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likes that it's Friday!
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Which seat caaaaan I taaaaaaaaake?
You should see the android app for this, its soooooo fast and slick
Show off. Is there a Symbian 0.1 app?
Joseph, whats your moby? Android market says its not comatible with my i9000.
I have the htc hero, older than your phone, you only need 2.1 to use it, and yours came with 2.1 I believe.

The reason the market told you it is not compatible is because the app is blocked in Ireland right now.

Its out in the UK so I got the apk and can hook you up with it.
Joseph yyou are a gentleman and a scholar. Your dastardly brother could learn from you :D
lol, the app is great, instant upload uploads photos to the cloud in a private album so you can share them later if you want. Huddle is really fast chat, its just really cool app. ^_^