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It's about time for my 2-yearly post to Google+ to see what's been happening....
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Ah yes, Google+, I remember you - what have I missed?
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Christians feed the hungry

Not news, then, Mail on Sunday.... #foodbanks  
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Oooh, shoes...
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Happiness is...

Signing into Chrome on a new computer and watching all my settings and plugins configure themselves.
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The height of irony?

Hibu are advertising SEO and other digital marketing services on the radio, with a URL that they have to spell (H-I-B-U).

Maybe they should hire their own experts? 
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No snow this weekend after all

Cold and wet, though. +Xn Media
lists local weather forecasters and other sources.
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You've Got Question, We've Got Answers
Here is the video from today's #DMEShow  with +Mark Traphagen and I.

Topics included:

Local search
Getting started with content marketing as a new business
What social sites should you show buttons for on your site?
Is Google going to move into the POS environment?
Would merchants supporting Google Wallet be a ranking factor?

and more!
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So that's what 'going viral' means

I've been working with a hyper-local church and community magazine, taking on the task of moving their online presence up a gear. First off, we've been improving the way we do Facebook. Good progress from a low starting point - big increases in reach and engagement.

So yesterday, the editor decided to experiment with a story about the weather. I scoffed. But we ran it online and promoted it on Twitter and Facebook.

To cut a long story short - page views have gone from the low hundreds a day to the same in a minute. That article has going on for 100k views in a day and a half. And it's still accelerating. All referred from Facebook.

It only goes to show that we Brits like nothing more than to talk about the weather.

Now, how to make it happen again...
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Good morning, Google+!

Looking forward to a half-day strategy meeting today with a hyperlocal community news outlet I'm helping out. They need to make the transition from a print magazine with a website to an online-first publication with decent SEO, semantics, publication workflow and ad serving.

Fun times!
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