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30,000 more documents ...I think we'll be learning alot about Mrs. Kelly as well as Mr.s Broadwell and now Gen John Allen...
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The media has 0bama Attention Deficit Disorder, or, ZeroADD, to coin an acronym.
Whatever happoned to integrity? valor? or chilvary?   Used to be valued traits of our military men.
Our military is to busy catering to sodomites, queers and women.  Putting women in submarines, is an invite to an orgy. 
They rachet down the psycal requirements of soldiers, to cater to the women.  Promotins revolve around one's political idenity, or sexual orientation. 
This sissyfyes out military, to where it is but of a shadow of a legitimate fighting force.   We cannot whup our way out of a wet paper bag.
Watch them milk this "sex" scandal for years, while ignoring 4 dead Americans in Benganzi
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