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CTRL+Z is a bit odd - an eraser could also be DEL, still I like the concept!
Scissors would actually be ctrl~c
Ken Dai
very nice idea !
I'm guessing the camera taking the photo was tagged 'CTRL-C'
Just need a xerox machine for ctrl-c
This is the best --- To bad all has to eventually be upgraded to get through life as we know it today....Very Creative.
when i was a boy...long time build my imagination my granma read me ...and i draw what i today dont use imagination because is all grafic is all place for use the greates computers of all times...THE BRAIN...a sad age for humans :(
By the way ...great foto !!! :)
People who highlight things and actually use the drop-down menus instead of the keyboard shortcuts or right-clicking make me want to kill myself.
When I was a boy I was chased by wolves barefoot uphill all the way to school

Juan, I disagree. As an Uncle 9 times over, I can confirm that children are just as creative and imaginative as they have always been. I'm not sure what basis you are representing in your theory. 
you don't need ctrl+c, you can cut and paste again :D
Technically it's tape, so ctrl+v doesn't apply. 
add silly putty and you have CTRL-C
What is all this control-c business?
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