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Amazing Photographers From Around The Globe –– #CircleShare

This is my top notch circle with some truly amazing talent inside... If you want to spice up your feed with wonderful images every day –– this is the circle that will bring the goods to you! Check it out yourself...

If you want to be added to the APC –– just leave a note in the comments below and then reshare this post to spread the word. No reshare, no inclusion. If you want your name removed, just send me a pm and I will take care of that asap.

The criteria for addition to this circle are: an active feed with great original photography.

I will reshare the updated APC in the beginning of next week so be patient... :)
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They're bloody everywhere I tells ya!
Hi +Peter From, thanks for sharing the circle! Would you include me if you find my work interesting?
I'd be honored to be included. I think I have many of these photogs already, but always looking for more talent to follow. Cheers.
+Peter From honored to be a part of this group! Some truly outstanding artists! There are a few on this list that I don't have circled yet, so will get right to it. Cheers!
May I have the temerity to beg for inclusion
I'd like to be considered for this circle - my images would add wildlife & scenery from rural Australia.
Lots of great talent in this one!
Would appreciate consideration for inclusion - thanks!
I would appreciate being added to this talented group. Many thanks!
I would be honored if I were included in this circle
i would appreciate to become part of this circle !!
Reshare complete. Requesting inclusion. I am... No spam, no gifs, and all original work.
+Sab Will –– I had to delete your comment –– NO links please.
would be nice to be part of this circle... (already shared)
i don't know if my pics are good enough for this circle... take a look, if you want :-)
have a look at my photographs, may be you like them :-)
+Nate Parker –– nope, not at all. I just added you to this circle a s well... Now reshare... :)
I'd be glad to be included in this amazing circle!
Great idea, and nice to see some other the other photographers who have commented (and their work). Be great if you think I'm worth chucking in, but it's something I spend so much time on, so would be awesome! Cheers
Shared and would appreciate it if you added my "amazing talent" as well:)
Thx for the add to the circle!!
Possibly a good fit here too Peter*, sharing either way so thanks for the consideration.
I am sharing would appreciate if u add......
+Umar Khan –– Umar (and others) –– to be included in this circle you must also have some good original images in your feed.
would love to be considered for this circle.
Hi Peter. Please add me if you think my feed is up for it.
Peter, I would like to be added to this circle. Thanks for your consideration.
Just shared it +Peter From. Playing by the rules :-) Would love to be included! By the way, I have a circle coming up you might be interested in yourself. You'll find it on my page.
first time I've added a circle in a while where there's well over 300 people I don't have in my stream yet. This should be interesting.....Oh - and I'm seriously impressed by what you get out of a K10D.
Hi ive just joined this and have no idea what im doing! with circles or anything! lol!
+Bret Pulkka-Stone –– thank you... The K10D is better than ppl think... And it takes any weather... I added you to the USC instead (se below in my feed).
+Birgit Writze –– added you to the USC instead. See the previous circle I shared... :)
This is a great circle, I would be honored to be included.
Sorry for including a link to my photos - I thought that's how you would decide whether to include me or not! Best, Sab Will
+Peter From ! I do at least an image a day. Some think they are good quality. Add me to the circle if you like.
Awesome collection, just a few missing on my circle
All photos and 360 panoramas I share at my timeline are mine. And if not, I all ways but the original photographers name in to the post....
Thank you for the inclusion. I was wondering why my notifications were hopping! I'll will share this, as well.
Peter... I would appreciate inclusion... and this is an easy share. Looks like I have the majority of names, but I find a few who are new to me. thank you
I'd love to be included please +Peter From I was wanting to put together something like this, but I'm glad you beat me to it. Sharing now...
Great! It would be awesome if a learning photographer like me could also be included in this circle of Master!! :)
Passing this on as a share in my feed, feel free to include me if you think I make the cut!
thanks for including me in this circle +Peter From, i was wondering where all the new circles were coming from this morning :)
+Peter From some of my favorite photographers are in this circle. I shared it and would be honored to be included.
Now I understand why many people were adding me today... Thank you very much, +Peter From ! I will share this circle!:)
+Peter From > thanks heaps for including me, Peter. It means the world to me and has lifted me up on this somewhat dull Tuesday :) Have a fabulous day!! :)
Hi Peter any chance of getting added to this circle, my numbers are still pretty low... thanks :)
Peter, thanks for the inclusion and there's no place like Alaska my friend! Ever make it up north, look us up .. we'd be happy to hook you up with some great photo locations!
Wow! You are curating lots of fantastic circles!!!
+Peter From ill add you to my "Following" Circle just so i can know you a little bit better. you can add me if you want?
Oh you did? WOW, thank you! I appreciate that! :D
+Tamara Pruessner –– yes... I already had you in my Photography Circle and really don't know how I missed to put you in this one when creating it... Sorry...
Thanks for including me - I am flattered!
I wonder... +Peter From "maybe in the future" > due to not enough posts on my page ?
+Wouter Voet –– exactly. I'd like to see a bit more of your work before adding you to this top notch circle.
The circle looks great !
Please do consider adding me to this circle +Peter From.
can i get an add to this list Peter ? I didn't get a yes or no ! :)
If you have a minute, please take a look at my work and add it in if it fits your criteria.

Thanks have some great photographers in this circle, but I see some missing that I love too. I think some have already commented. Please also consider my feed. Thank you +Peter From
Ahh doh thanks bro, missed that then thanks for the add ;)
Hi +Peter From ! Can I still be added to this circle? I am already on the VAC you shared earlier.
Would love to be part of the circle. Love photography and am avid though not great.
+Dave Jensen –– you need to upload more of your work before I can add you to this circle.
Nice circle, as I follow most of people already in this circle since a while, it would be nice to be included as well. :o)
Thanks for the offer. +Peter From
It's great, I like pictures, make me a member!
Det är väl inte en chans att en glad amatör som jag får vara med bland dessa toppfotografer du har med i denna cirkel.
It's not a chance that an amateur as I may be among the top photographers you have included in this circle.
What a great circle +Peter From I am already following all of them! Shared. You you could look at my stream and include me if you like my stuff that would be really appreciated. Thank you.
I want to be added to the APC thank you.
Many thanks for the inclusion in an fantastic circle +Peter From! A nice surprise and much appreciated!
I'm so flattered +Peter From . Thank you for including me in this terrific circle. We have similar taste in G+ers.
I'd like to be condidered for the next list please, Peter
amazing list.... would not mind being considered for the next go around ... but from the looks of it pretty tough competition :)
I think I would like to be on this one +Peter From - I post 1 or 2 images every day and interact with the commenters. I think my work is acceptable too :)
Great list, may I be added??
Wow, what a circle! Any chance to get in? Thanks for collecting al those great artists!
Great circle +Peter From . Thanks for sharing. If you get a moment, I would appreciate you taking a look at my work and considering including me.
Many familiar people in this circle, many more I would like to meet, could you please add me ?
This is a truly amazing circle of talent, Peter. I would like to be considered, if you have room for me...Plus I have shared.
Hi Peter... I'd like to be included. :-)
I would be honoured to be included here - thanks a lot
Thanks for including me… I see it's being reshared and I was wondering where all my new followers were coming from :)
Wow. This was really a surprise. Thanks so much, +Peter From. I admire your work tremendously, and being included in your circle is an honor.
I would love to be considered for this circle +Peter From...thank you for your continued efforts :)
Thank you for including me in this amazing photographers circle, +Peter From , I appreciate it!
I'm flattered to have been included. Now that's where all the new followers today were coming from....
I'd love to be added! (hope I'm worthy)
I've finally discovered your page via this shared circle +Peter From. While I'm delighted to see I'm already in your circles I was disappointed to realize I'd been missing out on YOUR amazing images! I've now added you to my "creativity" circle & look forward to seeing more of your posts. Include me if you like. Amazing amount of talent in this group, I will most certainly share it with people.
A good list of photographers +Peter From I would only like to be included in this circle only if you think Im good enough, not because I have reshared this circle.
+Jeremy King +Dhiwahar Raj –– this is a photographer's circle, hence you need to have content in your feed. I will delete your comments.
Thanks so much for including me with these great photogs +Peter From - v flattered :D
great list of photographers, would like to be added if I meet your criteria, thanks +Peter From :)
Thank you so much for including me with so many awesome photographers. I am honored and humbled. +Peter From
Would love to be added Peter ... if you think I make the cut.
I would love to be added to this circle.....if you think my stream makes the cut. Thanks for the consideration.
I am new to photography but you could add me :)
I would be honourd to be included in this circle.
Thanks for including me in this great circle, +Peter From! Honored to be among these fine photographers!
Cheers Peter. Sorry about that, thought I'd make it easier, seeing those 240+ comments :)
Hello !
I would be glad if you could add me
Love your work Ger... Stunningly good feed indeed... I added you to the Amazing Photographer's circle, as well as to the Visual Artists and Black & White circles... The next reshares will be within the coming fortnight... +Ger Hughes
I would love to be a part of this community of photopgraphers
aw, congrats to those who are endorsed by the amazing Peter From.
Peter, I would love to be part of that circle. Thanks
With so much talent in this circle (re-shared), I wonder would it be too much to ask to be added, but I'll let you be the judge of that.
Peter's pictures are amazing. The other photographers portray so much talent. Thank you for sharing such beauty and spreading joy.
Hi ! Maybe you could have a look at my work ton include it in this nice circle ? :)
+Meleah Reardon –– added. Don't forget to reshare this post in your feed to spread the word... :)
+Randall Sanger –– my pleasure. I also added your friends to the list. Maybe you could ask them kindly to reshare this post to spread the word..?
Great source of inspiration! I'm sharing! Oh, and .... please consider including me also :) +Peter From
Ke Zeng
These are excellent photographers! I have them in my circles. Please add me to them. Thanks +Peter From !
+Ke Zeng –– excellent feed. I added you to all four circles. Now, pls reshare this post in your feed. :)
I'm honored, Peter! Thank you much and I just reshared.
Its great to see people on here so enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and reciprocity! This is a wonderful circle of photographers. I would appreciate you checking out my work as well!
Great circle! I'd love to be included. Thanks for all your hard work.
Thanks! Cirkle added and reshared. But I don't know if I'm talented enough to be included in the next share...
bish s
Great... can I be worthy enough for inclusion here?! :)
I'd love to be added in, +Peter From ...I share wildlife and landscape photos from Southern Africa here on G+
+Peter From I will be very honored if you include me in this circle, please. Thank you so very much for your hard work and great circles.
I'm so glad if I fit your criteria and get in... :)
Oh my, I had no idea I was in here with all these great folks since I haven't been on much the last few days 'cause of this bloody format. Thank you, so much, +Peter From for the inclusion. Much appreciated!
I would love to be added. I am already in circles with most of these folks. Resharing now.
I know I am not a shy :-))) would you mind to include me in this circle? thank you!
Hi, I'd like to be added... And btw if you have suggestions for my cream of the crop Nordic photog circle (you're in it already!), please let me know, there must be more photogs for example from Sweden that should be in it, than those that were so far suggested.
+Charlotte Therese Björnström –– you're added. Actually I have two more circles I want to share, my Photoshoppers & Lightroomers circle and my Northern Light circle. Maybe we should do one circle share on that topic and curate it together..? Your thoughts..?
+Peter From and +Charlotte Therese Björnström, you could consider me for all of the above circles. I'm Swedish, photographer and Lightroomer (but very little photoshop)... But it's of course up to you to decide if you feel I'm a good fit for your circles!
I would love to be considered :) Great circle so far, I'll share it in a second!
You're already in the circle Mark...
I forgot to hit the share button, although belated the circle is shared now. Thanks for your visit and +1s.
This really is a great circle +Peter From...thanks for putting it together. I would love to be added if I rate!
+Peter From Thanks for sharing this great set of photographers . would love to be a part of this ! :)
Also interested in being added on this circle..
please consider including me in this circle. Thank you.
+Peter From if you think my photos are good enough, then please get me into this circle, have a good weekend.
I'd appreciate if you could take a look at my wildlife photos for consideration, +Peter From
Hey +Peter From That would be a great circle to be part off so I am quietly putting my hand up for possible consideration. Sharing now bud! I use photoshop too. Will share later in the week ;)
+Peter From thank you so much, it has felt extremely odd being off G+ for a bit, unavoidable though, this made my day! Thank you to +Jason Mayes for letting me know about it. Be good to be in touch with you all again now.
+Peter From thanks for sharing this circle. If you like my pictures, please add me in the circle. It would be nice. thx :-)
+Mladen Janjetovic –– done. Did you reshare this post in your feed? If not, now would be the time to do so... :)
Fantastic circle of people +Peter From just shared the circle. Keep me posted when you share the next one and I'll share that one too. it's all about working together.
+Peter From, thank you, interestingly enough, I seem to have the same taste and went through the same effort - all except one of your shared circle was already in my 'Photographers' circle.
would love to be included - wonderful group, most of whom are already in my circles as well! :)
Ke Zeng
+Peter From , please feel free to check out my posts. I will love to be included. Thanks.
+Peter From Oops, sorry, I meant to just ask about the other 2 circles. Thanks again! Thrilled to be a part of your wonderful groups! :)
would love to be part of this one too, thanks! :)
Added the circle.  I don't often add shared circles but I love your style of images +Peter From so I'm sure the circle is excellent too :)  Would love to be considered for addition.
Hi Peter...I think I got deleted, or something. But aren't you updating this one this week? Or the one when people nominate others? Anyway, I hope to see you in a few weeks. 
Hi +Peter From ! Just came across this circle. When you are ready to add new comers please consider me for this circle. I share original and sometimes awesome new content on a daily basis. I am going to re-share this post now. Thank you.
Hi +Peter From  I appreciate if you will take a look at my photos and consider including me in this circle.
Something that I´ve missed - but in april I just started on G+.
So if I fit into an updated circle, I would be very grateful +Peter From 
Your words are reshared ヅ ヅ ヅ 
This post keeps popping back into my notifications - if you are or do reboot it +Peter From please include me as I fit the criteria and shared last time but didn't get a spot on the final departure
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