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Peter Feltham
Software Architect, Researcher, SocialMedia person. Ethics matter to me.
Software Architect, Researcher, SocialMedia person. Ethics matter to me.


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I'd suggest that an additional vector is Time David. Or evolution if you prefer. Does the Vision prevail over time? has it evolved as those involved work out some wrinkles?
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My colleague +Doug Shaw recently attended the Big Tent conference. Here are his thoughts from that.

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Sorry to have been offline through illness lately.

Here's one that came via a friend and shows a rather interesting dashboard for the UK's energy supply. You can hover your mouse over the circular meters to get some notes about them.

The power of Linked Data eh? Ahem.

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The Connected Network - a Systems thinker's view

This is an excellent article which covers a lot of ground about why networked thinking is so important. Recommended.

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Big changes coming for user ownership of their data

Ethos Partner +Geoff Revill gave an interesting presentation recently on GDPR and its implications for data ownership rights. A portion is embedded in his blog post.

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On Networking - and the Hive Mind

I found this to be a good, if long, article on some of the characteristics of the huge growth in Social Networking, and its implications. Worth savouring.

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Accenture on Health Innovation

Accenture have discovered patient-centric thinking, and are now promoting this. Catching us up eh?

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Gov Policy and its interactions

Interesting article by Matthew Taylor, just appointed by the UK Gov to look into employment in the future. Worth a read..
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