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Sunset At The Swan Lake –– HDR

The day is giving way for the night and the last rays of the sun kiss the lonely swan...

Photoshop CS5 HDR.
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Fantastic ... that swan just makes it :-)
All photos...............Awesome ....................
das is echt schön hastd u das gemacht perer from?
LOVE the swan in foreground. It makes the image. Great shot.
Shenidam k chon ghoie ziba bemirad, ravad goshei doro tanha bemirad....
Thats a song about swan death, wish u could get it .......anyway perfect even more than ever
Jag älskar bilden +Peter From ... Svanen passar perfekt in där den är... Love it :D 
Incredibly beautiful! I love the awesome colors in the sky and the great reflections!!
Holy Crap that is gorgeous! Love how the clouds and reflections all form a frame around the center but the swan is just outside swimming away.
i really like the centrifugal feel of this photo... matches the loneliness theme...
going from the hot to cold colors was pretty neat. Gorgeous!!
Wow, that is great! The contrast of the blue and orange/black and white on the lake reflection. The swan just adds a nice visual interest point too!
You have captured the beauty and spirit of creation...very simply OMG!
A photo mighty and powerful, but still with a soothing calmness marked by the swan in the good light.
+Ruzica Radojevic Don't forget to say with awesome sence of humor and a smart, good pointed ideas that stand out in our streams. Oh and he can drive war plains,i'm on the ground duty with tanks :P hehe
これは素晴らしい! こういう写真好きです。
Thx everybody for plussing and resharing my picture... I really appreciate it... :) 
beautyful picture,with verry pretty colors,loves the great reflection,at the swan lake the anesome colors in the sky are wonderful
Toller Himmel, herrliche Spiegelung!
magnificent, blue heaven,that gives a wondeful reflection with amazing colors at the Swan Lake,where the swan gives, a  final touch
lovely picture,blue sky,refecting,with a swan as finishing point
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