other editing software as well):

1. Help spread the word and reshare this announcement post. Why? If you think you should be promoted, you should be willing to do the same for your fellow photographers. Simple as that.

2. Ask for inclusion in the comments. I will check every feed.

3. Make sure that you share your own original edited photography in your feed. If there are too many reshares of other peoples' work, irrelevant YouTube clips, animated GIFS, blog post teasers etc., I might not add you to the circle. The PLC is a validated quality circle that should bring people great imagery to their feeds. If you never edit your pictures, don't ask for inclusion.

NOTE! If you see that I have plussed your comment, then you know that I have added you to the next revision of the PLC. I didn't PLUS your comment? Make sure that you have reshared this announcement post and let me know that you did so.

This announcement post is hash-tagged with #CircleSharingForThePeoplePS LRA so that you may mute the reshares this post will generate. That way you will avoid seeing multiple copies of this post in your feed and your adrenaline level will stay normal. I will add a new hash-tag for every announcement and circle post in the future. That way you won't miss out on any of the action but still can mute all the duplicate reshares.

Here is an excellent add-on that will help you to mute the reshares:

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Hey +Peter From. What a great idea..! Please add me to this circle. Thank you very much. Have a nice day ;-)
Please add me to this circle. Love to see other people's work.
+Peter From I am not sure if it applies to your circle, but I have recently created a Lightroom related page. The +Lightroom Community Help is supposed to be driven by the community and help people with any problems they may be facing with Lightroom.

If you think it is relevant please add it, as the project needs awareness to take off.

If not, that is ok, I still like you :-P
Please add me to this circle as well. Thanks, Peter.
Circle shared...
+Peter From I have re-shared and would like to be included. Thanks for your work putting these circles together!
We're already in there +Peter From I'm pretty sure - but I'll re-share this post to help spread the word in my little corner of G+
Maybe there will be a place for me? or not ! :P Up to you (and yes, i hate to ask, but i do it now).. +Peter From
I like to be added in the circle. I use LR with every photo i take and photoshop when i want to do more PP.
I'm not sure if I fit into this circle. I use Lightroom 4 if the image didn't come out well or if it looks really better then without LR, but I don't mark them as such, as those are mostly minor changes. But I will reshare this anyway, as I think it is interesting. If I fit into this circle, feel free to do so and thanks a lot!
I'm a LR noob...and learning...use it with to edit the majority of my photos.
how much shall we edit our pictures? I edit 90 % of my pictures, but I don't think everybody can see the difference because I don't show before and after.. I'm unsure if I fit into this circle, but I don't use Lightroom. I use PS8 and I am content with its possibilities!
I edit most of my images.. even slight adjustment of exposure is editing.. we all do it..
I would love to be added to the circle! Almost everything I post I have edited with Lightroom.
Except for Instagram posts. Forgive me.
Lightroom and PSE here. Your circles are always good stuff!
I was in the previous circle, and would love to feature in the revised one as well!
Everything I do after the snap is in LR/PS - liked the first round you put out there, If my work is up to snuff would like to be included in this one.

Thanks for your work you do on these circles - I know I appreciate it as your prework means I have less to trace down
Should have jumped in this one from the get go.... Bummed
Would be really nice if you could add me to it... Btw, your tips worked wonder... Thanks! :-)
Would love to be included !! Thank you
Shared this post and would love to be in this circle! Working with Photoshop a lot and started last year with Lightroom. Really love it and now starting to post a lot more Photocontent!
Thanks +Peter From
Oooh what a neat idea! I'd love to be included, +Peter From, but I'm happy to share either way! :) (Photoshop over here; I never have figured out Lightroom...)
Please add me to this circle.
Ich denke, ich habe mich hier schon angemeldet,aber für Sicherheit melde mich wieder ein.
Hi Peter. Could you tell me if I also in the circle for the next release?
I would like to be included also...
I'd like to be included in this circle please :)
Hey I use PS and LR. Thanks for the offer!
Would be a great pleasure to be part of the circle.
Thanks for the post!
Interesting, I'd love to be included. I use these apps and do share my own content (irregularly but with some proliferation, as I'm sure occasionally annoys my followers).
Please add me to this great circle. Thank you.
Bah! I had forgotten to share the post. It is done now. Sorry bout that.
Peter, I would love to be included in this circle also...sharing this post. Thank you!
+Peter From ... would like to be included in The Photoshoppers & Lightroomers Circle –– Revised Version
Please add me to this circle - so much to learn!
I would love to be included as well... I use photoshop a lot!
Please note: If I didn't plus your comment, you probably forgot to reshare this announcement post. I do not recheck feeds, you need to ask for inclusion again in order to be considered for the circle (if you reshared that is). I have only limited time to do this. Thank you for understanding.
I used CS3 to edit contrast photos nearly every time I post something.
Would love to be in the this circle.
I reshared the circle right after my first comment so please reconsider. Thanks.
Hi, I would like to join the circle I used photoshop form version 2.0 and lightroom recently, my hobby is black and white photography.
This is a fantastic idea - thanks for putting this together !
maybe i´m already in the circle, not sure, but i have been using Photoshop before there was even layers in the app and was a teacher in it for some years, lightroom i´ve been using from the very start – love both apps and would love to be in this circle if i´m not already ... ha en smuk dag +Peter From:)
I have no idea if I was already included in this circle... Thanks
Peter it seems like a great circle and I would love to be included
+Peter From I would be down to be included in this circle. Thank you for putting it together!
+Peter From thanks for the inclusion last time, and I would like to be included again. (I use LR4)
+Peter From I would love to be a part of this circle, since I use both products to develop my photos. Thank you!
Hi +Peter From it would be great to be included in this circle, specially for Lightroom. Thanks for adding me
I use Lightroom for all my photos and sometimes Photomatix Pro. I have Photoshop CS6, but don't use it much yet. Feel free to add me if you want to.
Here´s my request for inclusion, +Peter From . You won´t find many pictures in my stream that are not edited with Photoshop ;-)
hi, maby you can add me to the circle?! thanks
That should be a great circle +Peter From, Most of my photos using LR & PS, I would love to be included
+Peter From - reshared yesterday early evening, my time. However it is your circle and you do have the final say-so. :-)
Hi +Peter From not sure if I'm in this already, if not could you add me , I use LR4 and CS6 :) thanks
Photoshop and Lightroom confuse me, I think..
Don't remember if I was in the original one... Gosh, this circles thing is becoming a full time job...
Thanks for including me in the last version of this circle and your continued efforts to keep it updated. I sure would like to be kept in this circle. :)
Photoshop and Lightroom maniac here, I would love to be added
Hi ya +Peter From :) I've been using a photo program to create Photoart for several years now.. Hope you have a place again for me in your wonderful Photo-shoppers & Light-room Circle :) Thanks a million ! (((hugs))) (((shared))) :)
Would be honored to be included among these awesome artists. Thanks
+Darren Smith –– I deleted your comment since I do not allow external links in my circle announcement posts. I only check Google+ feeds.
Again... If I didn't plus you, you probably forgot to reshare this post. Unfortunately I don't have time to recheck feeds so you must ask for inclusion again to be included in the circle. After resharing of course. :)
Thanks for letting me know +Peter From ... I wasn't aware if your 'criteria'. Needless to say, I will shy away from external links in the future. I won't repeat the previous comment other than to say I use LR4 & PS Elements 10 w/ RadLab. I would value being included in this circle. Cheers.
+Peter From About to as we speak. I thought I had, but it was the b/w iPhonographers circle I came across earlier ... ;-)
Hope to be included too +Peter From ,i'd love to learn more about other people's editing skills and see some awesome pics...cheers :)
+Peter From I'm a commercial photographer and i use LR & PS for all of my editing. It would be great to connect with like minded folks through this circle.
probably I am in this circle, since I applied for it before, but if not, I don't want to miss that chance and would be happy to be include.
I shared this back on 4/16/12 at your last release +Peter From so you have me already included probably :) Thanks in advance!
+Peter From I re-shared your post earlier but perhaps it's been overlooked? I would love to be included. Could you please? Thanks for putting this together.
Hey Peter!! Actually you have already collected us, LR and PS users, huh? LOL If I am not in the revised circle, please add me, these apps are my everyday use! Thank you.
I'd like to be included +Peter From This initiatives are great excuses to keep on taking pictures and improving our skills :)
Please include me in this new photoshoppers & lightroomers circle.
I am a big LR fan. I use it alot to get the most out of my photos.
Hi +Peter From ! I didn't see the plus 1 by my name. I shared the post but I think it was limited rather than public! I'm sorry. I just shared it as public and would love to be included again! Many thanks!!
Please include me in this circle. Long time Lightroom user since version 1 and always learning in PS. Thanks!
I'd really appreciate being included in this circle, I'm becoming a bigger LR4 fan by the day, relying on it when I work in Windows. Post reshared :)
+Peter From
Ii am Photoshop user, from germany. Please add me in, thank you.
I basically utilize LR & PS for all my works +Peter From, please add me to the PLC. Thanks.
95% of my work is edited in LR and PS. Would love to be included in this circle. Thanks Peter!
Uh... I did share this, but I cannot see my comment here? I'd love to hop in!
I'm not sure if I fit in this circle, But I would like to be in that circle. I exclusively use Gimp, Geeqie, Ufraw, Dcraw, Enfuse, Hugin and Qtpfsgui to edit almost all of my Images on a Linux PC, may it be panorama stitiching, B&W conversion, removing dust, hdr/dri processing, color correction, masking, compositing a.s.o. I try hard that this is not visible in the final image.

oops.. forgot to share... sorry.... shared
Great idea! I'm always interested in networking with new photog friends through circles like this.
PS user here. Am i qualified?
Been using LR since the very first beta. Couldn't really work without it anymore.
+Peter From I would like to be included. I am an avid LR4 user. I started with the original Lightroom. I do about 95% of my work in LR. I'm not new to PS but I am a novice. I just subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud and am using my subscription to learn more. All the images at were processed in Lightroom. I have already shared this post via another re-share.
Happy Thursday +Peter From :) I was waiting to share so stream would not be flooded with the same post.. Shared just now.. :)
Sounds like a good idea +Peter From. Would be great to be able to learn from others. Include me please.
I just shared this - looks like an interesting group and I'm a big Lightroom fan.
HI Peter! I found your post through a shared post. I think this is a fantastic idea. Not sure if you're ok taking on people who are new to photography, but I love both these programs and I'd love to be included to expand my resources for learning! Thanks!
evening +Peter From , count me in on this one too please if my thread meets the bill :) shared of course!
Peter, I "think" I was in the previous version of this one. Pl keep me in . :) thanks again for the work. 
If I didn't plus your comment you probably forgot to reshare this post...
I have gladly re-shared and would like to be added to the list as well. Thanks again +Peter From for putting this together.
I think you added me before, +Peter From but if not...I would love to be in this circle. I'm using both PS and LR.
+Peter From Could you also add me to this circle. I use and love Lightroom. I have reshared your post.
+Peter From - I'd be honored to be included in this circle. Thanks for your consideration!
I cannot remember if I asked in for this circle or not. If I'm not in, please add me? Thx.
Would love to be included in this circle - thanks.
Hi +Peter From I'd like to be added to the circle please. Whilst I do share pertinent blog post in occasion I do share my original work as much as I can, and I look forward to seeing more from the superb photographer and PLC'ers (is that a word!?) that are here on G+
I will very much like to be added please :)
I am a photoshopper, would be happy if you add me too. Thanks Peter!
it is very presumptuous on my part, but I want to be in this circle =)
(used PS)
If you don't mind uld love to be included +Peter From i use both if you have the room, not sure if this is a top up from the last PS & LR if so i may already be in ,so the more shares the better, :) cheers
+John van Eck –– I added you but I couldn't check your feed? Is it private? Let me know...
I hope to be in it again. I use Lightroom very often now, but us GIMP for those few times I go into manipulation. +Peter From
*in best Oliver Twist mode

Please Sir, may I be added?
+Peter From I reshared yesterday and just saw that I didn't comment on your post. Would you include me on your updated circle?
If there is still space, please include me. I reshared this post.
I would love to be considered. Thanks for the opportunity!
Please Add me to the circle I love and use Adobe products and also Teach LR3 & 4 Thank you!
And again... If i didn't plus you, you probably forgot to reshare this post...
Would love to be considered. All my shots here on G+ have been processed in Lightroom. Thanks for the consideration.
Am I too late to be included?
I've just shared the announcement post :-)
Please add me to your circle - if its not too late ...☺
Was I included in the previous version of this circle?
I take all my photos in raw format and now I use LR4 (after LR2 and LR3) to devlop them. If you want to add me in the circle.
Has the train left? If not, I'll hop on :)
LR 99% of the time, the rest PSE or Picasa
Lets try second time :-).Re-Re-shared and stream updated. Please, look again and include me to your circle!
Please can you add me to this circle. Thanks.
Again... If I didn't plus you, you probably did not reshare this post...
Reshared. It might be too late but this group fits me like a glove. Even if I don't make it in. I will be enjoying the posts from this circle. :]
This looks like an awesome circle. I'd love to be a part of it.
OK, I am closing the comments on this post now. All spots are filled now. Thx everybody for your support!