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This is misleading and incorrect. Total government (Fed, State, Local) on education in the United States was $941 Billion. Total spent on the military is $903 Billion.

Total expenditures in the US are higher for education than for the military.

Overall military spending is in 4th place. If you are going to protest, get the facts straight.
It figures. This idiot +John Kehr is a anthropogenic global warming denier also. IOW he's a professional asshole and reality denier who attended the Heartland Institute (the smoking is good for you people) denial conference.

Guys like this think the sole purpose of government should be to bodyguard billionaires and their property from nasty things like impoverished people without food or shelter or folks demanding clean drinking water.
The only problem with libertarianism is that it's complete bullshit. It's never, ever, ever, worked. Actually, the majority of U.S. civic history from the end of the Civil War till today has been a series of steps to correct the failures of laissez-faire capitalism. We have a Social Security system because we didn't take care of our elderly which is the same reason we have Medicare. Likewise the EPA and the department of commerce are because some people will be cheating, polluting bastards if you let them.

When funding was cut for the department of Housing and Urban Development in order to balance tax cuts there were suddenly a lot of homeless people wandering around. The libertarians never actually hired those extra employees they said they would with tax cut money. They speculated in real estate instead.

Low tax states aren't examples of fantastically low unemployment and productivity but rather moochers on the Federal teat. It doesn't work; period.
Damn you physics for thwarting my evil plans again!
So even though I link the data to total government spending (Federal, State and Local) which shows that education spending is almost $1 Trillion dollars, because you don't like my view you revert to name calling?
Hey, I've said this before and I do not want to have to repeat myself, there will be no ad hominem attacks in comments from posts in my stream. If they continue, such comments will be removed! I do not want to have to censor anyone but resorting to such childish tactics is one thing I will not tolerate!
+John Kehr, that graph represents federal government spending, not total governmental spending. So it is fairly representative.
That is why I said it is mis-leading. In the US costs are split by the different levels of government. To only count one part of the spending is to imply that very little money is spent on education when that is not accurate.
+John Kehr, considering that local/state governments don't have "military" spending, those who think the graph represents total gov't spending are either ignorant or just plain old stupid. :-P It's not misleading to anyone with a basic knowledge of civics in the USA. ;-)
These really aren't apples to apples comparisons. One the one hand we have k-12 education which almost everyone believes is necessary and on the other we have military expenditures which most people don't understand and object to when they do understand them.

Do we really need two military bases in Bulgaria, three in Italy, four in Germany, two in Kuwait, two in Oman, etc, etc, etc? Exactly what is the point of continuing to base troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? A sand shortage?
I never made a comment about the usefulness of so many bases overseas. My point is that total government expenditures on education are comparable to total military expenditures.

Military is spending is in fact 4th on the list. Health care, social security, education and military cover $4 trillion in total government spending and all are similar in size which means that military spending is only 25% of the top 4.

To my view it is fortunate that Washington DC is not in charge of all the money. I much prefer local government having more say in the use of education dollars. The military is a superb example of how wasteful the government is at using the tax dollars it gets.
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