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Peter Emery
Semi-retired ex-communications technician
Semi-retired ex-communications technician

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It has arrived, 4 days, 12 hours & 35 minutes after being ordered online, my new iPad has arrived.

I've ordered a new 9.7-inch iPad from Apple, their email suggests it'll arrive on Friday. I'm getting the 128 GB Gold one with wifi & cellular. It's replacing a 32 GB 3-year-old iPad Mini 2.
As it shares the same dimensions as the original iPad Air, I'm hoping to get a cheap Air case or cover: some businesses in these parts stock them costing between $10 & $15.

Mostly impressed with El Crapitan except that after restarting the MacBook Air following a Time Machine backup the unit was claiming there was no Wi-Fi hardware connected.
So I rebooted from an external Thunderbolt-mounted SSD that has Yosemite on it. No problems evident with that setup, wi-fi is perfectly fine.
I tried restarting with the Option key down and choosing one of the wifi connections that were recognised, then started from the 10.11 installation. After initially showing the wi-fi fan in the menubar, it decided not to play after all.
I've had no such issues with the MacBook Pro.
Now reinstalling El Crapitan from the saved installer download.

Fun trivia: the 128 GB 11-inch MacBook Air is cheaper than an unlocked 128 GB iPhone 6 or an unlocked 64 GB iPhone 6+.

Observation from @appleinsider on Twitter re 8 GB iPhone: Apple's 8GB iPhone 5c offers just 3.7GB less storage than Samsung's "16GB" flagship Galaxy S4

Great suggestion from Mustang Matt re Fluid app. I have trouble on my 20-inch monitor getting a decent size balance between text for the chatroom & the video itself. When using Fluid to make the Mac&Forth website behave as a stand-alone app, the text/IRC portion of the window is larger than when using a web browser to access the show. 

Whist I am one of the Moderators here, most likely because of my timezone (UTC+10:00) I haven't been very active here. Frankly the Google+ interface irritates me on the various Macs I use.

The situation is no better on the iPhone version. But I'm finding it acceptable on the iPad. I have a couple of Android tablets as well, I'll check with those later to see if they are any better.

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Found this in relation to the problem: An incomplete app called Asterisk>> "@haru:* ShootingStar has feature to fave the tweet by one-tap. so some people fave tweets randomly like a game
* With the release of Asterisk, many Japanese Twitter users join including some crazy guys
* We are ashamed of inconsiderate newcomers."
Anyone notice the spam problem today on ADN?
With certain accounts posting and starring absolute gibberish?

I actually think it's a good thing because it means more people are finding out about ADN.
It's also as good a time as any to start addressing potential spam issues, which is going to plague any social network.

What do y'al think?

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I'm Peter Emery, known variously as @pme for standard posts or @ranto for angry or abusive/swearing posts.

I joined ADN on Sept 9th, when the fee was $50 & there were no monthly payments or freemium memberships. 
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