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I wish I could control my podcast addict app or Google play music through it. (swipe up to cycle bands, right and left for albums or up and down for podcasts with left and right being episodes.) at the moment I would only use drive mode on short trips due to podcasts not working nicely with it. I Love the controllability though. Look forward to updates. 

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I've finally found an OS for my netbook I'm happy with!

Soooo I've given it a while and still think facebooks new layout is stupid and just busy work. Wish plus was busier though :-( stuck between a rock and a hard place...

Anyone know of any tidy PCs for sale? Must be able to run Oblivion, Magicka, HL2, and video editing stuff. Shoestring budget! =p (Swansea)

Hmmm.. Do I re-join Kicks gym tomorrow/this week....? £32...That's a lot... Although not 'too' bad when you consider that Penyrheol's gym is like £29... Hmmm..

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Festival Fields is hosting a classic car show! I'm up early for it and missing the F1...grr....

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1976 Sun Road Bike awesome face

I finally managed to infiltrate the Google+ Beta... Hellz Yeah =D
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