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Magic Forest

Enter the Magic Forest and enjoy the autumn colors...

Here I have mixed various blur techniques, such as radial blur, gaussian blur and motion blur. By carefully blending them together and then adjusting the opacity as well as the contrast and brightness, I came to this result (and, yes, I added a vignette effect as well).

Edited in Photoshop CS5.
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Snyggt gjort...härliga färger. Lite höst likt :D
Great work! And an interesting approach to photo manipulation - I am taking notes!
+Mark Hanson –– it was interesting to experiment actually... Some effects were just crazy! lol
This is absolutely stunning +Peter From Congrats on a great piece of work
Magnificent work the adjustments you used make it look like a painting.
Interesting. I've shot trees while actually moving the camera, but never thought to just blur part of the scene like this. I'll bear this technique in mind. Thanks for sharing +Peter From.
it has its.., forest of the magic ..
Thx everybody for liking and commenting! Much appreciated!
Reminds me of the latest Hockney. (Meant as a definite compliment).
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