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Reminder: The Amazing Photographers Circle (APC) –– READ BEFORE ASKING FOR INCLUSION

On Monday (noon CET) it's time to share the revised and validated Amazing Photographers Circle again –– my fantastic collection of amazing photographers from all around the world.

If YOU want to be included in the circle, now it's a good time to apply. Things to consider: reshare this reminder, leave a comment here that you want to be included and make sure that I can find some good original photography of yours in your feed. Please do NOT add ANY external links to the comments –– I check Google+ feeds only. Comments with external links will be deleted.

If I plus your comment, it means that you've been included. If I did NOT plus your comment, you probably did not reshare this post.

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Please take me only in the circle to where you can find my pictures really amazing :) I do not want to buy a place through the sharing :)
Also initials for a favorite band A Perfect Circle, surprised they're not big on here ;)
Please include me if you feel my work deserves inclusion.
Yes, please, BUT... only if you find my work good and original please.
+Melanie MP –– you definitely did not have to 'buy' your way into this circle... Added.
Hi +Peter From - there might be some Amazing Photography in my stream- you never know your luck! ;-)
+Peter From well that I could participate, but first I need to do a photography course! Because photography is my passion
would very much like to be included ... if you think my posted pictures are good enough . Will increase posting from now on as house renovation is finished finally :-)

Please look at posted google + Album rather then the feed ..
I most certainly do not do amazing stuff. Add me anyway! :)
My hat is officially thrown into the ring.
I would like to be considered for inclusion. Thanks!
Peter, your circles are amazing! I hope you think I belong in this circle.
Any circle of amazingness, I want to be part. =)
I would like to be considered as an applicant from Quebec, Canada :)
Hi Peter, it would be an honour to be considered "amazing photographer" and be included in your circle! :)
Would love to be included in another one of your circles if you find my work good enough...
I love to eventually work up to be qualified to be on your list. I also prefer to hand pick people based on how I like them instead of just getting herded into a circle. I look forward to researching the artists in the circle - I'm sure they're wonderful!
Thanks for putting all this hard work in Peter, please feel check out my feed to see if my photos make the grade. I would love to be included.
This is exactly the circle and feed I am looking for. Just great photos and no extra posts about some funny Youtube video. Please review my feed and consider me for your circle.
Hi Peter, I would love to be considered for inclusion in your circle. Thanks.
I would like to be included if my work are good enough.
Plus the post - check. Share the post - check.
Hi Peter would love to be considered for this circle. Have re-shared.
Hej Peter, I'd like to join that circle, thanks in advance!
Let me join this circle, as it appears amazing!
Hi +Peter From , I would like to be considered for inclusion. Thanks for taking a look!
Lella H
Hi +Peter From I would be happy to be included to this interesting circle if you think it's ok
I don't think I've applied for this, so consider this to be so!
I shared your post and would like to be considered to be part of the circle.
Thanks for taking the time to take on this project!
If you mean that I fit into this circle, you can add me gladly.
I have also reshared, +Peter From...
+Raymond Rigo Sr. –– you need to upload images to your Google+ feed. Try to share a few there and get back to me here.
It would be an honor to be included in this circle if you feel my work is up to standard.
Just reshared the post too :-)
I want to be amazing, but I'm not sure that I am. :D
+Mukundh B –– Google bug... :) You are in. I did indeed plus you earlier already. Now I did it again...
I'am an amature, but would like to be included in this circle!
+Peter From Please check out my profile and photos, if you feel I am worthy to be called amazing, please add me :) Thanks! :D
Kevin S
If you like what I have in my g+ feed (and/or my iPhoneography album), then it'd be an honour to be included +Peter From
+Peter From I follow the original APCircle and the quality has been excellent. Looking forward to the update.
Don't know if I'm amazing, but if you like my photos feel free to add me to this circle as well :)
Thanks for your great work +Peter From. Much appreciate to be included.
great effort to bring photographers closer! good luck
+Peter From I would be honored to be included. Hopefully, you'll find some of my images worthy of inclusion!
Well this sounds like fun! Thanks for the great work :)
Hi +Peter From could you pop me in this circle please if you see fit, reposted here, just got back after a few days away, will also repost your other circle you included me in tomorrow did wanna drop to many circles in my stream at once, hope that cool :)
+Peter From Where can one view this circle? Is it different from the European Top Photography Circle?
please have a look at my stream and decide... thank's!
Hey +Peter From , if i`m not already in it, it would be nice if you could add me. Will reshare now. And thanks for your work, wish you a nice rest weekend ;)
Photography is a hobby, though feel free +Peter From to chose from my good photos, they all are taken by me or others in my cam!
Hi Peter. Still 'got me covered' from the original mention of the APC circle? Still like to be in if the feed is strong enough. Resharing, and bravo on these validations! Long work...
Hi Peter, Just reshared. Wonderful Circle it will be. I would like to be there. Thank you in advance. +Peter From
This sounds really fun. Please add me if you feel I deserve it, or if you decide to create a " decent photogs circle " please add me to that one ;)
Include me please, I have some amazing moments(fotos) from time2time. :-) #peter from
+Peter From include me because my work deserves inclusion not because I've shared a post, I'll share the quality circle because that is beneficial to everyone in it
+Peter From Kindly consider adding me to this great circle. I'm very new in G+, but you can find my colorful April series and the blackandwhite Fog series on my profile. Mobile photography only! I like to use low end or outdated devices as well, in these cases a Samsung SGH-L760 and a Nokia N73. Thank you!
thank you for your efforts! If my work is quality enough I would be honored to be included.
Hi +Peter From, can you take me in your circle if I'm not already? Photos of me you will find enough in my stream. Thank you for your excellent work. greetings
Good morning +Peter From. I would be honoured to be included in your circle. Either way I look forward to seeing the work by the people in it!
Hi Peter, I most definitely would like to be included in this circle!
I would like to be considered for inclusion in your APC +Peter From You can find a wide range of my photographs on Google+. Thank you.
+Peter From Hello, Cloud you check my pics. If my pics are eligible for your circle, please add me too. Thank you! :-)
Greetings, +Peter From . I could use all of the exposure (pun intended) that I could get. Can you take a moment to stroll through my photos from posts, please.

All the best,

Hello +Peter From. I am Japanese in Tokyo, Japan, and am interested in this circle of photographers. Always great to see the work of others to add inspiration to our own
Dear +Peter From, It would be great to be included in this circle if you think my stream is worth it. Thanks for your time to investigate my stream.
Hello +Peter From , I would like to be included in this circle, if possible.
Thanks in advance.
G'day from Australia +Peter From, please feel free to look at my stream for some of my images.
Another great opportunity to build a following. Would love to be in your circle, Peter.
Not sure if you have me,but count me in
And quick question, +Peter From - did your next version of USC ("Upcoming Stars") turn into "Hidden Treasure" or are they separate circles?
I would never be so bold as to describe my own photography as "amazing", but I'd sure be included in this APC roundup. Only original photography in my stream. And if that doesn't help, APC are the initials of my first/middle names... Good enough? :-)
I will give this a go :) If I up to the match +Peter From I would like to be considered for this one. Thanks..
I would like to be considered. Thank You in Advance!
Hi Peter. I'd love to be part of that circle :). Thank you for the effort of putting that circle together!
It would be a honour to be in this circle
I can go for this - let's see if my content still is quality enough :)
+Simos Xenakis –– they are separate circles and you have to ask for inclusion in the HTC in order to be added...
Evening +Peter From , please check my stream to see if I am worthy :) It would be an honour! Thanks
I would be pleased to be included: as you wish ...
+Peter From - I would be honoured to be included!
Thanks for all the work you put into your circles.
Hi Peter, Bob and I would love to be included. Thanks for all your work on these circles. :) D
Thanks, +Peter From - I was curious about the USC specifically. I was included in Charles' HTC, last week but I was wondering if you were still running the USC (as a separate circle from HTC). Hope that makes sense?
It would love to be in this circle. Sharing...
Yes, Simos, I run that circle separately from the one Charlie puts out...
Reshared to my photography fellows, I hope some will catch up on it! If there is one space left for me, I'll appreciate, but there is so many more amazing photographers and I already had my share of your grace, so whatever :)
As my friend Julia above says, a little bit of circle sharing wouldn't be bad... If you think that any of my photos are worth it +Peter From I'd like to be in!
Now let me share the word...
nice +Peter From all of your work creating this wonderful circles. I would be honored to be in it like all times before ;)
As much as I like to hide my light under my comfortable bushel basket, if you feel I qualify for APC I won't argue. :)
Hi +Peter From - I would so appreciate being included in this new circle. I have my fingers and toes crossed. ;-)
Hi +Peter From, I'd really appreciate being added to your circle.
Hi +Peter From I would love to be considered for your circle. I'm a food and event photographer in Austin, TX.
I'd be pleased to have you visiting my albums and/or stream. Inclusion would be a honor.
I can offer many more examples +Peter From of natural beauty and my love for it... my sincerest appreciation for your consideration.
I would love to be a part of this circle. Thanks for your consideration!
Feel free to have a look! I would be honored to be included for sure.
I would appreciate your consideration. Thank you very much.
I would like to be on your list (If I am not too late)
Consider me to be in your APC circle. (As said in previous comment, not sure if I am late)
Reina Y
Hello +Peter From .This circle will be amazing, I think. I would like to be included in this circle.please add me too. I really Love photos. Thank you!
Hi +Peter From! If I meet your requirements of being amazing, I would be honored to be included! :)
Deadline aleady passed? I'm glad if I can join here... :)
It would be an honour if you´d include me in that circle, thanx for all the time and effort you put into getting all this great circles together :)
+Peter From Please consider me for inclusion! PS the bulk of my good shots are in my timeline from posts.
Only if you feel i qualify after checking my albums (specially the creative 366 one) :)
OK, folks... Closing down this thread. I will share the revised circle in a minute. If you want to be included in the APC, please ask in the circle post above.