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Peter Doesburg
Eat Clean, Train Mean, Stay Lean
Eat Clean, Train Mean, Stay Lean

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Last week we did a review on the +Maxoak Battery K2 50.000mAh batterypack which you can check ou there: 

Hey guys i need some help here. I run a YouTube channel called ReviewsOnAnything where i review anything from fitness gear to babytoys and tech.
Im looking to review some chromebooks and perhaps even the Pixel line, any ideas on how to approach google for some test-units?

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Proud Papa down here.

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Team Disco coming at ya from the Swiss Alps
(someone has to do it right?!)

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nonsense or true? 

if you (like me) were at the gym @ 0800 this newyears day, you clearly have no life.
BUT if you were NOT in the gym @ 0800 this neayears day, you ALSO have no life!

happy 2016 everyone! 

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Oooooh got myself some new Snowboard Goggles :)
Flightdeck by Oakley and they are huuuuuuge, hehe (Go big or go home eh!?)

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This will either go into the history books as brilliant or the beginning of the end
Really excited about our big news, announcement of Alphabet!

5 days into my 2-week summer break from lifting and im stiff as hell, muscles are sore, joints hurt and im generally feeling sluggish and not very well :(
Is this how non-lifting ppl feel all the time??

My dearest G+ friends, im looking for a contact in Luxembourg since (drumroll) Myself, my beloved wife and our little boy will be moving there in a month and we need to get as much info as possible on where to live, where to lift and what the do's and don't are. Hook me up please :)
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