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Peter Boodts
Oh, just an ordinary geek, in an Apple way
Oh, just an ordinary geek, in an Apple way

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Weird stuff happening after upgrading yesterday and this morning :
No menu text in Topbar-menubar :-)
so no navigation to: etc
Contact page : map2 stack not showing + something with header image sliding under menubar :-

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same here :-) primary 3D,  second webdev :-)

I like the animated arrow when you hover over it :
Web dev isn't my primary job, I'm an architectural 3D modeller during daylight hours, recently I came across a new free iOS / Android app called Kubity that allows users to see and interact with SketchUp models and if you've got a VR headset such as Google Cardboard you can experience them in 3D.
This has been tried before without much success but Kubity is very very good and having exchanged emails with the devs will be getting much better in the near future.

I did some tests last night with a selection of my models and i'm mighty impressed with the results.

These links will open in your browser where you can interact with the model, if you want to view them on your phone/tablet, download the app and scan the QR code from the web page.

Production Line:
Business Park:
Community Centre:
26 Houses:
Malone Road:
(The real street in Google Maps:
Church Interior:

The church is a monster model by SketchUp standards but Kubity handled it with ease, all of them experience a little weirdness with reversed faces or slightly screwed geometry but considering these are being viewed through the web or on a phone its something I'm more than happy to put up with in exchange for the ability.

I've even been able to embed them in a webpage with a simple iFrame stack:

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Hi guys,
I implemented the new map 2 to my foundation contactpage.
At first I added the 3 locations to "map2" but then you can't set a zoom percentage. So I thought, lets add a Tab stack and use 3 separate maps.
But the weird thing is that it will show only the first tab/map by default, but not the other ones when tabbed.
(when I drag them out of the tab stack they show up all 3.
Can anyone try this ? so I know it is not me :-)

Secondly I get some whitespace under the tabs and under the map.
without the tab stack there is no whitespace visible

Third : the tabs stack has no settings to add space between the tabs or to center the tabs. is there a workaround ?



Total CMS
Gallery :
If on adminpage I add an image that is bigger (pixels) then what is set in admin-gallery setting (image max : 2000) then it won't appear in the gallery. Any smaller image then 2000 pixels appears.
Isn't that weird. I thought it didn't matter what size the image has, it would be converted to 2000 px max.
+Joe Workman ?


I noticed that Apple's website is finally responsive.

(and also look at the scroll effects on

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If I use a CSM text stack, I always get a white gap when "return or "enter". (
? :-(

Can a screens site have 1 page in the middle that spans longer  (more content) than the rest of the screens ?

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Will there be a "find my pencil" app?

hey +Joe Workman 
does the protect stack in the Total CMS beta uses the same code as the Page safe stack ?
I tested the protect stack but after publishing that page was blank and safari loading in a loop.
Wanted to try the protect stack instead, but didn't yet bought it.
test with : "open" theme from NickCates.
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