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Cool site for those considering buying their first home?  

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I like where you're going with this +Peter Jaros!

The reverse-corporation.

These two items need a deeper dive to validate the a proper value prop. and model.
1- Only if the organization "makes life easier" for the worker can the organization make more money.
2- The coworking organization makes money by "facilitating" the work of its members.

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Friday Night Poker! - Friday June 29 @ 7pm.

Friday Night Poker is a friendly and casual poker tournament hosted at New Work City. There will be two types of games played throughout the evening: casual and tournament style. Casual games will be just that, casually playing with others, talking etc. The tournament style will be a tournament like style game with a $20 buy in, based on the amount of people who show up and wish to participate.

Tickets are FREE, we just want to get a sense of how many people plan on attending.

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The job crisis gets fixed when we stop waiting around for someone to hand them to us and we start taking it upon ourselves to create the jobs we've always wanted for ourselves.

This Friday, Chris Guillebeau, Brian DiFeo, and a bunch of awesome world-changers will be gathering to discuss how to make this happen more awesomely. Join us!
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