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What I really wanna know is,

When the hell did being a professional skateboarder become a thing?
The skateboarding community worships Brian Anderson as a god, but for many years kept his sexuality a secret from nearly everyone in his life.
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Peter C. Equality Frank

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This doesn't exist anymore Uncle Phil at the beginning of Fresh Prince was younger than Will Smith is now This is what was stolen in the first Fast and the Furious movie A smart phone has all of these things AJ from The Backstreet Boys got hair plugs The Motorola Razr is featured in a museum Eminem's daughter has already graduated high school This is what Facebook first looked like in 2004 The current ages of the Rugrats Home Alone's rel...
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Peter C. Equality Frank

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Clinton and Trump are two turds floating in the same pot, protecting America's elitist. 
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Peter C. Equality Frank

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Less than 9% of the US population chose the candidates from the two major political parties. Less than nine percent. Just let that sink in for a little while .....
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We need to switch off our electoral system and turn it on again and see if that helps. Last night was the BSOD of debates: Pointless and aggravating.
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Peter C. Equality Frank

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If you're feeling a little bit old today, I've got the perfect remedy to help cheer you up: A search engine giant was born today, a...
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Writer/Blogger, #LGBTQ Political activist, Progressive GOP, disability & mental health advocate, tech/biz #socialmedia #OurRevolution INT/FP
Peter is a founding partner of The Symposiuma professional services firm serving the needs of 21st century individuals, organizations (non-profits/NGOs), and businesses (SOHOs / SMBs) by providing social media, Information Technology (IT), and general business practices consulting, event planning and fundraising services, and tax preparation servies.

The Symposium advises clients on social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) implementation, integration, and strategy and performs general business consulting & analysis, IT consulting, computer support services (repair, instruction, virus removal, computer upgrades, peripheral connections, installation & troubleshooting of small/home networks, OS reinstallation, etc.), and event planning and fundraising services.

Additionally, The Symposium offers office administrative & support services and provides basic bookkeeping services, as well as tax preparation services. The Symposium's clients are individuals, mom & pop shops, non-profit organizations (NFPs/non-profits), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), political organizations, politicians, small/home offices (SOHO), and small/medium businesses (SMB).


Peter is a disabled GOP (progressive Republican) LGBTQ political & community activist, advocate, and single gay guy living in Westchester County (NYC's suburb immediately to the north), although he can often be found visiting his Mum in Hartford, Connecticut.

He enjoys reading, indoor gardening (house plants), nature, technology, computers, networking, shopping, good food, good company, chocolate, snuggling, thunderstorms, the Universe, sci-fi shows, MMORPGs, open-source computing, politics, helping others to the extent of his abilities, and a hearty, good, spirited, respectful debate on occasion.

He is O/K/A the original Nite*Star back when 110 baud modem BBSes were the only way to get online. "Who am I?" is the free question; answers will cost you $25, payable via PayPal or Google Checkout. ;-)

Ask me what you want to know. Question are free, answers are on sale this week for US$18.00 (hey, considering the price of petrol and the rate of inflation these days, that's a bargain!) 

I occasionally lapse into the use of British English. 

I can be a persnickety curmudgeon when it comes to correct grammatical usage in what people say/write--just because it's on-line and on the computer doesn't mean one need throw proper grammar out the window! =b

I'm opinionated but my ears remain open and willing to listen to INTELLIGENT thoughts....

Apart from English, I only know a smattering of words & phrases in the other languages that are mentioned above, although I might know a bit more of Spanish than the others as I studied it in secondary education for a number of years.


"A smile is the shortest distance between two people." ~Victor Borge (Danish-born U.S. comedic Musician) 1909-2000

“When an individual is protesting society's refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.” ~Bayard Rustin (1912-1987), Black Civil Rights activist who happens to be gay.

"Not everyone is equal, but everyone has to have equal rights." ~Carolien Gehrels, Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam, Netherlands

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~Elearnor Roosevelt (1884-1962), former First Lady (USA) and humanitarian.

"It doesn't have to be the best I can do; it has to be the best I can do today." ~ Sherry H.

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” ~Flannery O'Connor (American writer 1925-1964)

"Talking about something is a way to avoid doing something." ~Unknown

"In our lives, we have two or three opportunities to be a hero, but almost every day, we have the opportunity not to be a coward." ~Spanish proverb.

"People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true." ~Wizard's First Rule, axiom by Terry Goodkind (US Author, 1948-)

"Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn." ~Benjamin Franklin (1705-1790)

"Courage is what it takes to stand up & speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." ~Winston S. Churchill (1908-1965)

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken." ~Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

"It's the catastrophes that keep you going." ~ D.A. Adam Schiff (fictional television character, Law & Order, 1990-2000)

"Y'know one day us regular people are gonna get smart and audit [the government]!" ~Roseanne Connor (from the television show Roseanne)

"Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death!" ~Mame Dennis (fictional character from the movie, Auntie Mame)

For more of my favourite quotes, please check out my blog's QOTD label at
Bragging rights
Graduated Top 10 (rank) & top 5% in his high school class, completed studies for and received his B.F.A. in 3 years, started law school @ age 20, was the youngest member of the board of directors of the local LGBT community services center, survived a really bad motor vehicle accident in 2002, still alive & kicking!!!
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The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. ~Juliette Lewis #quote #qotd #mentalhealth

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Truly authentic Thai cuisine, healthy, not as oily as other restaurants. They have some dishes here that you won't find anywhere else, except perhaps in NYC or Thailand. Extremely friendly hosts and staff. The mango curry is TO DIE FOR!!!!!
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This place is anything but authentic. The decks and staff are wonderful but the food clearly is prepared for an American palate. Food is heavily and overly seasoned with soy sauce and sugars making it taste more like a French dessert than a Thai dish. Vegetables are used sparingly, the emphasis here definitely is on proteins. There are many, more authentic, and less diabetic-coma-inducing Thai restaurants in the area. Prices are above average here, and portions are a bit smaller. But again, the decor is splendid, they have a bar, and the staff is fabulous and friendly. If you don't mind a heavily Americanized Thai food experience and are more interesting in atmosphere (e.g., a great place to take a date), this is the place for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere, especially if you're seeking authentic Thai food (like King & I and Sweet Basil deliver).
• • •
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55 reviews
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Great food, good prices, decent portions, upscale decor and presentation
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